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  1. B- Crimson bow +18 (2 wk or clean)
  2. S>BxB+15 with 2 sakray
  3. Hi hi Pretty much as the tittle says, what is the best Headgear for ranger that build in Arrow storm build, btw, im doing a White Wing set, so take that in count. Thanks in advance for the help
  4. well first, thanks for the quick answer, now to the point. yeah the farming set (left one) is quite nice and ready, meanwhile the right one, i wanted to know what i can do with it, like what type of instances i can do, like which instances i can do by my self or with an ab or a big party, just wanted to know that
  5. Hi everyone, i am a returning Ranger, i have these 2 sets for my Ranger, but i do really not know what i can do with them, any help is more than welcome.
  6. Hi everyone, i am a returning player, i have a ranger with a good set for aim bolt and of course the regular set for as, i have come back looking for a guild that is full pve.
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