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  1. I think you can look for some people that can carry you through the hunting missions, all you gotta do is put some work, show that you're trying hard and latest buffs on gx skills will help you with that. By selling BSB you will get enough money to afford better equipment in less time. Also, you can go BG if you can't Bio, maybe try to refine some HBP and sell them? You can buy them with Valor Badges so you will be farming while you complete weeklies, the rest of them (mob hunting and instances) will be easy. I dunno If you strong enough for SKY Fortress, but you can get some good money from there. I would also suggest Calf Diamondback farming, If you get lucky and refine one to +7, then you will have 25m easy. I spend all my dailies bubblegums in Rock Ridge Mine, but you can put some effort into Terra Gloria quest to farm Rudus too.
  2. This I don't like custom stuff in RO but since MH2 is custom content, why not? Maybe MVP's, Bosses and mob cards droping by chance would help with a sad situation: MH2 goes empty after everyone finish the MVP's missions in the first days. I dunno, maybe custom cards (that only works inside MH) can be an incentive for people to run the huntings for another reason other than just finishing weekly. I personally think it would make things more fun, but not sure how Nova will feel about that
  3. I'm glad you finally realized that. Yeah, your build is different from mine (when you swap it becomes pretty much the same thing). As i said, and repeat, cause you apparently ignore everytime i say that, my build have specific goals (gosh, i wrote this in the beggining of this thing), it applies to a lot of situations in Bio 5 and the most important one probably is when everyone dies and you're the one who needs to get them back up. I barely see those thanky ab's (If we can call it like that) last enough to ress everyone with a slower redemptio. When they fail = wipe. When they do It quickly = they die, everyone else get back up and no wipe. Pretty simple, a situation that happens a lot. That's kind of what you doing, cause you disagree with my build, but you have one that looks better to you, which is not a problem to me, cause i said (gosh i'll say that again) that everyone is free to do what they want. I'm just trying to set a base for people that don't know how Bio 5 works and it's mechanics, so they can have a better Idea and feel free to follow my guide or build something different over it that will work better for them. And i'm done here, this discussion gone too far.
  4. Nope (seriously). I mean, If a Eremes sneak behind you and you don't SW quick, you will be dead for sure, but it actually doesn't happen often. And ofc, you need to have skill to increase your own survivability through AB skills and Golem from SR will help a lot. But notice that o started by saying that the focus is to have fast casting and status resist, eventually, it means you have to sacrifice something (some hp and physical resistance in this case). I played a long time in Bio 5 and other instances with this build and worked really good to me. Then when i had money enough, changed some stuff, got a GSS with 14 dex and Special Vit to combo with TB and to keep casting and neutral resistance that i had with Airship, i started using Poison Breath. Then +7 Excellion with frozen and recovery, Gemini Red Eyes, Old Mitra with Gemini-s58... That's when it started to get expensive.
  5. Again, i didn't said that. That's the problem, you read what i say but give your own interpretation. I said multiple times that each player have it's own playing style and will choose to do different things from what i suggested, exactly like you just did. The budget would be pretty much the same depending on price variations, also, there's not big difference in having AGI to sleep resist or having Nightmare on the hat and make different points distribution. All depends on each player own style and opinion, that multiple, multiple times, i mention in my comments. Your eq build looks slightly different from mine, it's ok, but at the end of the day, with mine you can just hit Redemptio, while with yours, on swap, player will lost part of that HP bonus anyway and having to swap before casting Redemptio might cause a delayed reaction (can it happen? yeah, but maybe not? sure, depends on each player). And it's funny cause first you suggested Illusion Leg and now came up with TB DEX enchanted with Spell and your stat build have 120 dex. Also, personally, i wouldn't bother having heal bonus when 10k heal is mostly enough to heal the most vulnerable people in a bio 5 party (the dps and support people, cause they have small hp). And there's always two ab's, so... Comparing your stuff and mine, i don't see big difference, all will depends on each player style to make his own decisions (let me repeat this just one more time).
