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  1. Also remember to cap Size Resists, if you are going to cap all the resists, as that might be a thing in the future.
  2. Skyrius

    Summer Festival Updates

    1 step forward, 2 steps backwards. Why not implement instacing to the other mini-games instead of removing the best feature implemented in this Summer event? Just to be perfectly clear, I am fine with the increased cooldown for Poring Patterns. The issue is not allowing multiple people to play at once.
  3. Skyrius

    Summer Patch Notes

    I have started playing NovaRO during last year's Summer Event, and I really enjoyed it, however, this year's... I feel all of this year's changes feel more like a chore and to make the experience worse than an improvement, such as: Not being able to farm lower tier of Shovel materials using a higher tiered one for the case of when it breaks. Grotto changes such as getting expelled out of it out of nowhere or if you stand in air bubbles for too long Increased the number of dailies for the Ticket, from 4 to 5. (This one is fine-ish as you can do Foraging and Concert now, but is is still more time investment for the same reward) Last year's the main source of Summer Coins was from doing Grotto, which to be efficient requires both a fully upgraded wetsuit and a tier-3 Shovel, however, with the above changes, it just became annoying and frustrating to farm in the Grotto. And that is coming from someone who regarded Grotto as the best activity from last's year summer event. The staff said coin rewards have been increased this year, but my experience so far tells me it's the other way around, since they nerfed the most efficient way to earn Summer Coins quite heavily. I feel the Summer Event this year to be less rewarding and more grindy, alongside with the changes to the Weekly making it obligatory. I am already filling bummed out due to the reasons cited above... and we still have 3 months of it ahead. I am also totally against adding side event activities to be a requirement to the weekly quests. Those should be core RO activities only. In MH2 at least you get to actually play your character. Seasonal Events were meant to be a fun side activity instead of being mandatory, and the current weekly changes just gives me the complete opposite sensation, totally ruining the feel of a Seasonal Event. Why not give players the option to choose between Seasonal Weeklies and Normal Weeklies instead of forcing a Seasonal Event upon everyone?
  4. What knowledge and skillset one needs to be able to participate in the MH development?
  5. That's what I meant, as I want both the balancing issues to be resolved and @spam to be enabled, guess I expressed myself badly there
  6. This has been said over and over on this topic alone. Just do gradual nerfs instead of Giant Nerf Hammers. This would still make the builds usuable which in turn would keep the players playing them, which would not make gear devalue in price so quickly, which would give the devs the statistics required to know if the nerf/change was enough or would still require further tweaking. In the case regarding a gradual nerf to CI, instead of 0s CD to 0.7s CD, it could have been changed to 0.35s instead, as that alone would already be a significant nerf. From a CD of 0s to 0.7s, it effectively means a decrease of around 72% in the DPS (from 5 casts/s to 1.4 casts/s). From a CD of 0s to 0.35s, it effectively means a decrease of around 40% in the DPS (from 5 casts/s to 3 casts/s). For theorycrafting purposes, it is assumed perfect spam for both cases (ping and FPS as a non-issue). It can also be assumed that the outliers were playing on perfect conditions. Even with the CI formula reverted to the official value (which you guys did, from 1500%->1750%), the smaller nerf to spam alone would still be a significant nerf to their damage, while not breaking everyone knees in one go. Also, keep is mind what was said by @Luxuri: This means that the nerf was so drastic that most people gave up on playing it entirely. Even though this is all just hindsight, more thoughful and gradual nerfs are much more healthy for our playerbase AND the devs alike, as the players can still keep playing their favorite Job or make continuous use of their investiments, and the devs will have enough statistics to know how impactful those actually were. Then again, I have to agree that the ideal scenario would be to keep the custom alterations to Jobs as minimum as possible in MH2, as the Dev Team have proven over and over again they are incapable of proper steady balance adjustments. This might be due to the lack of manpower, foresight, relying too much on statistics alone or wrong ideas about the funtamentals, but regardless, if you can't fine tune jobs by yourself, keep it to a minimum. I am not trying to insult the MH2 Devs, and am sorry if it sounded offensive, but this is just a reflection on what we as players have seen regarding changes regarding balancing, up to this point. It's as @Fu Windsword said: Also, as a sidenote, but not any all less important. Quite the contrary: Enable @spam in MH2. I think what @Shall said covers all the major points and it doesn't need to be explained any further as to why it should have happened weeks ago, when it was proven to be quite effective to reduce artificial "skillgap" due to ping.
  7. Shadow Chaser might actually turn into a decent DPS with this update, with both Dagger and Bow builds. Can't say for ASS, but as far as I know from kRO videos, it's already a decent build. Triangle Shot currently has a shitty base modifier of 300% currently AFAIK, while each point of AGI = +4.5% on that modifier. According to that text, the AGI modifier will be untouched, so Bow SC simply gained +2600% base modifier while still retaining that AGI modifier. Let's say, with 200 AGI (which is lowballing), that's a 3800% base modifier skill right there, on one of the skills with the best modifier on Bio5 Headgear (25% per 2 refines) plus the EDDA Bow. There will also be the bonus from the BaseLv/100 too on top of that. Also, while the Fatal Menace change might seem small, if the AGI modifier on it is the same as Triangle Shot (AGI = +4.5%), that means it's 9% per point of AGI if you are using a Dagger (hits twice). Currently Fatal Menace has 1100% base modifier, so it will be a small +100% base modifier increase while potentially a huge increase due to AGI. Let's say, with 200 AGI (which is not too hard to get), that's a 2100% base modifier skill, which hits twice while using Dagger, so a 4200% skill (those numbers are counting as 4.5% per point of AGI, but that is just guesstimation, as the correct numbers are unknown to us at this moment), on one of the skills with the best modifier on Temporal Circlet (30% per 3 refines) plus the EDDA Dagger. Call me excited for my favorite class finally getting some love and potentially becoming viable in PVM. (Aside from the meme ASS build which is already somehow viable but, eh) Even with the CRIT Damage nerf, CI will still be doing as much if not more DPS than before due to being able to spam twice as much and getting a better base modifier. The CRIT nerf just means a shift in stats priority for GXs, but their single target DPS will still be potentially the strongest, which is fair for an Assassin to be the best at killing a single target, unless... Those two changes combined might potentially make Aimed Bolt, and hence Ranger, become the best PVM Class (again...). The numbers on the new Aimed Bolt seems insane, and with the Temporal Circlet on the horizon, I can easily see Rangers hitting for 10m+ with Aimed Bolt without much effort, essentially doing GXs tiers of damage while being Ranged.
  8. Does the New Potions from Genetic work in MH2?
  9. Nerfs to GX and RK were only on MH2 which is a custom content specific to this server to begin with. I can agree that those nerfs weren't done gracefully, but something had to be done. PVP also has their own set of changes here but I think the Commissioners are doing a good job there. Regarding PVM, every job are as they should be according to kRO, minus some specific items that are yet to come/not implemented, I guess. If you are going to complain about balancing, should just complain to the kRO devs instead. If we start changing jobs, we are going to open a whole Pandora's Box that we don't wanna, and by that point, we should just go full custom and become a Naruto Ragnarok Server or something. Everyone knew Cart Cannon was bugged, it should have had hard animation from a long time ago. The server tried to delay it as much as they could, but it eventually had to be fixed, so now it's a good time as any. In my opinion, it should have been fixed months ago, so this rework would only be considered a buff, but oh well. I am also hopeful there will be new interesting builds to Genetic other than Cart Cannon now, since all their other skills got buffed pretty hard. Also, can you mention which cashshop items in kRO reduce the hard animation delay?
  10. Unlike current Genetic where only Cart Cannon is used for DPS, the other skills may be quite good. What about the builds other than CC for DPS now? Also there is Hell's Plant which lasts for... 3minutes lol.
  11. Most people get introduced to PvP through BGs, and anyone could clearly see the domination from very specific players on there as they could win it single-handedly, and your only hope as a newer player would be to have a miracle team comp or one of those players in your team yourself, so after having crushing defeats, it's no wonder most people would be put away from doing BGs. So this is a much welcome change, speaking for myself, and it will potentially kindle my interest in PvP, as it will level the playing field for newer players and perhaps give them a chance to actually, well, play, instead of simply getting stomped.
  12. Skyrius

