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  1. Confirmed by Tokei in kRO that Throw Arrow should indeed carry status effect from the equipped ammo.
  2. Currently the skill Throw Arrow doesn't apply status from the equiped arrow. This makes no sense as the skill clearly uses the equipped ammo. (even taking it's elemental proprieties) How to replicate: Equip a whip/instrument Equip a status arrow (in my case it was Frozen Arrow) Spam Throw Arrow which will never freeze the target even though it's consuming the Frozen Arrows.
  3. I mean...we already give RK runes in Telma no? I really dont think any of the sling item bombs are as "cancer" as Lux Anima, for example... So for the sake of consistency and no double standatds, I'm all for giving genetic their sling item bombs.
  4. Honestly speaking, even I don't want perma-deep sleep to become a thing. All I want is for Miming card to actually become useable and the current behavior in NovaRO (3% proc) makes the card absolutely terrible. So I'm all for customizing Miming Card (kinda like we did with Sropho) A few ideas I had: Make so the status can't be re-applied if the target is already sleeping (for example: 1st auto sleeps -> 2nd auto wakes up -> 3rd auto sleeps -> repeat) Cap the Deep Sleep chance from Miming Cards at 63.6% (same chance as Deep Sleep Lullaby) Make so multiple Miming Cards do not stack (so you're left with only a 50% chance from 1 card, regardless of how many you use) So that we can prevent the "perma deep sleep" cancer while still making the card actually viable.
  5. 100 LUK also helps resisting Howling does it not? It's definetly not a "waste of stat points" And you already get free +30LUK through BG foods, you really don't need that much investment to reach 100 LUK. I'm not even going to comment on 0LUK builds that can achieve Curse Immunity with a single EoE DEX. Lastly, as I said before, when the lv 185 patch hits in 2 weeks we'll have even more stat points making curse immunity a breeze to obtain. There's no need to implement a consumable if the pure purpose is to help badly stated builds. -edit Actually, would Panacea even help that much? :S I mean... with how often Curse is applied in BG you'd have to chug a lot of those consumables in a row. Not to mention that Panacea is heavier than Green Pot and thus makes you more vulnerable to masqs.
  6. C'mon are you really comparing a status effect that is easily nullified by stats with gear breaking?
  7. Curse can already be nullified by having 100 LUK or 0 LUK (1-1). And I must say the recent waves of BG suggestions feels really strange. It's almost as if there's this hate targetting debuff builds. Not everyone needs to run one shot builds like Tetra Vortex & Nova Explosion. If you're having so much problem against curse, switch your build and become immune to it. This will be even easier next patch with lv 185 where we'll get more stat points and getting 100 LUK will be easier than ever. Sorry but that just sounds lazy :\
  8. Even with Ganbatains horrible cast time I believe it still takes less time for the WL to clear a straight path through the traps than it took the ranger to put down all those. I personally don't mind. I bet all the time the ranger wasted by trap spamming is time he didn't arrow storm a single enemy.
  9. I do agree a very brief "grace period" could be nice but 5seconds feels way too long. Specially considering how all disables are already capped at 20s duration. (or was it 30? i don't remember) Also, I know this would probably be an utter pain to code but I feel Freedom should only give you a brief immunity to whichever debuff you had when you used it. For example, if you're Frozen and you use freedom you'd be briefly immune to Freeze but would still get affected by Stone Curse. Otherwise people might as well use Freedom as an offensive skill, which is definetly not what it was created to be. Imagine pretty much any class in KVM using Freedom and then charging towards the enemy, abusing that brief period where they are immune to every kind of crowd control. Also just wanted to leave a footnote that most spammable status effects can be resisted/nullified with proper gear and/or stats (see marc for frozen and 100 LUK for curse as examples)
  10. Title. Both maps currently have no BGM assigned to them and play the title screen track.
  11. When I tested the card years ago in kRO, it used to proc very consistently while I used a Knife[3] with 3x Miming Card. However in NovaRO using the same setup (Knife[3] with 3x Miming Cards), the deep sleep seems to trigger way less often. I can't access kRO myself atm so could anyone run a few tests with that card in kRO? Should be easy enough to confirm.
