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  1. Hiya lads! I meant to do this before Halloween last year but that didn’t really work out. Last summer I moved halfway across the world to continue my studies. This summer I’ll be even more busy doing final projects, job hunting, and moving away again. I’ve been reading patch notes and dev blog to keep up with what’s happening in NovaRO, but I know I can’t be as involved and engaged as before, whether in-game or with nRO Wiki. Hopefully later this year or early next year things would settle a bit for me, and there would be lots of new fun stuff to come back to. Before I go, I want to thank friends and guild mates for playing and hanging out with me, Wiki contributors who worked with me to write good quality guides and articles, and staff for checking in with me every once in a while, and for taking the time to read my essays and suggestions in the forums. It hardly feels like it’s been 4 years since I joined the server! I had a great time and you guys are the reason I want to come back. I still hang around on Discord and check the forums occasionally, so don’t be strangers! And now, I must go.
  2. Renata

    Arch Bishop Skill Update

    AB skills' changes have been included in the wiki's general AB guide. I'd like to invite everyone to update and edit this guide with any new stuff that I missed and may be important for other ABs to know. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Arch_Bishop#Arch_Bishop There's so much new stuff and no time to test them all myself. Hopefully one of you would kindly pick up where I left off.
  3. Support-oriented classes like AB, Minstrel, Sorcerer are generally always in demand for Gramps/leveling parties and instance/end game parties. I'd say their roles can't be considered low responsibility but in terms of difficulty/complexity to learn the job class/skills, and budget required to be useful enough, I'd say Minstrel is easier to learn, more affordable to gear up for beginners, and easier to be played solo/independently when necessary, compared to AB or Sorc. You can make do with wearing Eden gears for leveling in Gramps. As soon as you reach Lv 120-125, I highly recommend doing some Heroes' Trails instances like Sara's Memories, Ghost Palace, Airship Assault, when Gramps quest is on cooldown, for example. A moderately geared but well prepared Minstrel/Sorc would be able to handle those instances on their own. You can collect +6 stat foods, Gray Shards to create and enchant Thanatos Weapons/Gray Armor set, or Airship Armor set. They're excellent upgrades to the Eden gears for most support-oriented classes. If you have questions about FS AB (or Minstrel, or Sorc), feel free to ask here or reach out to the folks on NovaRO's Discord server's #support channel. Usually there's always someone willing to help and answer your questions. Don't get down if nobody responds immediately! You can always check out NovaRO Wiki for instance and job class guides written specifically for the server. Additionally, joining an active and friendly PVM guild can also be a good opportunity to level and run instances with experienced players willing to show you the ropes, on a more semi-regular/regular basis. PS: Back in 2012 when I first tried Renewal, I was in the same place as you are now. I understand how confusing it can be but if you keep at it, it gets better!
  4. I should mention that when I was establishing the color codes for the refine levels, I tried to incorporate refine levels that casual/regular NovaRO players would attempt, refine levels that the wealthier and the super wealthy NovaRO players would attempt, and refine levels of armors and Lv 4 weapons that I see are being traded among kRO players. I acknowledge that there is a very small minority of super wealthy NovaRO players who can afford and is totally willing to repeatedly attempt refining armors and Lv 4 weapons to +10 and higher, especially after the refine system update. Details of that update here: This type of players is what Luchnyk is referring to when they say; And it's the reason why I established the red highlight starting from refine level +13. I almost never see armors higher than +13 being traded in NovaRO and in kRO though as I mentioned in my post, that doesn't mean they don't exist. Based on my observations there is a common ground between the refine levels of gears being traded among kRO players, and the refine levels of gears that wealthy and super wealthy NovaRO players shoot for. These wealthy and super wealthy NovaRO players and kRO players generally shoot for anywhere between +8 and +12, and this is why I give these refine levels the green highlight. While it's also true there is a significant portion of NovaRO players who would shoot for +9 armors and weapons, I reckon it's based on a few reasons; one being the gears have boosted effects every 3 refine levels (e.g. Temporal Stat Boots) or has most/all of their effects activate at +9 (WoE armors, Elder Staff, Rebellion class' Calf weapons). Then, the reason they don't attempt to push for +10 could be related to cost, or that the gear just doesn't give significant bonuses or any bonuses at all beyond +9. I think many of these players that shoot for +9 gears, and players that shoot for +10 and higher overlap with each other, which is why I gave the green highlight starting from +8 until +12. Also because I don't feel like adding another color from +8 to +10. It's just easier to put