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  1. fxfreitas

    Bubble Gum Event missed

    The item buff is the same for all the bubble gums and does not stack, thats why the gum is consumed and nothing happens. Its the same with blessing and clementia, if you are under clementia, blessing does not works.
  2. fxfreitas

    kRO Skill Rebalance

  3. The easier class is the one you identify more, like I play Crusader from the start, and when I started here, one week was enough to take useful gears and max my level, then ogh, bmd and gmt comes and all my gears get useless hahahaha, anyways, I've updated my gears and my rg is strong again. I've made Rebel, Ranger, AB, Sura, RK, GX and all the other classes, and each is special, the thing is if you like what you see when you play the classes. All jobs have a early, mid and end game roles, you just have to learn how to do it
  4. Not Really, RK is better soloing, but ranger and rebel can also do the job well. Most of thode builds actually are focused on Critical, so you have to spend a lot to make all of them. Good luck
  5. fxfreitas

    Hair Style Suggestion

    Ok I'll try it, but can't promisse nothing huh, I had some issues fixing the anchors, and sometimes a hair looks fine on a job and weird on the other e.e @edit. Oh and probally (not sure) Tokei will have to fix the palette, I use RO standard and NovaRO use a custom set. Maybe this week I put the files here.
  6. fxfreitas

    Some custom pet suggestions!

    Woodie and Metal Dragon are pets in jRO, doesn't? +1 for them. Gravity made some pets, but I have to check wich ones were added on the last year before suggest it.
  7. fxfreitas

    Count to a Billion

  8. fxfreitas

    The 17.1 is possibility?

    "Few months" did you understand that 17.1 is the kRO episode for now? And there are more things coming before it get released? Maybe in a Year or in the end of 2019 IF everything goes alright with data mining and source researches. We still have some content missing from episode 16. Just be patient, it will come when it comes.
  9. fxfreitas

    Two costume pets at the same time

    This requires a replica of the hat and the staff have to duplicate and edit the animation files to change the side, not impossible, but a high task for a small change.
  10. fxfreitas

    Guild BR Recrutando

    Boa sorte pra guild, por alguma razão os brs daqui não conseguem manter guild, mas uma hora alguem acerta hehe
  11. fxfreitas

    Hair Style Suggestion

    Was tokei that made the ACT Editor that was used to make the RO sprite and action files, you can ask him about the program and how it works. I am vey busy that week so is hard to take a time to make it.
  12. fxfreitas

    Hair Style Suggestion

    Looking good, I can easly compress it, but only after xmas, would be cool if we get a male counterpart. But the Staff have to approve first
  13. fxfreitas

    Customize SE Nova Explosion

    Wait until people learn how to counter it, you nerf it right now, making it not one-shot so then people learn how to counter and the skill turn useless. If HP stacking is the issue... Reduce the SE HP with a debuff shouldn't be enough? It is a melee skill so... Hiding during the fixed cast? I am not playing because rl issues but the solution looks closer than you think...
  14. fxfreitas

    Shadow Chaser - Reproduce

    Becuase the meteor was given to plagiarism not reproduce (yes you can get meteor on reproduce too), if you have not enabled preserve, the skill goes automactly to plagiarism slot. Tip: Copy meteor storm on plagiarism and duple light at reproduce. You can use auto shadow spell with a skill copied from plagiarism too.
  15. fxfreitas

    Shield chain vs Banishing point Royal Guard for DPS?

    You can also use The +7 Excellion with Str Atk Aspd for a extra aspd point. Only if you lack attack speed. The brown rat, cenere and wakwak are goods options while the brown rat is more efficient, cenere focus on agi and wakwak on atk. You can try to get a overupgraded imperial spear, its not hard to farm, and if you got a +10~+12 with two good expert archer enchants, the damage will boost a lot. If you have the tattoo, buffalo horn is not needed, you can take another tattoo for aspd or a PER for damage. Try to balance your dps with attack and speed.