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  1. Do I need to do anything else? Im posting here because i dont want to bother you by discord PD: I already sent the file to Nova, but I think there is a problem to add it ingame O.O
  2. Verdana

    Balir & Yellow's Wedding

    To my BF for Valentine's day

    © Verdana

  3. Well I cant contact Tokei by discord if he read this, :3 Id like some tips to know how to use his exe. Thank you Nova and FxFreitas! Edit: Done
  4. there are actually many hairs that used to have this white color in novaRO, but most of them (including that Amore posted) have a very ugly pallete now ;-;
  5. Id try to look for a tuto then i dont have to bother you with that :thinking: Ok... I Cant do it by myself, couldnt find a decent tutorial ;_;
  6. Well I made this one and Id like to know if its possible to add it to nova RO, sadly I still have no clue about how to compress the frames lol... (I edited some details)
  7. Eyefriendly! yes!!! Thank you Nova!

  8. Yes please, Idk what is the problem with the pallets but I Miss the original white color
  9. Verdana

    Illustrate: GMT Cards

    IGN: Verdana Fay Kanavian
  10. Well as the title says, I'd like to have the option to put a Dark skin in this forum the "charcoal" color, is not black enough... cuz the main part of the text still in white and my eyes actually hurts D:. and I've already seen another forums like this with that dark themes.
  11. I cant wait for it! Sad about the Jro Sprites, Idk what will Jro do now lol...
  12. I would like a solution like the one you propose, I actually hate that some items that are hard to get lost their value but, we are many players here who clean the same instances, as SOLO or parties, as they already explained that makes prices down hard and also I think that Gms dont want to force players to use standar prices, and that is understandable... But lets be honest, In my opinion you are very arrogant with your "suggestion"
  13. Mmm there are plenty of items.... it could be a endless work...
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