them together when they overlap like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Players with less funds and resources (like me quq) may shoot for +6 or +7 instead, for the same reasons; the gears have boosted effects at +3 or +6 or +7, and/or it's too costly to shoot for +8 or higher. From my point of view as a regular player who is not heavily obsessed with min-maxing my characters and having limited resources, I personally consider weapons and armors at +8 or higher as luxury items. This is the reason why I gave refine levels +5 to +7 blue highlight. I acknowledge that it is impossible for me to accurately portray what every single NovaRO and kRO player thinks about when it comes to the acceptable level of costs invested and refine level of every single piece of armors and weapons that are relevant nowadays. A lot of what I presented also includes my personal opinions, personal observations, and input from players that I talk to in NovaRO, about both nRO, kRO, and iRO. Giving these color codes also helps me to estimate how costly it would be to achieve certain bonuses from those gears. For example, the Temporal Stat Boots + "Temporal" Armor combo have additional defense/magic defense piercing bonus if the combined refine levels of both pieces reach 21 or higher. That means the armor should be at +11 and the footgear at +10 at least, or vice versa. Refining armors and footgears to +10 or higher is something that only the wealthy and super wealthy NovaRO player could afford and would attempt, even more so if they happen to be highly concerned with min-maxing their characters. What I'm trying to point out with these color codes is that these wealthy players make up a small minority of NovaRO players, and the majority of NovaRO players are not hyper-focused on min-maxing their characters. Furthermore, I also hoped to point out that maybe these gears are not as overpowered as they seem when compared to what's already obtainable in NovaRO, that it will be extremely costly to really make them be overpowered, and only a small minority of NovaRO players can afford and will attempt to over-refine them.
  5. Hi lads. I've been keeping an eye on the recent talks about jRO gears, kRO's 17.1 gears, and kRO's Cash Shop gears. As much as I want to get involved, there are too many things I want to say and too much data I want to present, so I thought I'd put them in another thread. What I lack in the ability to quickly calculate things accurately within a brief glance, I make up for it by making tables and a desire to see the big picture, the bird's eye view of things. Now remember, no one is asking to make these gears obtainable in NovaRO now or in the immediate future. We're here to see what these gears can do in an objective manner, how they'd interact with what we already have or are currently obtainable in NovaRO. And most importantly, really see what it takes to make them OP. Get comfortable, we're gonna be here for quite a while to speculate and have fun doing it. Many of the gears that require Lv 100 3rd class to be equipped, especially the ones from kRO and iRO, seem to be designed for early leveling. Without Battle Manuals, Bubble Gums, Kafra Insurance, or the occasional events that boost EXP and drop rates, afaik iRO and kRO are basically 1/1/1 rates. Plus we should remember that level-based EXP rate and item drop rate penalties, and EXP penalty upon death are usually applied in official servers. Unlike in NovaRO, there's no such thing as reaching max level in a day in iRO and in kRO. I did see two or three Lv 185 characters in kRO Baphomet (they have red aura) within 3 days after the level expansion hit but I think they are not the norm, they are outliers. So yeah, it will do us all a lot of good to remember this fact while reviewing the following gears. To put it simply most players in official servers don't level as fast as we do here in NovaRO. Many of these gears seem to be designed to support and enable leveling builds and skills in (very) low rate servers. Some of them are probably not exactly designed for maxed out, highly optimized classes and builds, making maximum profit out of Sky Fortress or Geffen Magic Tourney or OGH or whathaveyou. Let's try to imagine putting these gears on a 100/1, 3rd class character in a 1/1/1 server, instead of a 175/60, 3rd class character in a 25/25/10 server like NovaRO. For now I'll be doing comparisons on some kRO Cash Shop gears for all classes, and some AB gears. I gave color codes to help figure out the effects of the gears at common refine level milestones: Blue (refine level +5 to +7): The refine levels that I believe most NovaRO players attempt on their armors and some Lv 4 Weapons. Green (refine level +8 to +12): The refine levels that I believe only a minority of NovaRO players would attempt on their armors and some Lv 4 Weapons. This is also the relatively common refine level of armors and weapons that I see kRO players trade (on Baphomet server at least) (also green because... money is green. Get it?). Red (refine level +13 and higher): The refine levels that I believe are prohibitively too expensive for most players to even attempt, or only the most wealthy players in NovaRO would attempt. I've never seen kRO players trading gears higher than +12 ~ +13 but that doesn't mean they don't exist! They're probably extremely rare/extremely expensive as well in kRO. I applied these color codes to the Bio 5 enchants (which I will show on the AB gears