  12. Hiromaru

    Soul Reaper base HP

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOW0a6VPOqk&feature=youtu.be&t=6365 In this timestamp you can see a naked level 175 Soul Reaper with 26288 HP. The character doesn't have any HP related increase buffs other than a VIT food (which is a +10VIT) and Angelus (lets go for the worst case scenario and suppose it's lv 10 so +500HP) The character is using the following shadow gears which also don't provide any mHP boost: (Armor) 소울리퍼 아머 쉐도우 - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/24414/ (Shield) 태권 쉴드 쉐도우 - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/24315/ (Boots) 소울리퍼 슈즈 쉐도우 - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/24415/ The player shows his stat window but only a bit later in the video after she equips some gears. Regardless, we can still find the base stats from it: Now, in NovaRO, copying the same base stats seen in the video and using a +10 VIT food, I get 22052 mHP (would be 22552 with lv10 Angelus) To summarise, I'll take angelus' +500 HP boost out of question: BaseHP of lv175 Reaper with those stats in kRO = 25788 BaseHP of lv175 Reaper with those stats in NovaRO = 22052
  13. What? I never meant it like that. I even added a good point saying that I think cash points purchased in order to acquire Enriched ores are helping sustain the server. @[email protected] Yeah but that's like.... 2x of one kind of ore every 2 months or so? @[email protected] Anyway yeah, I already had a talk with other WoE players over at Draft Discord and I agree that there's probabily no way to add enriched ores to the Siege Merchant as it would be impossible to balance the cost without making it a better option than the Nova Shop. Everyone I talked to there said they would never pay 2~3k siege tokens in a single enriched ore and I can definetly see why. And in the end, we're pretty close to Q2 so I don't mind this suggestion getting rejected since MH2 will probabily change a lot of how we see refining.
  14. I know this is a tad of a touchy subject considering how Enriched Ores were always kept as Cash Shop exclusive (and/or extremely rare through some RNG-box/events) I think the staff is slowly easing up their grip, as implied in the new Daily Rewards where you get 3x [Ore of your choice] on Day 31. That's a step in the right direction but still far from being ideal. I understand the staff wants to ensure most of the Enriched Ores come from the cash shop (I believe it to be where most of the money they use to sustain the server comes from) but I still think there should be a non-RNG way of obtaining such vital items that doesn't include the cash shop. And "saving gold coins to buy a box of enriched" is both too slow and will never give you enough mats to refine what you want (unless you get very lucky). Even if you convert 1 month worth of Gold Coins you still won't have enough Nova Points to buy a single Enriched Box. So my suggestion is to put Enriched Oridecon & Enriched Elunium in the Siege Merchant for something around 2k ~ 3k tokens. The positives I can see: This would create a much greater incentive to play WoE (and BG by extension). Likely even attracting end-game pvm players and increase attendence. By setting the price right you can guarantee that each WoE player can only get a single enriched per week with their tokens, keeping the cash shop as the best way to obtain the materials while providing an alternative. One enriched per week is definetly not game-breaking and is infinetly better than just three per month from dailies. Create another way to sink your stash of Siege Tokens that may be rotting in the storage. Now to adress a possible negative point: What about players that have huge stacks of Siege Tokens in their Storage? Well, I don't believe that there are too many people with 30k+ Siege Tokens just lying around. And even so, if you set the price of enriched at 3k for example, it means that 30k tokens is still only 10x Enriched which is barely a single box from the cash shop.... so really not a big deal. In the end, I believe adding Enriched Ores to the Siege Merchant for a value relative to a week worth of Tokens (so you'd be able to get a single enriched per week by attending WoE + BG) would be a great thing not just for WoE and BG but for the server as a whole. note: just stating the highest costs i could come up with =w=;
  15. So just to be sure I understand. "Bow Damage +X%" Increases the weapon's (bow) attack by X%? Is that right? Also, does it affect weapon attack gained from refine as well or just the base attack?
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