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    Game Master Wedding: Request Form
    Hello all and especially those of you who aspire to be wed in game! As an idea this is not new, as our Game Masters have held a good few weddings in the past, however, this [having your wedding being broadcast by, and ceremony held by a Game Master] has not been as common knowledge as it perhaps should have, and this here form is an attempt to remedy this.

    If you would like to have a NovaRO staff attending and hosting a wedding for you, all you need to do is to fill out the required fields. As a test, we do ask for a week's notice to process your request*. Note that not all of staff can participate in the ceremonies, whether it is due to incompatible time zones or real-life commitments, hence asking for a particular GM to hold your wedding may not yield much result. Still, we'll do our best to have one of us there on the chosen date and time to make your wedding more fun and memorable!

    We hope the process is streamlined and clear. If you have questions or concerns, please share them with us.
    We're looking forward to hosting some weddings like the one below!
    Request a Wedding!

    *Note that as this is a new initiative going public, it is difficult for us to estimate its popularity, thus we reserve the right to adjust the form and the requirements over time.
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