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  1. Still can't make a buy shop for those items :c
  2. I can't seem to find the direct warp to Floor 7 even after reaching such floor through the quest. D: The Warper doesn't provide any new option/dialogue and simply warps you to Floor1
  3. Ah I see. Didn't know that. But still I beg the question, is this really necessary? Like I said, there's no real consistent reward for "cheesing" these monsters with %HP dmg like there is in GMT. And I worry if this becomes a tendency in the future. Like having every high HP normal monster from dungeon/fields immune to %HP dmg skills, effectively removing those skills from the game since they no longer have any effect in the small niche they are supposed to be useful.
  4. That would be neat too but I think it's more of a subject for another suggestion. This topic here is about Scar of Tarou, the whole SE thing was just a mere extension of it and it's not really the main argument to "re-enable Scar of Tarou"
  5. Would be great if we could make a buy-shop for the Illusion of Luanda loot. Things like Token of Wootan, Solid Clay, Wootan's Warrior Hair, etc. Ya know, this thing:
  6. You don't really need much actually... If you bring a gene + AB alt, you can put down plants and sanctuary to just proc miracle in spawn. And even if you don't, you just need to use Opposition/Hatred against the one monster you want to farm. (which is wanderer in most cases) And if you reeeally wanna bring up how the SE can screw up and die, well so can the Doram, specially if we're talking about a "naked doram" Since monsters constantly knock you back and remove your Stoop. Just to show how SE really doesn't need much, here's mine: https://gfycat.com/AgileExaltedEuropeanfiresalamander I don't even have any fancy stuff in this clip. For gears it's just a +15 Crimson Bible with Hunter Fly, +4 Temp Str, Rideword Hat, etc. And a single AB sitting in the entrance of the map. Now imagine having 5+ characters sitting in spawn and triggering miracle (which is much stronger than lunar opposition). Yeah, 800k+ AoE dmg is actually quite easy to achieve with SE
  7. This thread is mainly motivated by the recent customization of this skill, as stated by Panic. Honestly, let's be real. If we're going to be customizing Scar of Tarou to not affect new normal high HP monsters, might as well just delete the skill from the game. Scar of Tarou is already useless against most monsters, having no effect on MvP/Mini-bosses and against the mobs it DOES work against, it's super innefective as you're better off just spamming Picky Peck instead. Also comparing field/dungeon monsters such as Abysmal Glast Heim to instance mobs like GMT is just straight up silly. Specially since Scar of Tarou would deal like 250k-ish every second to Glast Heim monsters while things like Star Emperor can deal over 800k per Solar Burst by abusing Miracle and alt accounts for Kihop. Not to mention Scar of Tarou has 12-ish seconds of cooldown, doesn't even proc 100% of the time and is SINGLE TARGET. In case you don't know what i'm talking about, this is a very frequent thing. Players just log alt-accounts and sit them at the entrance to provide Kihop bonus + miracle and proceed to 2~3shot every single monster IN AOE Oh and may I remind you that the main reason the GMT instance was customized was because of how fast it was to make an account with 8+ Dorams at level 90 and break the GMT coin economy. While AGH needs you to be lv 175 to even get in (and again there's no "big consistent reward" like the GMT coins) Comparing AGH and GMT makes absolutely no sense and the customization of Scar of Tarou is both unecessary and completely kills the skill in the small niche it's supposed to be useful.
  8. Very well. I really don't think MH2 could help with Doram's viability but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and wait untill some time after the content is implemented. Good to hear some suggestions will be kept "on watch" too!
  9. That's understandable. I just ask that in the future new gears get compared to already existing ones before designing the means of obtain em. For example, it doesn't matter if BDM[1] is potentially best in slot if it's still barely any better than previously existing, easy to obtain mid headgears like B. Frame Glasses[1] or even Monocle[1]. Otherwise the "best in slot" item becomes just bragging rights for doing a painful quest rather than being actual progression.
  10. Agreed. This is not pre-re and +1 all stats is nowhere near as big of an impact as it was back then. The quests are way too much for such little rewards. When I started making that BDM I had no idea how much crap the npc would ask for me but what really triggered me was the awakening quest asking me to clear Endless Cellar. At this point I'm just sitting here with my unslotted BDM and using a slotted monocle instead. These custom quests are super unrewarding for what they demand of the player and are honestly more of a "bragging rights" kinda like doing The Sign (heck I would rather do The Sign quest 5x than do a single BDM) In the future either tone down the quests or give items that are actually worth all the work.
  11. So I've been wanting to get a Dwigh card for almost 1 month now. Running the instance and even been spamming #trade daily. To no success. As it stands right now, the chances of getting Dwigh or Fay card are almost the same as getting Fenrir Card. Both mini bosses are 0.05 but if you only want a specific card and that one miniboss only shows up 50% of the time...you effectively only have a 0.025% chance...and Fenrir card is 0.02% drop. So in order to not make the mini-boss you want in GMT have a MVP-eske drop chance, I've come up with 3 ideas: 1) Increase Dwigh and Fay Kanavian's card drop to 0.1%. Yeah I know they are mini bosses but so is the entirety of bio5 monsters and all their cards are 0.1% and you can kill hundreds of those per day. 2) The player can decide on who he faces in the tournaments 3rd round. Geffen bully, shoplifters or gangster. So I suggest to make so the player can decide on which miniboss you wanna face too. Like at the point after you kill the wolf, have the npc ask "Which group do you want?" Whereas group A would have Fay and group B would have dwigh (for example) 3) This one is a tad crazy but what if we had a "challenge mode" where we would face against Fay and Dwigh at the same time? O; Anyway those are only some ideas. I just dont like how GMT miniboss is essentially a MVP-card drop because of a 50/50 chance on top of its 0.05 chance
  12. Could we please make a visual indicator for when the pet buff procs? I've been literally losing my mind about this recently and I still believe this effect is not working >_>;; My suggestion would be to simply make the pet do a distinguishable/uncommon emote when their effect activates. Like /ene: Or /panic
  13. I'd like to suggest reverting Doram to it's official Brute Race. Now, before everyone starts throwing rocks at me, please let me explain some of my reasons D: #1: Implementation of New "Counter" items Today we have access to items that help deal with Doram's damage. The main example being Furious Gazeti which gives a good bunch of ranged resist and even provides small size resist if used along with Furious Snowier The card Corrupt Life can also be mentioned as it provides demi-human resist when equipped with Orc Warrior Card (which would then give 30% brute resist and 15% demihuman resist, sort of a 'half' thara) #2 Other classes getting stronger Doram's dmg used to be insanely above avarage but now other jobs have either caught up or surpressed doram's dmg due to skill reworks, new gears/cards or both. Not to mention that other jobs have damage + utility while Doram has little to none utility, providing pretty much only damage. #3 Doram Itemization Summoners have by far the worst itemization when it comes down to resistances. Not only are they unable to wear any kind of WoE set, they are also forced to wear specific accessories, making them unable to default strong resist accessories such as Glorious Rings & PER/MIR And lastly, just to have an idea how bad Doram is lately, feel free to look for Summoners in the WoE stats. Not only are Summoners among the least used classes, there also haven't been a single Doram with a positive K/D ratio since march. Making Dorams demi-human was a necessary change all those months ago but nowadays it's just an unecessary nerf.
  14. As someone who lately plays BG almost exclusively as Soul Reaper, I too agree that Kaite should at the very least be treated as a debuff. So giving it a max duration like every other debuff (I believe that was 30 or 20s) and make so Freedom removes it. I also agree on giving it a small cooldown too if we're going on the route of giving troublesome skills custom cooldowns in BG (like backslide, snap, etc.)
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