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  1. fxfreitas

    Tomb of the Fallen Updates

    Just something I find out that in kRO videos the mobs in lhz_dun_n summon a bio 3 or 4 ghost under some conditions, making them even more challenging. Another interessing thing is the cards, those are named "true" for normal mobs (no mvp border) and the funny thing is that "true" are the mini-bosses but the card drop from normal mobs.
  2. fxfreitas

    Homunculus S Level 1-150 AFK/NON-AFK Training questions

    If your alchemist is 175, sit down in juperos/magma dungeon and let the homunculus play or mob and cart cannon everything (now your kills should count exp for homun, even if killing alone), you can try entering on 145 gramps map and kill the mobs arround to see if your homunculus is geting exp. Leveling afk is hard-to-impossible with the new changes, those were made to force the alchemist to play together with his homunculus and the AI change coming is just the final step to kill the afkchemists
  3. fxfreitas

    The Sign Fountain

    Why not? +1
  4. fxfreitas

    Thanatos ghost palace = memory of thanatos?

    The Sakray's sword is named Talatsu but when it came to the game was renamed to thanatos (and even use the same sprite of Thanatos' sword) Sakray's Blade is not black with blue gems, its a cursed sword with a spirit that seeks for blood of strong warriors. Can be the same sword? Because Surt (Morocc) cursed Thanatos after the fight, corrupting him. But we probably will never know.
  5. @TunaDeck only cellar got tendrillion.
  6. Nothing with after-cast, it changes the delay between attacks, add the % based on how much is left to reach 195, wich means righer base aspd = less effect of % aspd items. Stack a high quantity of %aspd is a good way to reach 193.
  7. Those headgears are necessary for the progression of some characters, put some of them on the cash shop would be very good, or on master of coins, or by quests... Anyways, each kRO cash shop gear should be individually tested before get added, and of course, with a fair price.
  8. fxfreitas

    OGH Hard - Performers Only

  9. fxfreitas

    MVP Training Room

    Yeah some skills like Amdarias Grand Cross of Darkness, Faceworm Queen Property Change and Summons, Kimi's Fire Walls, Stefan EQ, Root Poison Dust, etc... Are all summoned by Hidden NPCs arround the instance (you can see sometimes the "!!" chat where the skills are casted because the npc is spawned and then removed after the cast). Make all of them inside of a room is a too big task.
  10. fxfreitas

    newbie rg for farming zeny?

    The buffs are the same, but each shield spell level use a diferent condition: Level 1 uses shield DEF Level 3 uses shield MDEF Level 3 uses shield upgrade level Each level cast 3 types of buffs Level 1 Attack increase Reflect Physical Splash Attack Level 2 Magnificat Splash Silence Magical Holy Splash Attack Level 3 Heal Defense Gear break chance (this buff was disabled on a patch) So you can take a high def shield to level 1 spells, because the Attack increase buff is very useful. You can get a high mdef shield for level 2 because magnificat is great for solo You can use a overupgraded shield because the healing of level 3 is arround 20k with a +7 shield, so imagine a +9, or +12. A +7 Imperial guard is a good all arround shield while the sacred mission is a great because its unbreakable (but put a slot on it and overupgrade is a painful task), the rosa shield is a great def shield. Valkyrja's shield is very great too.
  11. fxfreitas

    Linked without a SL?

    He can get the link on the town and go to field, level 5 link duration is very high so you can simply get the link and enjoy ~5 minutes of playtime linked.
  12. fxfreitas

    newbie rg for farming zeny?

    I suggest to get a +4~+7 Imperial guard instead of the Rosa Shield, the mdef boost helps a lot making you able to cast magnificat (lv 2 shield spell), and the refine level helps with the healing (lv 3 shield spell) You can use a ship capitain hat to boost damage, or keep the rideword and use the imperial spear/crimson spear, or change incubus pet to damage boost pet and keeps both rideword hat and thanatos spear, you can keep magnificat if the extra damage of lv shield spell is not needed. Good luck with your RG.
  13. fxfreitas

    Alternative builds boosted by jRO items

    Why bother it? Because we don't want to be locked to the same builds. Role-Playing, fun game. RO is a game full of versalities and possibilities and most of us just can't enjoy that because a gear is missing/custom. I love to play with uncommon builds (shotgun/launcher Rebel, Adoramus AB, combo Sura, auto spell sorcerer, etc.) just because they were funny to play. End game is not everything, cheese amdarais hard on 5 minutes is not the point of play the instance. Most of current RO players forget about the fun on the game and play it as is on RWC trying to take a prize.
  14. fxfreitas

    newbie rg for farming zeny?

    Yeah a cheap overbrand rg can farm on juperos easly. Get some leech gears and have fun
  15. fxfreitas

    Can we expect Soul Reaper and Star Emperor soon?

    You can expect them, when? We don't know. Probably after their testers exctract all the necesary data. On the information thread about the classes, they answered the reason why its not added yet.