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  1. Let RK's use interact skill in berserk mode. MH2 will be a lot frendlier to RK if you do this. We cant even take loot from boss if priest dont clear us.
  2. Im using lot of items that add crit. @Battlestats reflects all gears crit increase just fine and presice. Nevermind. Tryed Gloria buff, and same picrure. Looks like @battlestats only shows gears crit, not skill. Topic can be closed.
  3. It doesnt increase crit, it only pretend. You know command @battlestats? Try it with skill and without and look for crit value.
  4. Ty guys for all your help. I managed to reach 193 aspd.
  5. Can someone explain to me how skill works? In discription it says +12 crit(at lvl 10) and when you use it, you have virtualy +12 crit, but in @battlestats you dont have crit increase(with or without skill all the same).
  6. With all this, do u have 193 aspd? Ur Lindy with sharps? What is SHH? Fu Windschwert ty for Ancient Stone Shooter advice. I dint know about this card, it looks interesting.
  7. Im 175. Boots Luck(aspd-speed of light), im using runes (Turisus/Asir). 186 aspd with berserk(buff), bers potion, guarana and juice. 193 with proc SoL from boots. Changed agi(120 now) and str(102 now). 188/190(berserk) aspd. Looks like i need some gear tweaking. Maybe i shoul aim for General helm +7 instead of Snake Head?
  8. Cant reach 193 asp without temp boots buff. Using bers potion, guarana and juice. Maybe i should change my petal card for brown rat? Or take Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo?
  9. When my RK in berserk status, can i leech hp by rideword\hunter fly\succubus?
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