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  1. Just another art commission

    © Ayacchirin

  2. Sloane

    Sloane x Synthesis

    Wanderer and Geneticist Art Commission by: Lirenya ❤️☺️
  3. Just watched "Velvet Buzzsaw" on Netflix


    Highly recommended for those who like dark humor :th_swt3:

  4. Sloane

    Pets of NovaRO!

    My Chewy who's all the way back home in the Philippines Missing him everyday
  5. Hey guys, So I recently decided to shift from a typical support player to an offensive type. This is my first time handling a GX and I want to know how to be an effective GX in terms of using the RC and CRS skills. I've been hearing that this type of GX might be tough for a rookie GX like me, but I am quite determined, and really want to learn. I need help in terms of stat build and more info on the best equipment that I need to have (I know it can get pricey, but I'll farm my way through this lol . I'd love to hear your recommendations and tips. I appre
  6. I don't mind the long list tho But I did enjoy Shingeki On Kyojin (Attack on Titan) since I am very much in love with Levi Ackermann (Anime and Manga) Hataraku Saibou, because it is too cute for my life uhmm and a bunch of 80s-early 2000s anime (totally not in order and uncategorized haha!) I extremely need to step up my anime (series/movies) and manga gaming, I have lost my touch since I am stuck in the old school timeline Naruto Yuyu Hakusho Gensomaden Siayuki / Saiyuki (manga) Chobits Ergo Proxy Wolf's Rain Ghost
  7. Hi everyone! Just wanted to scout for new (or possibly rewatch/reread) anime and manga. Feel free to drop your recommendations and also your favorites here
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