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  1. Welcome to Nova, Zuerst! If you're looking for friends check out our guild page for Lore. <3 Have fun
  2. Welcome to Nova! :3 Have a good time~ Feel free to check out Lore's page, we're welcoming all newbies
  3. Welcome to Nova Xaos! I hope you enjoy your time here <3
  4. BUMP!~ We're back once again! Accepting new members
  5. Bump~! Back from Hiatus! Please consider joining our little guild
  6. Lore is now dissolved. Thank you for the years of friendships <3 •••• Who We Are: We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships. Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds! What We Do: We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more! Rules: We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules: • Respect Everyone sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated. (more rules are listed in our discord!) Guild Hangout @go 33 Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155) Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876) Officers: Fall Kakey Zelda GX (Becca) Doktah (Bacon) Let us know if you have any questions! x Lore
  7. A little late but, welcome! Feel free to say hi to us!
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