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  1. NovaCompanion Patchnotes Update - Version Frontend v0.3.0 Hello everyone! Here's a short list of things that has been updated for our NovaCompanion mobile app. Although a rather short list, but heavy duty work was made to further improve our app. If you are able to identify bugs and things that needs improving, you are all welcome to file a bug report in our "Bug Tracker" section or message us in the "NovaCompanion" channel in our NovaRO Discord Server. Thank you! Task Functionality: [NC-180] - Removed "Buy NP" from sidebar Identified Bugs: [NC-18
  2. NovaCompanion Patchnotes Update - Version Frontend v0.2.1 & v0.2.2 I would like to thank everyone who took part in making further improvements with our NovaCompanion app, because of this we were able to identify and further develop our app's functionality. The following list indicates the bugs and improvements that were identified: v0.2.1 Task Functionality: [NC-143] - Configure navigation for webview [NC-160] - Market Search function overhaul [NC-169] - Multi slot headgear not working. [NC-172] - Clear in-app browser
  3. Heya Dizzzlectic! Warmest greetings and welcome back to the game! I see that you are receiving quite a few tips from a fellow player and greetings already! There has been a handful of updates since then, the patch notes in our announcement section here in our Forums will definitely be handy and informative. Feel free to ask questions in-game and in our NovaRO Discord server as well. In case you're not part of the Discord server, I will provide you with an invitation via this link: https://discord.gg/DwNPWBu. See you in-game and during GM events!
  4. We're all excited for you Nobu!
  5. Welcome aboard Zarok <3
  6. Hi there BitterMelon! We are happy to have you once again in the server! It's always nice to see returning players back in action! Don't worry about the things you missed out, us NovaRO staff along with a number of players in-game and also in our NovaRO Discord server are more than willing to help you out with your questions regarding updates! I hope I get to see you around during GM Events and also when I do my random town visits! Cheers
  7. Heya! Welcome to our home! I hope you are also keeping safe from the current crisis happening around the world Feel free to explore and check out our Wiki page here, for further information about NovaRO along with the rules and expectations we hold our players that play in our server. The wiki includes what updates we have and also inputs from different players with their lovely class guides! Also, if you have not done so, we have a Discord Server, click the following link and feel free to interact with your fellow players: NovaRO Discord Server Invite link. We are ve
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to announce the following players who will be working alongside with the current Siege Commissioners. These players are now part of our BG Commissioners' Table: En Caul Fu Windsword abertes vTours That Guy Tendachi I would like to extend the staff's great appreciation towards these people for stepping up for the community and decided to take on the responsibility of working with the staff and current Siege Commissioners in further improving and creating Battlegrounds more enjoyable for everyone. While we have already chosen t
  9. Heya! A reminder that the BG Commissioners' Table is still open. It is highly encouraged for those who want to take part in further improving our server's Battlegrounds to apply. Here is the full list of the current applying candidates for a spot: En Caul Fu Windsword abertes vTours We would hope to see more interest in the coming weeks, as all the help that we can get is very much welcome. Apply and let your voices be heard, as we work together through the ultimate goal of creating a better BG experience for everyone.
  10. Hi everyone! The BG Commissioners table is now open to the players in the community, and we are extending the invitation to those who would like to make a difference in improving Battlegrounds! BG COMMISSIONER EXPECTATIONS The players that we would like as BG Commissioners are those that are willing to voice out their opinions and suggestions in public to further develop the BG scene. We want our applicants to be those that have immersed themselves in the community by providing support and proper feedback to help their fellow players and improve the overall scene
  11. Heya everyone! With more mysterious and powerful beasts to slay in the near future, we would like to encourage all our brave and fierce players to join our NovaRO Testing Team! Being part of our Testing Team requires plenty of experience and knowledge in the areas of the Ragnarok classes and game mechanics. Not only do we acknowledge tactical skills, but we also appreciate the effort, time, and feedback that future testers will contribute to further improve our server. The goal of testing is to assist our development team in implementing more polished content for the r
  12. Hi everyone! As we are nearing the year 2020, brave players that venture to the Savage Coast will be facing the wrath of Garronath and Nysori. The release of the two great monsters come with great rewards. Not only the new Shadow Gears, improved rates for Shadow Gear refinement, new items for Dante's Exchange Shop, changes to the elemental table and more coming your way on tomorrow's patch. With that being said, Weekly Quests are also in for some changes. What to expect from the Weekly Quests post-maintenance: The new quests will be implemented soon after the maintenance. Sinc
  13. Hello and warmest greetings to you Fosfat! I am delighted that you are playing once again and here in our humble home, NovaRO. We are excited to see you in-game and hopefully I do get to see you during my town visits after I host my GM Events. If you ever need help, do not hesitate to post here in our Forums website, or here in our Discord server where you can message your fellow players outside of the game and also us GMs and NovaRO staff. See you around and enjoy the game once again <3
  14. Hi Nossida! I'd like to give you a warm welcome to our home and I must say, I can completely resonate with you when it comes to your love for Ragnarok! We are very happy to have a new addition such as yourself in our server! Please don't ever hesitate to ask help from fellow players and the GM Staff in-game via #support, we do have knowledgable and friendly players and staff that are more than happy to help you out. And if you can kindly click on this link: NovaRO Discord server , that is our server discord where you can talk to fellow players, GM Staff, seek advice, and
  15. Hey! Such is life indeed nevertheless welcome back Sionne!
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