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  1. Yes just one shot her with 3,5m single hit attack on a budget build.
  2. My suggestion is carry some siegfried tokens, in tower the chances to die are high, and go there without ress is a waste of time (imagine climb 25 floors everytime you die to valk, IF you got tons o ashes) For Dispell, just ran away or recast your most important buffs like parry, quicken, and keep attacking (aa, wc, ib, or whatever you use) Just be careful with mobs that use reflect, as rk you got ranged skills, so use it.
  3. fxfreitas

    2020 Client Beta

    Almost all 3rd classes got one or more new animations for their skills. But the only that really affect gameplay are: Sonic Blow, Arrow Vulcan and Cross Impact, those had a forced character animation and now its a way shorter attack animation. The other skill changes are cosmectic effects, I remember about some: Dragon Breath (Fire and Water) Banishing Point Cannon Spear Comet Jack frost P Wave Arrow Storm Severe Rainstorm Sacramentium Adoramus Cart Cannon And some more that I still don't remember
  4. fxfreitas

    Upcoming Community Gala

    I'm glad to see the staff working to bring more live to us players.
  5. fxfreitas

    Level 200 Patch Notes

    1. this is not the place 2. use search function and see that all those items were rejected already.
  6. Sura can tank anything without dispell and out of mh2 just naked, while we have 2 types of tank RG, the devotion that focus on maxhp, and the tank that stack def, mdef, vit, reductions and go hold the mobs himself. While devotion slave is cheaper and more welcome in endgame parties, full tank is 1000 times more fun, and require skill from the player to swap the gears and keep the mob on you.
  7. No zeny reward for gramps, thos kind of reward is easy to abuse.
  8. Nope, cooldown is fixed and nothing can reduce it but specified equipement/card Like Mechanic's Axe Tornado Cooldown can only be reduced by Tornado Axe [1] weapon. Cannon Spear is a good mob clear skill for leveling, but requires high str and ranged modifiers, similar to banishing point, it needs a +9~15 weapon to be effective, and the bio 5 headgear wich is expensive and end game-ish item. I've just started to level a new royal guard, and with basic gears (excellion suit, temporal boots(EA), +7 backpack, +7 thanatos spear, I can barely reach 10k damage with the skill, while shieçd press give me 30k damage, amd shield chain 26k (all at level 130) so I highly reccomend go for Shield chain and overbrand build, and then change to cannon spear.
  9. Lv 90+ just equip holy ammo and go dark priest hunt, or cold bullet and go mob desert wolves
  10. Choose crusader because its my first character, and can make anything without much effort.
  11. You can skip and quick the leveling with gramps quest, but imagine yourself lv 185 with eden gears, you can rush some levels I agree, but try to get some midgame gears while trying to reach higher levels.
  12. Gx have dark claw.that disable reflect, soon genetics will be able to craft anti-reflect potions
  13. 1. about the cooldown, its 3 days and you can't bypass it (I mean, you can creating another character) but the ticket is a reward for complete the instance that allow you to redo many times as possible during 1 hour. 2. for me bubble gum worth, each weapon cost almost 10m, wich compensate the bubble gum. 3. the mini bosses are random, but the room in the map is the same, when you use the key to skip the floor, just check of you are in the first room of the first or the second row, if not, leave, if you are, kill the mobs and summon the boss, I need 3 keys to skip the floors of sky fortress, one in the first encounter, another soon after, and the third on the second map, so 3 chances to mini boss encounter happen. I just use the key on the room on the higher ground and enter, when I leave, half of the floor was skipped, with no need of speed pots. 4. Another good tip is carry a archbishop, with aspersio (much cheaper than holy converter), and the other buffs, your run will be much easier.
  14. Recomendo que tente a Draft WoE (é uma WoE com uma especie de quick match, com join estilo battelground) assim você se acostuma ao estilo da WoE daqui. Clã br não tem, mas tem muito br que joga nos clãs gringos.
  15. You get in izlude. Just make the criatura academy quest (its the official newbie training tutorial) and you'll be able to get the apple during the pet taming tutorial.
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