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  1. HealEffective 100%(120%) Genetic to EIRA Blue.PP 2080(!!) EIRA Lv200 MSP 4042 / ECcost 70sp=57.74attack BPP 2080 (SPR 51%) / ECcost 70sp =29.71attack 165864 *29 =4,810,056 Damage (so Over ADS ) Cost 3100z/ea(BluePot) (568,729(DPS) / 165,864 1/ea = 3.4 ECattack/sec) Better Outside the instance / +4 (+7/+9) Heroic Back Pack [Greed Lv1] Use item root
  2. Elemental Spirit Stats Calcby hermes /iro wiki https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pEbCvApGdbPgRCayxYFtAa262R0A-8m_KW_svO87YU0/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Tried to make it! Drop Equip For Genetic in NovaRO https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n5BrTGc2SXXwj0YXM9H9MB0jdS4RqNmCfmx6qCoTEHQ/edit?usp=sharing 100%HIT / 95%FLEE List(instanse / Illusion D) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f_OM7CT1FE-ZSL17RweREBRLtKTy1Wn2No1kTb-EZpM/edit?usp=sharing kRO/iRO Healing Item Ep17.2 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1glI6v7YsXYkh7pX-crUVHJXLMTGvcYpkNY4fwB477Ek/edit?usp=sharing
  4. It's time for "Joyful and Happy Homunculus Guide.ver2 (2020/10)". Hi everyone, long time no see. Be a mad scientist I'm Hermes, a self-proclaimed homunculus master. This guide is a proof that all kinds of Lv175 homunculus S are available at the homunculus bank. Like me, the 1st character, Starting with alchemist, creator, genetic, I wrote it for those who start growing homunculus. This guide does not aim for the top, It is created in Japanese as a fun guide to play. I plan to write the English version using Google Translate. ■ Introduction / Encounter with the Ho
  5. It's time for the Joyful and Happy Homunculus Guide. Nice to meet you, or it's been a long time. Be a mad scientist, Hermes is a self-proclaimed homunculus master. This guide is a proof that all kinds of Homunculus S of Lv175 are prepared at Homunculus Bank, 1st character like me, Starting with alchemists, creators, and genetics, I wrote it for those who start raising homunculus. This guide does not aim at the top, It has been created in Japanese as a fun guide to play. I plan to write an English version using Google Translate. ■ Introduction / Meeti
  6. Hello everyone The amount of recovery of items and Heal On and off from settings I thought I should be able to display it in the log I will post it.
  7. Hello I always play happily. everyone is, What savealootid other people are using, What status Want to know what skills you have? Since NovaRO has a managed NPC, If you can get other people's settings from a txt file etc. Refer to status and skill I think you will be able to try it directly If possible, The build described in wiki etc. Once the template can be loaded I think it will encourage new players. When starting a new occupation, I'm trying a lot Other people's skill composition, unique build Not just the forum
  8. I tried to raise new alchemists and homunculus. Apparently, if it is less than Lv175, it has been found that homunculus can grow without taking too much time without being restricted by the level of BaseEXP. This request is unnecessary. I ’m sorry to trouble you. Thank you in the future.
  9. Create Potion (all) it's amazing i love nova !!
  10. Hello everyone NovaRO wiki (mainly missing / QuestExp) I am editing. I'm having trouble writing monster information. If you search for a name with @mi, it may not come out. Like Novaro Homepage Market, @monsterinfo (@mi) @whereis (@wi) I hope you can search from the official website. (I would be happy if I could create a favorite list for searching the market if possible. If what you want is cheaper, you want to buy it! Like a list of what Amazon wants.) While moving the client Search one by one and change the wiki link destination to iWd
  11. : ) discord 日本語(Japanese) Channel ty so much < all join!! make All Language friends
  12. Hello Thank you for always great gaming experience. I am studying English and other languages through games. For Japanese friends, # Language JPN channel Is it possible to add Thank you for your consideration.
  13. Homunculus costume I like all of Homunculus S, but I love all Homunculus (before and after evolution) as well. Is it possible to add a costume that changes only the appearance of Homunculus S to Homunculus (before mutation, before evolution)?
  14. Merchant Manual This change is amazing! However, I am sorry that I cannot get the merchant Manual by all means.
  15. Thank you everyone. I came to Novaro and had day and night I was surprised and happy. Even without a beneficial status effect, It is a romantic production. I hope the good days will continue
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