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  1. In Game name: Teldryn Sero I usually play with my mother which is why I put her Rune Knight with my Soul Linker, it was fun trying out random dungeons(in the background of the drawing is Thanatos Tower) GM Challenges I took on: Include a pet (The Pet Nine Tails) Write "That's impossible" (one of the characters saying that)
  2. I have drawn My Soul Linker CinnaBar! Really hope you all like it!
  3. Congrats on all of y'all!!!
  4. SassySero19


    Its in a working progress, but its getting there, might redo it :>
  5. I drew one of my characters, although i did not have the right colors and kinda messed it up XD
  6. SassySero19

    Spring Art Contest

    My entry for the spring contest! i used my doram character(IGN: BluBonnett) The setting based on moscovia with flowers(spring) since its spring and nature, also the perfect time for a picnic. my signature next to the character, watermark on the down left corner(watermark is to find me on instagram for proof of the art piece)
  7. SassySero19

    Patch Notes #46

    How do I get those sap liquid, isn't from the fox right?
  8. SassySero19

    Spring Art Contest

    Do we just post it in this forum? If not how do i post my entry?
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