    Valentine's Day Patch Notes

    It has NOT been fixed. You still take damage from both waves and Aqua Missile AoE after the patch during Charm.
  13. boss protocol resistance does NOT work in MH2, such as Anubis helm/Abysmal Knight Helm or Alice Card. You have been warned. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Alterations You need enough Neutral resist to be able to tank melee hits and fish/water or dragon/fire as well, depending on boss. Unlike the other poster said, RK tanks are one of the best tanks in MH2, but you need insane gear for it, since it is expected for you to be able to do DPS AND Tank, which makes a Mins tank more viable since it is that much cheaper due to boosting party DPS with buffs alone. Also, your DPS as RK tank in MH2 should be coming from Hundred Spears with a 1H-Spear, so you need to invest in that. Khalitzburg+White Knight Card are one of the best combos, but boss specific resist is slightly better due to how stacking the same kind of resistances work in Ragnarok.
  14. Skyrius

    New Alternative Madogear!

    Any estimative for when we are getting the updated skill animations/skill effects for, well, almost every job? (RK, GX, AB, WL, Ranger, Sorc, Sura, Performers, Mechanic, Genetic, Shadow Chaser) I know it requires a client update, just wondering if we will get it in the future.
  15. The changes to Sura will be fine without any skill changes specific to PVP if the custom behavior of being able to use Snap in battlegrounds is removed. However, as a filthy PVM Player, I am looking forward for those changes!
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