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  1. xKazuto

    Upcoming Community Gala

    Wonderful idea, thank you!
  2. Uh, some changes to years old Skills... Next hopefully something with Blacksmiths & their Forging system...
  3. xKazuto

    30 Day Pack

    That is indeed a neat idea to increase the overall daily activity.
  4. xKazuto


    Absolutely adorable.
  5. xKazuto

    5th Anniversary

    Wuh Happy 5th Anniversary!
  6. It was time that these classes get something to reduce/prevent REFLECTED damage, they fell of super quickly as soon as an boss/mob has reflect...
  7. Hello, i noticed that the Training area downstairs in the office could use a Puddle of Water for skills like Waterball. No idea if it would help but it certainly would help Autocasters/casters to try it if necessary.
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