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  1. So, now that we have the 17.1 Update and we all kinda have to replace our Equipment, what Gear, Enchants, Cards and Combos incl. Weapons are the new Best-In-Slots now? I assume as a SS Ranger I should go for Armor A, Wing A, Foot A and both Accessories? What would be the best enchants? With the new gear (Unenchanted) I no longer have ,,instant card". I see this as a problem, how to fix it? Cant wait to read from you guys PS: Is anyone still updating the Ranger Guide on the Class Wiki?
  2. Hello everyone, would it be possible to see an Area like the Market Area on the Website where you can check who buys what items and at what prices? If there is already such an market area please let me know how to get there ^^"
  3. JoshuaMathen

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    Wuhu that Instance Midnight reset thing is awesome! Thank you for changing that
  4. Hello Guys, greetings from an returning Veteran! After a very long break (I stoped playing RO when WoW Mists of Pandaria came out) I decided that it is time to return to my long beloved Ragnarok Online. Since my original Server (iRO) decided to ban me for being European I have now to search for another Home. fRO is due to the Updates they have not an option nor would I ever support the hosting company. So after a nice Chat with an old friend, he suggest me to start on NovaRo as an ,,almost kRO like Server" and boy he did not lie! So far the Server is amazing. Nice community, nice Admin/GM Staff and the Episode Status of this server is just amazing. I think I can settle down here and call this Server my new home. So greeting to all my not yet made friends O/
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