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  1. The invest ticket you exchange on malangdo machine, buy the black paw bag [cost 50 tickets], you get some goods like poison bottle box that is much useful, and of course the woe gears that can be refined and sold to other players.
  2. fxfreitas

    Doram 'Spirit Marble' ghost effect toggle

    Its official, but requires a new client/hexed.
  3. On kRO Hairstyle = cosmetic change, and you pay a ticket with cash to change. On kRO eleanor wig = custome that can be enchanted and give extra stats. Those hairs will be probably added and if not, we will make it.
  4. fxfreitas

    Faceworm Queen's Leg description change

    Its not even stefan who cast it. Its casted by hidden NPCs arround the map.
  5. fxfreitas

    Faceworm Queen's Leg description change

    Only sky fortress unique earthquake turned into a hk move.
  6. fxfreitas

    Gunslinger/Rebellion mount.

    Show a miraculous spriting skill and do a decent mount, or take your peco and move on. Sorry but as a spriter, that hurts.
  7. fxfreitas

    I drew things

    draw a shefemale next time and save your chaser. Awesome art as always
  8. fxfreitas

    kRO Official DeV Updates 2018

    @DragonTwin alt+x then look for the job level achievement and click on claim reward, then open the alt+q and go to title bar, then select the title double clicking it.
  9. fxfreitas

    Peco Peco Hairband

    Even divine-pride looks wrong... "Decrease aspd by 10%" Should be "increase aspd by 5%" Just Because decrase delay after attack means increase attack speed... And 25% variable cast I've check the divine-pride and there are 2 versions of this item (one give all status +1 and same peco hairband effect and the other don't give all status +1) One have a description on all servers and the other only the english one (the one that don't give all status +1) All descriptions with exception of japanese and korean mispell decrase after-attack delay and decrease attack speed, all except korean match the 25% vct, korean description say 5%.
  10. fxfreitas

    New Taekwon Branch Info!

    It is on tests in sakray server, there are videos poping up here and there. The class can be released on kRO on the end of this year or earlier. But release date still unknown.
  11. When I told about pvm, I was talking about offensive skills, not supportive, of course SL is one of the best supports on woe scenario, but afaik, soul acumulation only affect some buffs. @Mandie
  12. Nerfs on SR and SE will be innevitable, both look insane. And about people complaining about soul energy on pvp, they need to keep in mind that class is focused on pvm, and woe is not exactly for Soul Linkers. If you want woe, play as SE, because universe branch is broken.
  13. fxfreitas

    Costume accesory that hides mounts

    I don't think this is possible, because santa suit, summer suit, wedding suit, hanbok suit, octoberfest suit and cooler summer suit make the character unable to attack or use skills. This is part of that system. Make this suggestion possible requires write another system that works similar to this one.
  14. 6 months... 1 year... Thats depends much of how each skill works and interact. And we can not forget how hard is work with one of those new clents