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  1. fxfreitas

    @ii orlean's and orlean's server

    Not really a bug at all, just the script name is writen in other way. It is very common, and so many items are writen differently on the server side, some IDs are even used for completely diferent items
  2. fxfreitas

    @ii orlean's and orlean's server

    Probably its writen in other way on database, like Orleans_server not Orlean's_server. Even directing the player to the itemlink (client side name) the database(server) still a diferent name. Like try @ii yggdrasil berry and you wil not able to find the berry, you have to type @ii yggdrasilberry
  3. fxfreitas

    Three Word Story

    The monkey in
  4. fxfreitas

    Three Word Story

    Cast Asura Strike
  5. fxfreitas

    Possibly more tameable MVPs

    A future patch will bring phreeoni and moonlight as pets, and Gravity have plans to add more mvps to pet list.
  6. fxfreitas

    La'cryma Stick + Pororoca Shoes Combo

    Against, revive a Class ignoring all his potential and buffing a single 2nd class skill is pointless, the only issue is the mob mdef and the lack of mdef pierce on the server, mh2 will bring the shadow set and I'll change my mind only IF the pierce was not enough.
  7. fxfreitas

    Hi! New to Renewal. 2005 rag player here

    Welcome, if you are going duo, so first ask him wich type of class he like to play in other games, if he like warriors, archers, mages, etc... If he prefer attack directly or by skills and strategy... Most of the players here will sugest things like "start as ranger or rebel and fall in a endless mindless farm until you get enough money to gear up the main class and jump to end game." Not fun at all. I hope you enjoy the game and play by your way. Good luck.
  8. Most of players that casually help in-game and discord do it because enjoy help newbies while playing, be a staff member means recive a gm account and lose the freedom to play as a normal player (your old account stay active, but how to play if you have to be a GM all the day?) Thats why players usually don't want ro be a GM, because great powers come with great responsabilities. You should first ask Phillip if he wanna be a GM.
  9. fxfreitas

    Earth Strain's area is too wide

    The fruit vend is a non walkable cell, so it no deal damage, as supposed to be, but the effect should not keep going the other side. (Just my point of view)
  10. fxfreitas

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    I have to agree with @Munbalance this time (oh hell again). The content is fun to play, and challenging enough to be attractive, but the rng wall behind the headgears are just scary enough to keep me away from tomb of the fallen. People do the content when they see thats bringing any result, for self use or for sale, people do ogh everyday to take and sell the boots/spells/cards, people do charleston to sell fuel tanks and metal scraps, and the mecha gloves, people do gmt to get and sell per and mir. People do ghost pallace to get and sell thanatos weapons, people do sky fortress for vicious mind weapons... Because it the dificulty not that hard, unlike 16.2 stuff that is expensive and the refine requeriment of the gears make it almost impossible to get.
  11. fxfreitas

    Ice Pick's damage is currently too low

    Mass spiral from rebels uses thanatos effect? Oh add damage based on target def... I think rA have the answer but can't check right now
  12. Eira for cart cannon build is not a great choice, eira is good to flee enemy attacks (as you said, flee is set to 500) or when you are leveling and need the extra aspd.
  13. fxfreitas

    Enable homunculus autoloot

    Please reconsider it after 2018 client get standard and 2017 get discontinued and unable to launch. I know that NovaRO is trying to bring AI back, I am against that, but I understand, and even with that, you could think on a way to make autoloot on homunculus when someone is not using the AI.
  14. fxfreitas

    New Player and Doesn't Know What to Do

    Eternal mindless farm at gefenia. Oh well, thats up to you, this is a mmo rpg very focused on roleplaying, and hard grinding... Well you can do the quests that the game lead you to, you can try to make your character stronger, can try pvp, etc. Or play chatnarok or hatnarok Just a Tip: With the exception that you like to play archer class and all, try to make the job class that you identify yourself more. A good way to start is experiment the instances of the game, like old glast heim, some of them requires a group to join, but you can do most solo (not saying that you'll be able to complete it), instances have strong monsters, good lore and nice gears as reward (not all instances give good gears but yeah.)