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  1. Snap in bg is a custom behavior, remove it will not disable sura mobility, everyone here know that them can still use speed pots like anyone and can still move fast w/o it. Snap, fallen angel, high jump and many other mobility skills does not work on bg officially. A custom behavior is forcing another 2 and now trying to bring a third... Its pointless
  2. Asura is a broken skill from the day 1 of monks, nerf it is nosense, because is fully counterable, looks like people forgot how to avoid it... The only issue on suras for me is: - Snap enabled on bg. This change make suras very strong on bg because mobility, I REALLY FEEL LIKE PLAYNG IN A 255/120 CUSTOM SERVER WHEN I SEE SURAS SNAPING ON BG AND ONE SHOOTING PEOPLE. - Gates of Hell and Tiger Cannon being custom behavior weaker formula. Because of the change above, those skills remain custom, that impact both pvp and pvm, wich is a bad move, I really would love to see snap being removed from bg and and back to official behavior, and get the goh/tc official formula in exchange...
  3. Not implemented on kRO yet, maybe after it get released.
  4. I think calf better for require less refine to be good
  5. Sorry I just don't like when people come trying to change game mechanics without try options first.
  6. Dead cells on entrance looks a good Idea, but the suggestion stated on the topic is just a -1
  7. Sorry but conquest is a woe simulation, and if you go woe there WILL BE TRAPS blocking the entrances, and you have to counter them, also... Some pushing skills can move the traps just like arrow shower, or damage them... I've did quick tests of WL vs trap, you can take down traps with sightrasher if you have enough damage (at least 2k damage). RO is that, find issues and try to counter them, not cry on forums.
  8. What about the rocket helm? From world explorer achievment? Also, ferlock is a easy mvp and his set not hard to farm, you should try to kill him with bubble gum and see
  9. @HavensteinYou can put here wich collor you use (number on the stylist) with a screenshot and your character card as comparation. Then staff can fix it
  10. fxfreitas

    Ominous Assaulter Race

    Because demi-human is the race of standard assaulter, looks like NovaRO left it behind when copying assaulter data to convert onto illusion version Yes its a bug
  11. fxfreitas

    Report from the New World

    There is a trick on that quest You start to talk with the npc (with the reports on inventory) he talks "unnafortully its a part that we already have and blah blah" or something like this, but does not consume the report pages yet only on the next text box, so you log out or use @go 26 from alt+m shortcut and back to him to try again.
  12. I think just have access (by the cat) > the fairy and the giant > ring of wise king > two tribes > yggdrasil guardian should be enough
  13. I remember to read in previous nova threads that this spell was removed for some reason. Let me check it... Here it is, Nova itself said that this spell was removed on 2014 balance patch.
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