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  1. In kRO, a Soul Reaper doesn't lose his/her souls (rotating green/red thingies) upon dying. They do disappear when the character dies but that's merely a visual bug and the reaper can still use the souls he had before dying.
  2. Hiromaru

    Soul Reaper base HP

    Mostly posting this here as a reminder. Soul Reaper (and possibily Star Emperor as well) is currently missing the base HP boost they should officially recieve at lv 150+. Granted, leveling a reaper to 150+ in kRO is an absolute nightmare so I'm not really sure how we could obtain those official HP values.
  3. Should now state it increases both ATK and MATK.
  4. Hiromaru

    Remove Elunium from @nodrop list

    Normal Bradium/Carnium too please, same reason as above.
  5. That Jack Frost kept freezing us in spawn
  6. Hiromaru

    Movement Skills in BG/WoE

    Honestly speaking, if our only options are: Enable all movement skills. Disable all movement skills. Then I'll take #2 any day. I've seen how stupid a BG filled with backsliding chasers and snapping suras is and I really don't want to play that ever again. Rather than simply going the extreme route and enabling/disabling all movement skills, what if we gave every movement skill an individual cooldown? (let's say... 5seconds or so?) Sure, that's super custom but as everyone here knows, our BG/WoE is already super custom so I don't feel that custom change would be too out of place honestly.
  7. Because why not? Would save a lot of storage space and/or restocking clicks when getting BG foods and perfectly fits into Happy Hour.
  8. Currently in NovaRO, the card has the following effect: Recieves more damage from Holy and Fire propriety monsters by 30% However, the correct effect is: Increases physical damage on Holy and Fire property targets by 30%. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/27264/
  9. Currently in NovaRO, the effect is: 1% chance of casting lv 1 Zen when recieving damage But the correct effect should be: 10% chance of casting lv 1 Zen when dealing physical damage https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/27254/
  10. Title. Reflect chance is no longer 100% on players and is also missing the statement regarding increasing physical damage taken by 400%.
  11. Title. If a Star Emperor gets linked outside BG and then activates SLS Union, the buff will be carried into the match, allowing the SE access to the def pierce without requiring a Soul Reaper in the match.
  12. Pendant of Chaos should grant Chaos immunity. Currently it does not. https://gfycat.com/JovialSelfishHamster
  13. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/npcs/geffen-magic-tournament-npcs-rewarding-consumables-should-spawn-on-successful-completion-of-the-instance-r1454/ This is still not entirely fixed. Right now the NPCs spawn when successfully defeating Fenrir but don't give any rewards. Also important to note: these NPCs should always give Ygg Seeds and Berries on successful runs, unlike failed runs where they can give potions.
  14. Hiromaru

    Customize SE Nova Explosion

    Uhm... 60k Nova Explosion? I am very curious how you can even achieve that O_o Going into full offensive gears I can't even hit 35k on a "naked" character (and that's with a +14 Glorious Tablet) Parhaps the reason SE hit you with such a strong Nova Explosion was because they managed to proc SLS Miracle in the match. In which case, I believe Miracle is a much more toxic ability and that one should be disabled in BG/WoE (since let's be fair, winning/losing a match because of a 0.01% trigger chance is dumb) @edit Okay. I had to actually look this up since the description of the skill is super misleading and doesn't even mention anything about it scaling off mHP/mSP http://www.inven.co.kr/board/ro/1945/782 I can now see how it may deal such high damage. Regardless, as Shalltear said bellow, this has been just implemented and honestly the comparison between it and GoH doesn't make much sense imo. GoH can be used up to 3x in quick succession and from range, also Sura is waaaay more versatile as a class than SE.
  15. The current chance of Spirit Enchanted Box Card (ID: 31018) is either non-existent or extremely low. In either case it currently does not mirror official behavior where the card is supposed to have 50% chance of inflicting Curse when dealing magic damage. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31018