section) but they're sort of arbitrary. In my honest opinion they can get... very extreme. However for the sake of completeness and convenience, I think it's important to put them all in one, organized place. Engineer Cap, Purified Knight's Shield, and Violet Halo: Fancy Feather Hat combo (with Nidhoggur Shadow Garb, Leather of Tendrillion, and Ancient Cape): Spell Circuit combo (with Mental Stick, Kronos, Mikatsuki, and Raksasa Dagger): Before we go on to specific class gears, I want to explain something about Ancient Hero Boots + class-specific weapon combo (e.g. Avenger (2H Axe) for Mech, Aeon Staff (2H Staff) for WL, Shadow Staff (1H Staff) for Sorc, Exorcist's Bible for AB). Earlier this month, those class-specific weapons were given away freely to players that participate in a limited-time kRO leveling event. Each player account can only receive one character-bound weapon and the weapon is pre-refined to +9, along with a set of character-bound starter gears and character-bound shadow gears (this event doesn't give away free Ancient Hero Boots, though). All those freebie gears, most likely they're intended to help new characters level up using certain skills buffed by those class-specific weapons. There may be other methods to obtain these weapons other than events, such as Cash Shop but I haven't bothered perusing through kRO Cash Shop... on account of not being able to read and understand Korean. Contrary to the speculation of some participants in NovaRO forums, kRO Warlocks don't go around destroying people in PVP or BG using Aeon Staff and Earth Strain. They actually still use Sunflower Boy and are experimenting with Tetra Vortex Lv 10 chained with other spells. I believe in most cases, kRO players eventually grow out of the Ancient Hero Boots combo and some classes end up using similar weapons and armors we already have in NovaRO, plus new stuff from 17.1 like the OS gears. Also what kinda trashy WL only uses Earth Strain in PVP/BG/WoE lol Hardened Breastplates drop from Jitterbug like candy anyways Once again, before we take a closer look at all the Ancient Hero Boots + class-specific weapons, we're putting them on a brand new 100/1, 3rd class character, owned by a new player who's got like 200k zeny to their name, 0 NovaPoints, a few Gold Coins, and maybe 10 hours of play time in the server. Do your best to resist the urge to slap these gears on a 175/60 character with billions of zeny in the bank, 6 dozen 17 Carat Diamonds and 15,000 Gold Coins in storage, 500,000 NovaPoints, and 20,000 hours of play time. Ready? Here's the Ancient Hero Boots + class-specific weapon combo: Okay we can relax a bit from this point on, and not apply the Temp Stat Boots and "Temporal" Armors combo on a brand new 100/1 character. Temporal Stat Boots and "Temporal" Armor combo: And lastly, I'll talk about some AB gears. Aight lads and grills, it's time to speculate and discuss how you think people are going to use these gears. Also if you'd like me to post more tables and data like this, hmu! kRO gear information source: March 2018, Illusion of Teddy Bear update details from divine pride: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3068-update-illusion-of-teddy-bear/ July 2018, list of kRO Cash Shop items from divine pride: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3281-archive-kro-cash-shop-items/ The kind and awesome Ye Kim who explained a lot of Warlock stuff to my friend and I when we met her over on kRO. If you haven't seen her YouTube channel you are missing out on some clever strats and top notch comedic/epic editing. This is not a paid promo I gain nothing from doing this she's fuckin hilarious when she wants to be. Also I dunno if Ye Kim is a grill or a dude sorry if I got it wrong. iRO gear information source: June 2012, old Touhou Hats as designed by Team Inubashiri: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/81215-team-inubashiri-headgear-package-preview-preview-3/ July 2014, discussion on changes that players want to see on the class hats: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/155201-changes-you-would-like-to-see-on-the-new-class-hats/ September 2017, Bio 5 gears and enchants: http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=303&p=1 May 2018, New Touhou Hats/Community Headgear Project discussion: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/236580-community-headgear-project/ The old and new Touhou hats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FldiOMpF5X3GuOpjKyzL-u11po-nw8MOtY3FySiYO9o/edit#gid=0 Description of other new, reworked Touhou hats can be viewed on iRO Wiki's database. Other stuff from NovaRO and the forums: February 2017, my notes on various gears for different AB builds specifically for NovaRO players, occasionally updated: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/4151-gears-and-build-for-healers-and-combat-medics/ May 2018, my notes on the 17.1 update on AB skills, recently updated: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/8334-ab-skills-update-comparing-old-and-new-versions-of-ab-skills/ June 2018, discussion on 17.1 level expansion and skill updates: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/8778-kro-developers-note-171-and-level-expansion/ August 2018, discussion on some jRO gears for alternative/leveling builds and skills: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/9094-alternative-builds-boosted-by-jro-items/ My cool guild mates, they're my enablers. The good kind.