  6. "I could reach casting time close to an AB with ME 3". That's what i said, i didn't said that i could totally match an AB with ME3 or that FCT could be reduced by VCT. See? You trying put words in my mouth, that's why i'm pissed. Get the whole set, change Spell Circuit and Old Mitra with ME 3 (cause that's what i did), cast something, the difference gets minimal at this point, you can barely notice, but OF COURSE, VCT will not reduce FCT and an AB with ME will be superior in this case. My ME is at level 5 now, otherwise i could easily prove it, recording a video or something, but i'm so confident of what i'm saying that i don't need to, it's not like i could be dumb or a liar to come here and tell people to do something that i know that doesn't work. But it's not, you're the one saying that. No, i didn't (read above, but with attention this time). And i'm not being agressive, i just don't have patient with people that think they're too smart. And i came up with this gear to help newbies, i don't want opinion of people who probably are at they end-game gears sitting at Prontera the whole day, trying to disqualify my arguments when i'm the one who tested the whole thing and had the work of editing this whole post, with the purpose of helping those newbie AB's that come to Bio 5 and hear a lot of shit from people when they're not good or geared enough.
  7. As i said, my thesis has been proven in practice, don't matter what you have to say about it. That's why i brought to other people, cause i'm sure It will benefit them, maybe you should do the same. I'm wondering what type of gear you would suggest for a newbie that appears at Bio 5 using an Morpheus set and Puente Robe. I doubt it would be so different from what i suggested above, but If you have something better you should come up with It and prove in practice your point, do something concrete for the others instead of trying prove yourself you're right (for pure self indulgence, typical for that Ragnarok players) by any cost with arguments that only see to work by being written down, while i confidently stand by my guide cause i tested it and proved to work in Bio 5. I didn't said that. Did i?
  8. It's a waste when you don't have enough weight to carry your stuff, so why not use cards to get immunity and spend points on STR or VIT to gain more hp/resistance? That's the point, doing that will allow you to carry extra weight without having to pay for Gym passes. I play with like 10 agi, aspd don't make a huge difference when you play with or without wandy (there's always a wandy in Bio 5 with Swing). Asgard Blessing, average price = 25m. EVT hats = free. You guys are trying to make look like i'm trying to teach someone how to play ab or make them follow some strictly rules when i say multiple times in the post that everyone have it's own playing style and will choose to do different things from what i'm suggesting to. People with MONEY could easily choose to stack stats with +18 dex GSS, Magical Rosary in Mouth, Asgard Blessing and EOE DEX 3 in their slots, but that wouldn't be cheap anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ About resistance, Ab is not on Bio 5 to tank, i'd rather cast fast redemptio having less hp than slow cast with more resistance. Also, KE, Assumptio, Safety Wall and Pneuma, when well used, will increase a lot survivability, so an AB that have a quick reaction will be able to ressu the whole party if he's playing behind or will die anyway if he playing front like it usually happens. But i shouldn't be explaining this to people who probably started playing in a different situation, i'm sharing my experience to help those who's starting and i know what i'm saying will probably work for them, cause it worked for me, don't matter what y'all say when my thesis has already been proven in practice.
  9. You missed the whole point. Totally. You're talking about "swap gears", Illusion Leg, when the point is that i'm giving an set that can cost the less zeny as possible and people can use to play effectively at Bio 5 like i did. We're not talking about players that will have money to buy two different sets and swap as they want, the post is directed mostly to newbies who have an certain amount to spend with their ABs and gonna want to have enough to play Bio 5 and other content. Indeed, they will need at least 120 dex and high int, but when it comes to casting and spamming skills, i tested with 125 dex and 120 int and the casting time and spamming was not even close to what Ab's with ME do in Bio 5, so stacking VCT% reduced the difference a lot, to the point that with the set i've made i could reach casting time close to an AB with ME 3 (i tested it). So, that's the reason why i don't like posting shit to these places, someone will always try to point random flaws instead of praise the initiative, so it makes me think that not worth waste my time trying to contribute with the community, even though i think this post specifically might have helped someone, but the only person that appeared decide to criticize. You might say it's a lot of drama, but you totally overlooked that stack agi to avoid sleep in Bio 5 is a completely waste, when you can just have a card that gives you immunity and goes on top or mid headgear, letting space to everything else that's necessary, while you can spend those points on something else like VIT or STR that will be way more useful. About Offertorium, it's not a skill that i spend points with, so each AB decides what to do in this specific case, i rather carry potion and spend points on more useful stuff.
