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  1. Can we please add the elemental prefix to Excellion Armors when such piece of gear has the respective elemental reactor/enchant? I know players can manually add this themselves to the grf but I've had to edit that at least 3 times by now because sometimes a maint gets rid of those changes...for some reason @[email protected] Besides, I don't think there's any issue with adding those prefixes, it's not as if it would make the item's name gigantic.
  2. The 5x Victory Daily BG quest has been implemented yeeears ago but now it feels extremely lackluster. (and has been for a while) For winning 5x games in a day, you get: 150x Valor Badges 2x Gold Coins I understand players already get rewards by playing BG but honestly these daily wins rewards are so low they are basically worthless. You can even get more than 150 Valor Badges in a single Conquest match during Happy Hour. I've come up with a few possible ideas to try improving the daily wins reward. I'm also in favour of increasing the number of required wins to clear the daily quest if that's neccessary to increasse the rewards. I'd much rather have to win 10 games daily and get something actually worthwhile than win 5 games and get basically nothing. Idea #1 - Siege Tokens Simply substituting the Valor Badges for Siege Tokens. Yeah not much else I can say about this one, that's pretty much it. Idea #2 - Rework the Quest Rework the quest entirely, change it into a weekly BG win quest, separated entirely from the other Weekly Quests so pvmers don't cry about "losing out on 3x BSB per week if they choose to not play BG". Make it something like "Acquire 70 Wins in BG during the week" (that would avarage to 10x BG wins per day) Give some actual good stuff from finishing it. Heck I really want to suggest giving just one BSB outside of the "PvM Weekly Quests", players already get six through it, what's the harm in giving one outside of it? We could even use this in a way to entirely cut off BG from the Weekly Quest System and work on easing up the "bio 5 kill count" one. Giving one extra BSB outside the weekly "cap" of 6 could be a good way of motivating players that actually want to try getting into BG. I really doubt many players will feel "forced" to plague BG if they are required such a high number of wins only to get 1 single extra BSB when they have already earned 6. I really would like something similar to idea #2 to be chosen but I'm also fine with idea #1...or any idea really as long it makes the "Daily BG Wins" actually have a meaning/reward.
  3. Currently there's way too many people just AFKing or purposefuly avoiding helping their team in BG. I see many pvp/bg players constantly complaining of "pvm players" joining BG with garbage gear and overall not doing anything to help. But honestly it's not surprising, the current system rewards players for simply attending and doesn't encourage them to actually try winning. By changing the quest requirements from participation into wins, it might actually motivate those people to try and help their team win rather than just sit/wander uselessly and get rewarded for it. And c'mon it's not too much to ask for 10 BG wins in a whole week right? The DAILY BG QUEST is five wins and gives pretty much no rewards -_-; (150x Valor Badges & 2x Gold Coins is basically nothing)
  4. I agree. And if there are any concerns of those effects being too strong in PvP, just disable their FCT reduction in PVP/BG/WoE
  5. Can we please move this NPC at least a couple of cells up? It's current position consistently interferes with the entrance to Illusion of Turtle Abyss It gets really annoying when you need to "dodge click" that NPC every time you want to enter Illusion Turtle.
  6. Yeah like....these are normal monsters. Not mvps and not minibosses. As I said before things like burning and scar of tarou are literally only useful against large hp normal monsters. If this becomes a tradition of making every normal monster that has high hp immune to them, then we might as well be removing those skills from the game.
  7. Sura has the most confirmed bugged/custom behavior skills out of every class in the game. Are you guys really okay with that just to keep a unrestricted Snap? And how about the recent kRO skill reworks? Literally every class in NovaRO got their rework except Sura. Ever wondered why? At this point might as well put a disclaimer on Sura in NovaRO as a "heavily customized class". While other classes have some customization (like doram being demihuman and manhole not being castable 1cell next to people to instatrap), sura not only has 3 skills with major customized behavior but is also not getting it's skills reworked due to becoming overwhelmingly oppressive. So what in the end? Are we going to continue customizing every single sura change over restricting snap?
  8. I believe that similarly to how debuffs have a maximum duration, every single movement skill should have a minimum cooldown in BG. Without restricting snap somehow, it's simply impossible to fix Sura bugs or implement the official kRO reworked skills for that class.
  9. Hiromaru

    Patch Notes

    Yeah but... if players already have a high score and are unable to afford/borrow gears that beat it, they are essentially capped, no?
  10. Hiromaru

    Patch Notes

    So will players be able to earn more Deeps Coins?
  11. Still can't make a buy shop for those items :c
  12. I can't seem to find the direct warp to Floor 7 even after reaching such floor through the quest. D: The Warper doesn't provide any new option/dialogue and simply warps you to Floor1
  13. Ah I see. Didn't know that. But still I beg the question, is this really necessary? Like I said, there's no real consistent reward for "cheesing" these monsters with %HP dmg like there is in GMT. And I worry if this becomes a tendency in the future. Like having every high HP normal monster from dungeon/fields immune to %HP dmg skills, effectively removing those skills from the game since they no longer have any effect in the small niche they are supposed to be useful.
  14. That would be neat too but I think it's more of a subject for another suggestion. This topic here is about Scar of Tarou, the whole SE thing was just a mere extension of it and it's not really the main argument to "re-enable Scar of Tarou"
  15. Would be great if we could make a buy-shop for the Illusion of Luanda loot. Things like Token of Wootan, Solid Clay, Wootan's Warrior Hair, etc. Ya know, this thing:
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