  6. Renata

    New Website

    I hope this is the right place to report this. It appears me and several others that use touchscreen devices have not been able to view the list of vendor location on the Market page. I've tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Also note that the icons on the left sidebar are displayed on Firefox but somehow not displayed on Chrome and IE. Someone on Discord suggested using Firefox's Responsive Design Mode but it did not solve the problem for me. I'm gonna try disabling the touchscreen, see what happens, and post results. Edit: After I disabled touchscreen from Device Manager, Market page now displays vendor location when viewed on Firefox and Chrome. However icons on the left sidebar are not displayed on all 3 browsers I'm using.
  7. I was about to mention that Judex is buffed in the episode 17.1 update in kRO (Judex's max level is increased from 5 to 10, and deals up to 700% MATK. Details are in my thread), and that we should exercise great caution and thoroughly scrutinize these jRO gears... but then I looked it up. The accessory 太極の護符 (Taiji’s Amulet) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28560/1) seems to be part of a set with: a shield (デイヴィッドシールド (David’s Shield) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28928/1), two kinds of armors, 襲撃者のローブ (Assaulter Robe) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19281/1) 抹消者のローブ (Trickster Robe) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19282/1) and three kinds of one handed swords for Lv 120 Super Novice, RK, RG, GX, SC, Mech, and Gene. 浄化の剣 (Purification Sword, can autocast Judex Lv 3) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/13472/3) 灼熱の剣 (Burning Sword, can autocast Crimson Rock Lv 3) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/13470/3) 奈落の剣 (Naraku’s Sword, can autocast Hell Inferno Lv 3) (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/13471/3) This accessory won't help ABs that use Judex. It might be useful for SCs trying to level or tackle instance dungeons with Auto Shadow Spell; I'm not familiar with that class and build so I will not talk about it. Currently I'm utilizing Judex (and Magnus Exorcismus) with Crimson Bible, Crimson Rod, Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff, and/or Mace of Judgement on my AB to deal additional damage when the situation allows it. In fact my AB shares many of their magic damage-oriented gears with my Warlock and Sorcerer. Point is, there is a lot of gears that an AB in NovaRO can choose from if they decide to build/spec towards dealing magic damage. However, I think very few players do this because they don't see the point of gearing up an AB to deal magic damage, when they can invest in a WL/Sorc/Oboro to do the same thing but with more flexibility in terms of access to different elemental spells, and being able to deal higher magic damage. I have seen many people try and give up after concluding that the damage their AB does is not worth the investment and the costs they incurred. It boils down to this simple rhetoric; why would you spend millions, billions of zeny and/or real money on magic damage gears if not to deal maximum magic DPS? I agree that there is a problem with the availability of gears for non-standard AB skills/builds (such as Magnus Exorcismus, Adoramus, Duple Light, Melee/Crit AB) but it's not even the biggest problem imo. People are too quick to conclude that a skill/build/an entire job class is garbage if it can't kill MVPs as fast as possible, deal millions in DPS, or solo instances. These kinds of measurements only serve people who are aiming to be as efficient and effective as possible when they're solo farming. They are the simplest measurements to understand but they also discourage people from trying non-standard builds that fall short or can't be measured in those terms. Then there's the other problem with all these new enemies from recent episode updates from kRO having astronomically high MDEF, many of them most likely were designed based on the expectation that kRO players have access to MDEF-piercing gears/shadow gears... gears that are not obtainable in NovaRO because they're not part of those episode updates. And then there's the system of increasing the HP of some instance MVPs according to number of party members while keeping the amount of rewards constant, which leads to players (both in kRO and NovaRO) to run instances solo, duo with a full support AB, or in parties no larger than 4 members. I've seen NovaRO players outright rejecting a player asking to join those parties if they use non-standard job class/builds. Those are just some of the bigger problems that I have observed, problems that others have brought up in this thread and discussed elsewhere in