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  1. Uh I love staff aoplications, sigh if only I have more than 1~2 free hours per day.
  2. Dex*2+Int = 530 @wizardbaza Also you can try vct reduction gears, but its not recommended at all (I've build a cheap 50% reduct and you fill your alt+q with items that will help nothing on damage, like sprint set, orleans glove+server, airship/ferlock manteau, etc etc, You have a quick cc cast and less than 20k per hit)
  3. You can recover sp with power absorbtion, but only between fights, not during them
  4. You should look in news, reading the lastest patch notes, specially the ones that rebalance a specific job
  5. Nice tip, if more people start to make foods the price will drop, you know, good for everyone hehe
  6. Hello. I cut my playtime in 95% because I have family, thanks to remember me. But play RO since 2010, I know how the classes works, thanks again. But how much time I played and how my experiences impact on my opinion doesn't matter, because after all is just my opinion, like your opinons. Nova already answered, he will leave the decision for the commisioners, that will try to convince the staff. One solution will be selected and applied by the staff that will praise some and bother others, thats it.
  7. Nah just disable snap, all actual sura players will get mad and quit, so both issues will be solved. Until new sura players come.
  8. I get literally thousand of starsands by leveling at rachel temple, get rich when sold them all to a player that wanted to rank (and he did, with effort and time) the rank will be a mess if you make it easier because many more players will try to reach top 10, requiring many more points, many more starsands and white pots...
  9. Suras have a chance to me more than a alt tank now in pvm, it boosts directly their dps e reduce the drawbacks of the skills. Warlocks were viable even before this patch, but they are hell expensive, so this patch will make them more affordable.
  10. For those who are complaining about those updates and how will impact the pvp, here are my 2 cents: Most of you are trying to discuss it before the buff come, and this seems very unfair, everyone knew that this change is coming, so lets wait it reach the server, do the properly tests and complain later? I know most of you just fear those updates, but there were other class patchs before this one that impacted all the contents. And there will be more changes in the future like gx, lv 200, etc. The only thing I agree now is remove the fucking snap from bg, this is the WRONG behaviour and broken, and with this change coming it will be more broken.
  11. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/map/yuno_fild06
  12. Non-trans jobs shouldn't allow to wear trams gears and thats it, idk why complain about this suggestion, 17.1 is comming and valk manteau will not be meta for SE anymore.
  13. BSB in WoE is not a bad Idea, the issue is already stated, make it accessible there will cause a mess just like with BG. Make it accessible only as castle drop will make it avalible only for a few players, that have a castle and that have access to the treasure chest... Nova changed recently the weekly quest from bg but it will not fix the issue because win a bg match still way easier than kill bio 5 mobs (as he stated on the example). So BG players will still frustrated for a while until nova realize that solution will not work. Anyways, if this is added to woe track, tons of pvmers will be there making woe less enjoyable, and put it at castle drop seems too unfair, because you are giving a privilege (even with a low droprate) for very few people.
  14. Did you use any other consumable? Like Buche de Noel, Arunafeltz sandwich, sarah foods? Dex and Agi foods help a bit on aspd Also if you wear petal so try one PER with critical (maybe no need 2) put a EoE agi here and there and you'll be fine. I have the same issue but thats because I miss one accessory (trying to get a PER cheap). I can reach 100k double crits easly, but only get 193 aspd when Hawk Eye procs.
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