  10. Heya, brothers and sisters. I do not post here so often, but i have some free time and decided to bring a quick guide to people who wants to play with Arch Bishop at Bio 5 without spending millions of zenys. I started playing with the class recently and the process of discovering it was very fun and i'm sharing what i've learned, it might help who's starting too. So, the main goal with this build is: to cost less zeny as possible and be effective to play not only Bio 5, but some other content you desire to. The gears and cards also are focused on two main goals: fast casting and immunity/resistance against status such as sleep, stone curse, froze and bleeding. I'll put more than one option for some parts of the set, but you are free to choose what fits more your playing style. [TOP HEADGEAR] +7 Spell Circuit [1] (-10% in variable cast time, VERY HELPFUL) +6 Chibi Pope [1] (Heal bonus) +6 Heart Wing Headband [1] (-11% ACD) "Hey, it didn't supposed to be cheap?" Yes! That's why you can go for EVT versions, buyable for Weekly Coins, reward for some of the Weekly Missions. If you do not have access to them, you can just go with any slotted headgear (even Mitra [1] it's enough). Card: Nightmare card (Sleep immunity). [ARMOR] Diabolus Robe [1] Illusion Puente Robe [1] Puente Robe [1] Card: Marc card (immunity to Frozen). [SHIELD] Bible of Promise Vol. 2 [1] (The best option, you can use Odin Lv. 2, providing +100 atk to your party friends) Card: Medusa card (immunity to Stone Curse) [ROD] Vicious Mind Rod enchanted with 15%~20% variable casting time reduction Card: Essence of Evil DEX 3 (this one can be a little bit expensive, so you can go with anything that provides you INT or DEX here). [BOOTS] Temporal Boots of Dexterity [1] with Spell 5 Card: Coyote card. "Hey, it's 12% less hp and 6% less sp!". Yes, but it's not like you going to tank bio 5 mobs like a boss if you have that hp bonus! :v Phen card might be the first option when you consider having uninterrupted cast, but the +20% in your variable casting time will hurt a lot your skill spamming and your Redemptio cast. Believe me, you want to cast this as fast as possible when Sorin come with her freaky Max Pain [GARMENT] Manteau of Airship [1] (Increases resistance against Neutral element attacks by 10%, Flee +20, Reduction in variable cast by 20% and costs like... 50k? PERFECTION!) Card: Raydric card. [ACCESSORIES] Right: Light of Cure with DEX 1 or 2 and Cure Lv. 1 (very necessary for Highness Heal spamming) Left: Illusion Booster L or Illusion Battle Chip L (2x SP Recovery modules, 1x Spell 5 module) Card: Zerom card. [MID AND LOWER HEADGEAR] I let those for you to choose. :b If you can afford a mid slotted headgear, an Ungoliant card might come in handy, but if you want to go CHEAP, you can just carry some of this Cure Free against Bleeding status (which stop your natural HP and SP recovery, that's BAD inside Bio 5, where you gonna spam a lot of skills and a lot of SP). THAT'S IT! I know you as AB might prefer to go with different stuff, as i said, each player have it's own playing style, but i think it might be very helpful to have something to start from. I hope it works for you (as it worked very well for me :v). Cheers.
  11. Make MVP's life visible would help a lot to avoid this kind of situation, i guess.
  12. I think that "tedious and boring" can somehow be an argument for some change requests regarding some few game mechanics sometimes, but i don't believe it's the case with this specific situation. I mean, the hunting part in AGH is always boring for me too, but it's completely possible to finish within one week and the monsters there are not strong like Bio 5 ones (that supposed to be 200x kills of two types before changes were made).
  13. Oh dear God. Izlude is my point, i always see you guys around there and i always admired how united you are. Even if i never talked to any of you before, somehow i feel like i know each one If you and now i feel so sad... I mean, sometimes we forget that there's real people behind these 2D characters and forget that this kind of thing can happen to anyone, anytime. I feel sorry for your loss. Hope she rest in peace.
  14. Hello everyone After going through a devastating and traumatic experience earlier, I considered suggesting improvements to the refinement system. I don't know what the technical limitations are or whether this has been suggested before, but I believe the system needs to be improved, i think there will be less collateral damage at the time of refinement. Players can be anxious and hurried sometimes, and it's at these times that irreparable errors and major damage can occur. Even knowing the mechanics and refinement process, I've made a mistake that resulted in the loss of a valuable item for me, something that could be avoided with perhaps a more flashy warning, maybe a pop-up or something that warns the player that Blacksmith's Blessings is not selected correctly (when you have the item in your inventory). Anything other than these tiny letters would a lot. Even if it makes the process a little longer, I think it's worth it. Believe me, no matter how small the loss seems, no one is prepared for it when it happens.
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