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  1. I do not see anything mentioned here about the updated Homunculus HP/Mana pool mods within their growth (drastically increased). Will we be getting those alongside that patch? If not, spending seeds to summon is going to be extremely rough. Really great patch though, I like the new approach toward MH balancing.
  2. There are many people, which can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times. On one hand, there are plenty of people on the server in order to drive a free market approach, meaning that supply and demand exist. On the other, a lot of people means a lot of opportunists within that free market. Veterans and keen observers will eventually spot loots that are selling well and create competition, which means more vendors are trying to sell the loot. In turn, the more vendors there are, the stiffer the competition becomes and the loot risks becoming devalued due to more supply than there is demand.
  3. This is a great guide for understanding a beginner comp in Bio5; nice job! The breakage can be somewhat alleviated by having a Genetic or a Mechanic in the party: - Genetics focus on being proactive. This is to say, to avoid things being broken in the first place. Not only can Genetics FCP key members (just don't expect it for too many people) of the party, but they can also remove Demonstrations from the ground in your back line so their gear doesn't break. Genetics double up as being a really good DPS as well. - Mechanics are mostly reactive. Once something gets bro
  4. Why not allow Genetics to sling their special potions (herb activators and others even if nerfed a bit in MH) to allies as the only means of having those potions available in MH? I'd like to see the utility of this class expanded upon a wee bit more. I do realise that the vision of Genetic in MH is not to be a solo healer, but I do feel there is room for improvement on the utility side to make this class a bit more desirable in the MH perceived "meta." Whether this manifests itself in a gradual change of making their healing capabilities stronger as time passes, or whether it's u
  5. This is very much appreciated, and contains all of the info that really should have been conveyed to us from the very beginning. Thank you for demonstrating some PR skills, and for possessing at least a bit of sympathy for the fact that this change is so massive for much of the population with some clarity. I'm not really sure I'll ever agree with how massive this change is, but I've already noticed that things are at least tolerable after the conclusion of last night's maintenance with queue times and concert changes (great work!). I look forward to seeing what else i
  6. I don't post here often, but here it goes: I find the way that this has been approached to frankly be a bit unfathomable. As others have said, it's perfectly understandable that you want players to actually participate in your Summer Festival, but at what cost? As of right now, players will be FORCED to attend this incredibly time-consuming and mostly cosmetic-oriented event in order to make ends meet with their weekly BSB count. To simply tack this event onto the weekly staples that everyone depends on for progression and economic needs (use or sell their BSBs) is a
  7. My biggest question is whether Illusion Leg A is actually better than Temporal Boots or not. Judging by testing with a pair of a friend's new boots, the damage seems to be more consistent with Illusion boots (the ranged damage on set shouldn't be ignored), but on the other hand, Hawk Eye is vastly superior to Plunging Shot (as are all of the old Temporal specials by the looks of it, particularly Runaway Magic > Magic Storm), so IDK in the long run what will end up being better. Consistency vs burst. Plunging Shot also appears to activate more often, so that could be taken into considerat
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