the forums. I think the interplay of these problems/factors also lead to most NovaRO ABs using full support build, contributing to the apparent lack of build diversity of ABs. On one hand, recent episode updates from kRO almost always add more gears for healer/full support ABs, a handful of gears for magic damage-oriented 3rd classes (like AB WL Sorc, not sure about magic Ninja and magic Dorams tho), and very few (or none at all) for Melee/Crit/Autocast/Duple Light and Adoramus ABs. From what I've seen, these non-standard AB builds in kRO use gears like the job class Racing Cap, Shadow Gears, event-only gears, and Cash Shop gears like the Amistr Beret + Holy Stick combo... again, gears that are not obtainable in NovaRO because they are not part of episode updates. On the other hand, I highly doubt that implementing jRO gears can help solve the bigger problems I mentioned earlier. While jRO gears might increase players' willingness to try non-standard skills/builds/classes and make them viable, they might cause new problems to arise. Take a look at what this jRO AB can do with their jRO gears in their funky jRO server. Soloing Celine Kimi: https://youtu.be/Dmmpt0rmzBs Soloing Faceworm Queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYYDxOd5SX8 Soloing YSF 01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0egQrpt868o Soloing Bio 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvNoUHBvJk8 What kind of new problems that could be caused by implementing jRO gears in NovaRO? I think they might encourage more players to solo farm instances and dungeons instead of partying up. More solo farmers flooding the market with gears obtained from those instances further reducing the zeny value of those gears. Those jRO gears might not mesh well with future updates, particularly 17.1 update. Bottom line, there is no way to accurately predict the full extent of new problems that may arise from implementing jRO gears to NovaRO, and no way to undo the implementation once it's done. Maybe except rollback but nobody likes rollbacks. Are we, as a community, 100% certain we can afford that risk? Have we really, truly, thought this through, and how it will affect the server in the long term? While I would love to have more gears that enable ABs to multi task better as the party's healer, defensive supporter, and as an effective counter against Shadow property/Demon race enemies, I also don't want them to be stupidly overpowered because of gears designed to be used in a completely different (but official) server like jRO, that uses completely different formulas and has drastically different EXP and drop rates compared to NovaRO. Instead of jRO gears to boost non-standard AB builds/skills, or getting nerfed/customized versions of these jRO gears, I think we should wait for 17.1 and observe all the changes it would bring. In the meantime, I think Mora should be updated/fixed to make it easier for NovaRO players to try non-standard AB builds/skills like Adoramus. Yeah by the way, Mora in our server has been out of date for nearly 3 years. Also hmu for that all performer run I wanna Great Echo and flip them Raydrics again lmaooo
  8. I’ve had the privilege of trying out some stuff over on kRO Baphomet server since early this August. Today I’m gonna add some new skill information, and share my thoughts on using those new and improved skills while leveling in kRO. *) Targets the caster and all party members on screen. Skill level is not selectable. Most of the time I was solo leveling an AB from Lv 99/1 to 112/27 using both Judex Lv 10 and Duple Light Lv 10; something that I never would’ve done (or recommend to anyone) if I was a brand new player in NovaRO. I have to say, using Judex and Duple Light to solo level an AB doesn’t feel meme-y at all. Those skills and the freebie event gears made it possible for an AB to solo level by doing Eden board quests. Have a look at my rough translation of the freebie event gears. All of these gears and shadow gears are character bound. The Book weapon is only for AB class, while the rest of the gears are for all classes. Headgear: Rideword Hat (When equipped, consume 10 HP every 5 seconds. When using physical attacks, 4% chance to absorb 2% of damage done as HP, 4% chance to absorb 2% damage done as SP. When using magic attacks, 4% chance to restore 300 HP and 70 SP per second for 4 seconds. Character bound.) Weapon: +9 Exorcist’s Bible (MATK +160. Every 2 refine levels, MATK +10. Every 3 refine levels, Duple Light damage +25%. If refined to +7, ASPD +10%. If refined to +9, Duple Light damage +30%. Lv 99 Arch Bishop only. Character bound.) Total Duple Light damage bonus +105%, MATK +160, MATK +40, ASPD +10%. Armor: Time Overlord Robe (MaxHP +500, MaxSP +100, ATK +50, MATK +50. After Cast Delay