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  1. https://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/newsig/Jorel%20Brother/1/1 Just add the %20 instead of the space to encode it URI friendly
  2. Puros

    Valentine's Day Patch Notes

    No instances, only open fields
  3. Would they be testing unannounced content? I ask this question because that could be troublesome if for example, the testers were to test a MH2 3* and they find out the Monster is Undead. One of the testers could use this information to buy Undead damage/resist items before any announcement and then profit from it on what would essentially be the Ragnarok version of insider trading. I am definitely not against the idea as that could be very useful for the Development Team but I would expect a high level of scrutiny on their live accounts if that were the case. Maybe by having some of the discussions or what content is being tested public so that everyone has access to the same information could avoid this.
  4. Any way to "cancel" the old weekly and start the new one this week?? Kinda of hard to make party with friends when they have different quests ...
  5. As far as I know, it is mostly 16.1 loot such as honor tokens, prontera prison's loot, prontera badge, etc. I don't think there is anything fancy that you can get from it.
  6. Congratulations to the winners! that 7.3b And thank you for sending the rewards before the end of the NovaShop sale.
  7. Puros

    The Savage Coast

    Are we getting any additional development blogs (BSB, FAW ??) or are those all the information we will get until the release next month?
  8. My enchant took around 90 tries and I know some people that took twice as many tries. Although I don't really have an opinion regarding if the odds should improve or not, I would love to have the odds made public, especially the percentages for upgrading the enchants. With the percentages disclosed, people will at least have an idea of how much of a big investment the bio5 headgear is.
  9. Puros

    Monster Hunting Blog #5

    Redesigning the item sprites was a nice touch. Good job going the extra mile
  10. Im really excited about the DirectX9 support, especially because I can't use NovaExt when using dgvoodoo for some reason.
  11. Puros

    Patch Notes

    Both the patch notes and in-game description mention illusion Survivor's Staff being a Rod, isn't the correct weapon class a two-handed staff/rod weapon or is it a one-handed on NovaRO? EDIT: The description also includes Acolyte as an available class, according to divine-pride that isn't correct.
  12. Puros

    Monster Hunting Blog #3

    Wow i am impressed on how dynamic these two monster behave, it feels like something never seen before in RO. I was expecting just shooting the monster until it dies but this is completely different, I am having high hopes for this update!
  13. Puros

    Illusion of Abyss Patch Notes

    What does it mean? Were the drop rates increased/decreased? Overall excellent patch, really happy about the new dailies
  14. Puros

    Illusion Dungeons Patch Notes

    We are finally able to save precious seconds by using @go to main office
  15. Puros

    Monster Hunting Blog #2

    This all seems very interesting and fun. However I feel its a bit hard to understand the skills effectiveness and synergies just by their description, I would love if the NovaRO team could produce a video of a monster hunter match so we could understand what the "interactive fight in a way never seen before" claim really means. It is just a suggestion though.
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