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  1. How can I get the "Magician's Bell"?
  2. These customizations got too far a long time ago, and now every single item that comes to the server have some kind of "special rule" (aka account bound or an absurd system to obtain it). And talking about this "party drop system", seems like they don't know what to do with PvM content and keep making controversial changes (like this squad x item hunt topic). But the real problem with PvM on Nova is more associated with stuffs that we DONT have (or are locked into mh2 that is sideendgame content lol). This is killing the freedom that this game is supposed to have. The options of "w
  3. Actually this great "feature" is exclusive from NovaRO, because Gravity since 2017(?) try to give chance for all classes to break the game through some equipments. xD
  4. yeah it's crap xD Well, RGs probably uses the Faster/Faster/Above All setup (But it's not the best garment for this class), on the other side Mech (AC build) uses 2x Caster and a Faster or Above All (if you dont need more aspd), so it's not really possible to share the garment between these 2 (unless if you're a power swing mechanic).
  5. 1 - Illusion Leg. % Fixed cast reductions depends on how much fixed cast a skill have, so the Soutane only will reduce more than Illusion Leg with that 20% if the skill you're using has around 5s of fixed cast. xD 2 - No. Cannon Spear only have a 2s cooldown (Wich can be significantly reduced with some gears that we don't have here yet) 3 - It depends on your characters builds. For example, if you need more ASPD(Spam): Faster/Fastar/Above All. If you need VCT reduction: Caster/Caster/Faster or Above All. 4 - Yes.
  6. Hello. If you're starting from the start (What I usually recommend to get more affectionate to the class), I suggest getting the Reincorced Parts set and a Pile Bunker P/Pile Bunker S for leveling purposes; then you can go to a better weapon (a +10 or higher Blasti-OS/Saw Axe with 2 lockstep cards), then a better armor (Obviously Illusion Armor A +9 with Power/Power/ACD) and finally go to the VCT reduction gears. There's two ways to reduce the 2.2s VCT of Arm Cannon: With % reduction gears you can get it "easly" but you probably will not have much ACD reduction; With status reducti
  7. Hello. You will need to get 100% VCT reduction to perfectly spam Arm Cannon, but with KB you don't need much more than a ~90% reduction as long as you will use Hawkeye or Firing Shot effect on Temporal boots/Illusion leg (And these effects are mandatory for KB build). About ACD and ASPD for Arm Cannon: You need 70% ACD reduction and 185+ ASPD for a lv 3 AC Spam (Wich is, in my opinion, the best option currently for solo purposes). If you have a Mins friend, you can get less ACD reduction gears (~50%). For spam lv 2 AC you need 190+ ASPD. For Arm Cannon: Saw Axe is the b
  8. Melee classes used to avoid MvPs w/ reflect shield and classes such Oboro usually avoid holy 4 monsters. I really don't see a problem when you're not obliged to face it to get the rewards, since you can just trade/buy it. But, if you're talking about having that system with our current MH, I agree that it just wouldn't work. I still don't understand why every single class needs to be 100% useful in every single part of the game. It never worked like this, actually. Current MH doesn't work like this. Basically I have said: You can bypass those examples, if you want a hell chaleng
  9. It was only an example and I don't think you got the ideia anyway. If you can't fight that high flee boss, you don't need to fight it. If you're a Picky Peck Doram you can choose to fight the boss with high mdef or high crit shield, because both of they are not "counters" for this build. Crit based characters can choose between facing the high mdef or high flee boss for the same reason (since the other 2 bosses might have a signifcantly lower amount of chit shield). Despite you probably can bypass this "restriction" on x boss with a high investment (Ignoring MDEF, high crit rate or
  10. With Glast Heim Challenge instance, Gravity proved that still there are ways to make people party up, and challenge the current meta. They made this instance over 1 year ago and it still hard af, and you can see 12/12 partys failing on high stages in kRO, you can see some of them being really afraid of Himmelmez. The stages system makes possible for everyone to make/enchant their gears (obviously taking a longer time). GHC says that you don't need to nerf the players, but instead make the content harder itself. Better geared characters will be able to challenge themselves for better rewards.
  11. Can I ask for some bugs on Mechanics too? Its a good class, but its not DPS as RK/GX so I think it need some bug on Arm Cannon cooldown or something else. I just cant believe there are people asking to let Cart Cannon still BUGGED. Cart Cannon always had a HARD animation and after years it will be fixed here. I just cant stop laughing at this.
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