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  1. Dear Nova and NovaRO GM Team, thank you for your effort to always bring us the most updated kRO Conent as soon as you can. I am looking forward to enjoy this new content with my friends. Have a good Maintenance time! Keep it on and thank you for making NovaRO on of the best Servers out there <3
  2. What I noticed is, that we have lost 400-800 People in Peak during the past 2 Weeks. I think the highest I saw NovaRO at was 4,7K. Usually it was 4,2-.4,4 at any given time I saw the Numbers on the Page. I could imagine that its a mix of the new Summer Festival and that many people lost their source of incoming with leeching MH2. However, I think they will all come back and overtime we will increase even more and soon break the 5K Playermark^^
  3. Time to give Feedback with the newest changes to Summer Festival in mind: Multiqueue Time has reduced drastically! Good work, I havent had any problem to get some nice Multigames this and the last SF! Single Multi being instanced, so you can play whenever you want is great! No more waiting and spamming the NPC to get the free slot! Fishing is still a little bit overpopulated, but its okay. Maybe a 4th deck could help out here, but thats just a minor issue. Maybe reduce the time of the Fishing Tournament by 2 Minutes? So we actually have time to give our caug
  4. Monster Trivia is giving Keys. I get around 10-15 Keys in 35 Minutes~
  5. Thank you for this link and your work I will share it with my social medias and Discord channels. I will also link it in my signature
  6. I support the Idea of reducing the Weekly Coins to 8K. That is doable I think the average Player can attend 2 Summer Festivals per day, which makes 2K/Day a doable amount of coins. A weekly should not be doable within 1 Day ([email protected]), but also should not take 6 days either. 4 Day aka ,,the majority of the week" is fine, which is also why I support the ,,4 Daily Weekly" Quest. I would also support the Idea to reduce the daily counter for Multi Games to 10, as this suits the current queue situation more. Also goes in line with the current reduction to the weekly multi games count do
  7. @Fleur !PC does not work anymore. Bot is not replying anyting if I type it in. Is there a known Problem? Can it be fixxed?
  8. I made an GX - you took it away with nerfs,,balancing" I made an RK - you took it away with nerfs/,,balancing" I made an Genetic cause I really love them ever since they got introduced - you gonna take that away as well and call it a ,,buff". Im now gonna take my Wallet and take it away from this server. I am tired of investing Money, Time and Zeny into this server just to be nerfed again and again and again. RNG here, RNG there, RNG everywhere. If I want RNG-Festival I can as well go back to play WoW. Hardcast on Genetic is the Death of this Class, jus
  9. Having access to HD Elu/ HD Ori would probably help refining a lot. As of right now I mostly use BSB at the start of +4 for the expansive Equipment. If I had HD Elu/Ori I would use that and no longer the BSB, which would made it cheaper. I would also pay $ for it like I do with Enriched Ori/Elu. Once 17.2. will drop, the current Refinesystem will be the biggest Bottleneck in this game. In order to get a new 17.2. Illusion gear you will need to have a +9 17.1. Ellusion Item. Then you will have to upgrade that new gear to +11 to get the best Enchanteffect. May G
  10. I would love you all, if you could add HD Elunium/ HD Oridecon to the Cash Shop <3! Other than that, thank you for your effort to light up these dark days. Please stay healthy and remember: There is a life after Corona!
  11. JoshuaMathen

    New Year's Teaser

    Amazing! I Love the Edda Storyline and I also cant wait for 17.2 to drop Will we also get the Upgrade to Inventoryspace like kRO got with this Update? You can buy a ticket on the kRO Cash Shop to increase your maximum Item capicity by 10 Items. You can have a total of 10 Tickets, which means you can carry a maximum of 200 items with you instead of the 100 Items we got now.
  12. So, now that we have the 17.1 Update and we all kinda have to replace our Equipment, what Gear, Enchants, Cards and Combos incl. Weapons are the new Best-In-Slots now? I assume as a SS Ranger I should go for Armor A, Wing A, Foot A and both Accessories? What would be the best enchants? With the new gear (Unenchanted) I no longer have ,,instant card". I see this as a problem, how to fix it? Cant wait to read from you guys PS: Is anyone still updating the Ranger Guide on the Class Wiki?
  13. Hello everyone, would it be possible to see an Area like the Market Area on the Website where you can check who buys what items and at what prices? If there is already such an market area please let me know how to get there ^^"
  14. JoshuaMathen

    Patch Notes #107

    Wuhu that Instance Midnight reset thing is awesome! Thank you for changing that
  15. Hello Guys, greetings from an returning Veteran! After a very long break (I stoped playing RO when WoW Mists of Pandaria came out) I decided that it is time to return to my long beloved Ragnarok Online. Since my original Server (iRO) decided to ban me for being European I have now to search for another Home. fRO is due to the Updates they have not an option nor would I ever support the hosting company. So after a nice Chat with an old friend, he suggest me to start on NovaRo as an ,,almost kRO like Server" and boy he did not lie! So far the Server
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