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  1. @Nova well this woe have it own guild dungeon... Can we get those maps with or without the same class restriction? (it open another way to get some gears, even being outdated, but i.e. tae goo lyeon and staff of destruction are mvp drops of this map) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/map/teg_dun01 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/map/teg_dun02
  2. For leveling better go for overbrand and banishing point, you survive a lot with a rideword hat and a thanatos spear/lance. Start as tank without the proper gear will be very dependent of pots and pots are expensive...
  3. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Class_Guides
  4. While in crusader/paladin take holy cross and any 2h spear and go level at dark priests, after rg, take overbrand and banishing point, its good enough to level solo even in gramps, imperial spears are easy to get and bis weapon for starters
  5. Going RG for tank and support is not a bad idea, but will require high investment to work, like stack the maximum def possible, and/or specific race/ element depending of the content you're doing.
  6. Just to Add: Try a class and level it, learning the machanics, if you don't like how the job play, jump to another. About the post above, is accurate enough to get an idea... The missing info is: Kagerous are strong ranged dps, specially well geared, on early game can be dificulty to adapt, but if you like to play ninja, the male job work as good as the female. Soul reapers can be nice damage dealers, but magic attack is outshined by physical because of the high mdef on most of the mobs, espa, eswhoo and esma is a deadly combo, and soul reapers as the linkers are known by the auto heal, auto ress and auto flee of kaahi, kaizel, and kaupe, that make them almost immortal. The only issue is learn how to deal with the soul system, stack the souls sometimes is just a problem.
  7. For Throw build, there are a Rock ridge set, made for it. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15178/golden-ninja-suit https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20821/golden-scarf https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/13332/huuma-shuriken-of-dancing-petals-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28721/monokage-2 for Magic build, people tend for look vct reduction and matk mainly. There is a headgear on master of coins that I saw many Oboros using, may can be useful https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19249/spell-circuit-1
  8. Is reccomended to change to throwing build, until you get higher levels. Kagerou can work as magical build, but is less effective, level it is a nightmare without mid or end game gears.
  9. Nah it can still 170, or can be increased to 175. Maybe add a exp reward on the daily wins that gives a decent ammount of exp for a 175 character. (monster hunter daily npc could get the same treatment as well)
  10. The decard system is one of the most effective zeny sink system since the release date. Recude the cost will reduce this efficience, but, maybe increase the ways to get a decard voucher. (nothing that easy of course)
  11. Maybe add to item crusher/ben recycler?
  12. Rebel, RG and GX are easy to build as dps, with rebel being the easier to work with, RG is very versatile and cheap to start, GX just work if you play right. Anyways... A effecttive rebel only need the weapon (being Tempest or Calf Diamondback) A effective RG need the imperial spear, or the crimson spear or even a long horn, but also need aspd and atk boost items to keep useful in higher levels GX can simply start with the thanatos katar, nab or sapha set from mora, and then improve the gear slowly. All the 3 jobs requires a rideword hat to play effectively About sorc, it is a good class, but hard to level, you can solo many things with it, but magic classes are still weaker on nova because of how mobs mdef are high.
  13. fxfreitas

    Monster Hunting Blog #5

    100 inventory slots... 300+ shadow pieces... Still a nice info, can't wait to try the content out.
  14. Maybe nerf the effect on boss protocol and high hp monsters, but not disable the skill usage, like make half effect on bosses/high hp monsters like many other powerful skills does. And maybe make the damage not based on maxhp but on current hp on them.
  15. Agree with this suggestion, those enchant systems should recieve the same treatment of the new ones, to open build options. Bio 4, Rock Ridge and even older ones like the +3 stat enchant from prontera npc
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