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  1. Hello everyone The amount of recovery of items and Heal On and off from settings I thought I should be able to display it in the log I will post it.
  2. Hello I always play happily. everyone is, What savealootid other people are using, What status Want to know what skills you have? Since NovaRO has a managed NPC, If you can get other people's settings from a txt file etc. Refer to status and skill I think you will be able to try it directly If possible, The build described in wiki etc. Once the template can be loaded I think it will encourage new players. When starting a new occupation, I'm trying a lot Other people's skill composition, unique build Not just the forum If you can share as a configuration file I was happy. I would appreciate your consideration. If it is difficult to implement, reject it.
  3. I tried to raise new alchemists and homunculus. Apparently, if it is less than Lv175, it has been found that homunculus can grow without taking too much time without being restricted by the level of BaseEXP. This request is unnecessary. I ’m sorry to trouble you. Thank you in the future.
  4. Hermes

    Novice Tutorial Patch Notes

    Create Potion (all) it's amazing i love nova !!
  5. Hello everyone NovaRO wiki (mainly missing / QuestExp) I am editing. I'm having trouble writing monster information. If you search for a name with @mi, it may not come out. Like Novaro Homepage Market, @monsterinfo (@mi) @whereis (@wi) I hope you can search from the official website. (I would be happy if I could create a favorite list for searching the market if possible. If what you want is cheaper, you want to buy it! Like a list of what Amazon wants.) While moving the client Search one by one and change the wiki link destination to iWdatabase etc. I'm linking, This is because the status and drop are different from the actual NovaRO Mob. With this wonderful server Check the enemy drop in the market, If you can confirm the enemy's strength and appearance location You can search from your smartphone, Do you think you can be more immersed in the game? I am 100% HIT / 95% Flee List For confirmation of Monster Lv / HP (especially MD, Instance) I want to use this. (Currently I use / savechat to pick up information from text) MoB data www.divine-pride.net You can get an approximate figure above (almost the same), If you are not registered or may differ from NovaRO's figures, You should be careful. For example, the OGH Normal Maggot is HIT 436 / FLEE 475, In NovaRO, it is HIT 480 / FLEE 336. I ’m scared of the Magot!
  6. : ) discord 日本語(Japanese) Channel ty so much < all join!! make All Language friends
  7. Hello Thank you for always great gaming experience. I am studying English and other languages through games. For Japanese friends, # Language JPN channel Is it possible to add Thank you for your consideration.
  8. Homunculus costume I like all of Homunculus S, but I love all Homunculus (before and after evolution) as well. Is it possible to add a costume that changes only the appearance of Homunculus S to Homunculus (before mutation, before evolution)?
  9. Merchant Manual This change is amazing! However, I am sorry that I cannot get the merchant Manual by all means.
  10. Thank you everyone. I came to Novaro and had day and night I was surprised and happy. Even without a beneficial status effect, It is a romantic production. I hope the good days will continue
  11. Hello everyone Do you always enjoy NovaRO? Would you like to implement additional effects that accompany the day and night and the weather? I thought a little PvM / Normal field only (not PV / GV / Dungeon etc) Noon Holy attribute damage + 5% Heal effect + 5% No gemstones for Magnus Exorcism No Casting Holy Light Turn undead success rate + 5% MHP + 5% / HPR + 10% Night ghost, poison, darkness damage + 5% Stan, sleep effect effect + 5% MSP + 5% / SPR + 10% Weather (changes day and night) Sunny Fire damage + 5% ATK + 5% rain Water damage + 5% MATK + 5% Water ball and Aqua Benedict are available (on Deluge) Cloudy Earth damage + 5% Petrification effect + 5% DEF / MDEF +5% Do not use Ston Curse gemstones storm Wind damage + 5% Hit / Flee + 5% snow (Lutile) Holy damege + 5% Water damage + 5% Freezing effect + 5% (eating Ice cream Freezing effect + 100 %) Rainbow All weather effect Luk +30 Why don't you shoot a waterball anywhere whimsically?
  12. Enable homunculus autoloot (not afk loot/not legacy client) Respect for the most harmonious servers with Homunculus. The proposal has been rejected many times, 2018 clients can use Homunculus AI (Special Thx / Novaro Team), With the change (!!) of the new experience value table of Homunculus, I will propose again. Because the time spent together until Lv175 has become very long. As a suggestion, Player character is 5-10 minutes or more, If you ’re not using moves, attacks or skills, “Turn off homunculus autoloot”. ⇒ Auto route resumes when you move or act. This is a defense such as Aid Potion Build (Healer), Swords Build (Single attack),other than cart cannon build, This is to expand the field of support-type Genetics. (If items are scattered on the ground, Aid Potion becomes difficult.) Even now, if you participate in the attack even once, you can get the root right, This is because many skill types, such as Aid Potion Build, require skill greed equipment. (As an image, like the current instance dungeon, While the player is moving voluntarily (not AFK) I'd like you to enable homunculus autoloot. ) * I'm sorry, because I'm not native English, This sentence uses Google translation.
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