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  1. Really love the gameplay of Ragnarok, kinda old school but still fun for refreshing. Just reunion on Ragnarok and i will always choose NovaRo server. LONG LIVE NOVARO!! @NovaRO @Nova Squad

  2. Hai guys! If u are playing CSGO just add my steam account, maybe someday we can play Compe together. My steam account: MARASATIVA (FNATIC LOGO) Rush B !! Ggwp
  3. Hi Holden! Welcome to tha best server Ragnarok all over tha world. You’ll see the whole new era of Ragnarok only in NovaRo. And also all GM here so very helpfull and fast response. I’m proud of being the player of NovaRo. We’ll seeya soon Holden! Cheers
  4. Just grinding hard at bg when HH time and also GX have an unique build style. U can use 2 handed (Glorious Jamadhar) or 1 handed (scalpel and glor flamberge). Depends on ur style. Coz 4 years ago my best friend from indonesia was GX Legend IGN lotar he was Counter Slash build. So u know it’s all about HOW u wanna play your GX build style. Depends or your equips and stats also. Whats ur GX IGN? We can meet and try somethin. Hahaha
  5. In fact all of this is just about how we fight and defense every skill from every job that we meet at BG. So in my opinion just enjoy the skills we have and fight as best as possible with the team. And u are so good Sorce.
  6. Hey man, i think u just need to change PER 2 pcs with aspd% enchant all (bufallo combo card), And your HBP with Brown Rat Card, Snake head with eoe agi 3. And see whats happen next. Goodluck man.
  7. Wow what a great idea from you! Nice improvements on discord bot.
  8. Welcome to NovaRo ! Enjoy the greatest ragnarok server at all. Havefun ^^
  9. Just keep collecting Flamberge. Untill 50 pcs than u go refine all. Dont refine 1 by 1. It’s useless
  10. Well guys just enjoy the all greatness work from all GM that really understand all we need all we complain and all we want about, they do alot of changes only for us. It’s just a game for refreshing after you working so hard, you busy studying or you dont have a real activity outside. I’m so happy 4years ago choosing this NovaRo after all, remind my last time play at Lyto server chaos 2002. And now just for reunion guys. Take it easy. NovaRo is still the best server around the world. Long Live NovaRo !
  11. What a great job Jack! I love it. Cheers
  12. I think thats gonna be PVM Type if you are using +16 battle hook. Are you goin to PVP or PVM player? All is different man. If you goin to be PVP,BG,WOE player than you must have +9 woe set with 2 PER 16%crit(G. Scaraba card / Buffalo combos), +8 or higher Old Rune Circlet, +7 Cursed Knight Shield (thara frog card) , 2 Glorious Rings, and now the weapon is the most important thing to RK Hybrid. 1st choice always be Glorious Spear, 2nd choice is Vellum. Goodluck man! ^^
  13. Thanks ara i will try after i get home from office time. Cheers
  14. T r i t o n

    Just Chilling

    What a great taste of arts Yuuri! Keep up the good work. I love it.
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