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  1. can you make a quest to enchant this headgear with biolab5 enchants? It can be like farming some quantity of every class souls from biolab5. Please :3
  2. No, it wasn't fixed and is still marked as unconfirmed.
  3. Can you take that off please ? That way you can open new posibilities for super novice users.
  4. can you make that the gear you equiped with the super novice link won't automatically unequipped when the effect ends and you change maps? Please :3
  5. If Super novices can't get the skill tree adjustment yet, maybe the hp/sp pool update is something approachable. "→ Super Novis exceeded the limit, the level per acquisition HP, SP will be changed. > Existing: After exceeding Super Novi Limit (after level 100) HP Increase: Increase HP 5 per Level Up > Change: After exceeding the Super Nobis (after level 100) HP Increase: Increase HP 50 per level > Existing: After Super Novice Limit (after 100th level) SP increase: SP 1 increase per level > Change: After exceeding the Super Nobis limit (after 100th level) SP increase: SP 5 increase per level" (This was translated with google translator :3 ) http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7081&curpage=2
  6. Every job are getting adjustment in them skills, priests got the update on nova, the rest of the jobs are far beyond on every aspect of the game in comparison to super novices. The sharp shooting skill got a huge buff. Super novices will not get updated before everybody else,. Everybody else got updates and buff except for super novices.
  7. Can we, please, get the updated skill tree for super novices without the level limit break? https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4190
  8. Someone knows who much time will take to the GM's to adjust the super novices skill tree and hp/sp pool like Kro?
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