reduced by 10%. If equipped with Time Overlord Cloak, further reduce After Cast Delay by 10%. Character bound.) Garment: Time Overlord Cloak (ATK +10% (?), FLEE +30, HIT +10, ASPD +10%. If equipped with Time Overlord Boots, Variable Cast Time reduced by 10%, Fixed Cast Time reduced by 0.5 second. Character bound.) Footgear: Time Overlord Shoes (CRIT +10, critical damage +10%, increase all property magic damage by 10%. If equipped with Time Overlord Robe, ATK +5%, MATK +5%. Character bound.) Accessory: Time Overlord Ring (ASPD +10%, reduce Variable Cast Time by 10%. If equipped with Time Overlord Robe, Time Overlord Cloak, Time Overlord Shoes, ASPD +2, Variable Cast Time reduced by 10%. Character bound.) Shadow Armor: Time Overlord Shadow Armor (ASPD +2, reduce Variable Cast Time by 10%. If equipped with Time Overlord Shadow Shield, Shoes, Pendant, and Earring, ignore 70% DEF and MDEF of all enemy races except players. Character bound.) Shadow Weapon: Time Overlord Shadow Weapon (Critical damage +7%. Character bound.) Shadow Shield: Time Overlord Shadow Shield (Reduce Variable Cast Time by 10%. Character bound.) Shadow Footgear: Time Overlord Shadow Shoes (ASPD +7%. Character bound.) Shadow Accessory 1: Time Overlord Shadow Earring (MATK +15. Character bound.) Shadow Accessory 2: Time Overlord Shadow Pendant (ATK +15. Character bound.) Looking at these gears from the perspective of a NovaRO player who is able to reach 175/60 in a matter of hours or days, they probably seem overpowered. However now that I have tasted leveling in a 1x rate server again (while also dealing with latency, meaning I can’t kite and mob as smoothly compared to when I play in NovaRO), these gears make solo leveling tolerable. While in NovaRO I’ve had people openly tell me they think I’m just meme-ing when I use Judex, here in kRO it is one of the many viable leveling builds for AB. I think many of us (me included) have fallen victim to this bias; failing and/or forgetting to consider basic differences between NovaRO and kRO (and by extension, jRO) in terms of experience and drop rates, experience and drop rate penalties based on player level and monster level, how fast players can progress in terms of leveling and farming materials/resources, and so on. I believe this is one of the many reasons behind all the discussions, debates, paranoia, and frustration among NovaRO players about the apparent lack of gears (and shadow gears) when comparing the way things are here, to kRO and jRO. Leveling and reaching max level happens so fast in NovaRO that I think most players build their characters based on several assumptions. Some of these assumptions include reaching 175/60 as quickly and efficiently as possible, and having easy access (i.e. skipping access quests and just using the Warper NPC) to intensively farm instances, dungeons, and fields to obtain optimum gears for min-maxing the build. Most people, me included, would recommend a brand new player to use Full Support build to level an AB, and use the same build for tackling end-game content in NovaRO. Very few would actually recommend using any build that allows an AB to level independently/solo in NovaRO because honestly, getting the gears for solo AB leveling isn’t really an affordable option when a player has limited budget and time. I personally didn’t start experimenting with other AB skills and builds until I was maxed out and could afford the necessary gears to utilize AB’s offensive skills. On the other hand, I can’t speak, read, or type in Korean/Hangeul so I can’t rely on asking other Korean players to party with me and help me level. Solo leveling an AB in a 1x server made me really, *really* think about how to distribute stats and skill points so I can still level without sacrificing too much support capabilities. It makes me consider skills and builds that I probably would never even spare a thought for if I was leveling a brand new AB in NovaRO… skills and builds that many might consider worthless, dead, non-viable, or completely unusable in this server, including Melee/Crit/Autocast/Duple Light AB, and Magnus Exorcismus/Judex AB. Tl;dr: 17.1 when? ecksdee What seem like meme builds/garbage skills in NovaRO may actually be legit leveling builds and skills in other servers with lower experience and item drop rates. Gears that seem meme-y, unnecessary, or overpowered if equipped by a 175/60 character in NovaRO may actually be helpful for a non-maxed character using a specific leveling build in a very low exp rate server. The new and improved Judex and Duple Light can be legit skills for an AB to solo level and complete Eden board quests. Duple Light in particular would need the related gear(s) that specifically increases its damage by a certain percentage. Blue Gemstones in kRO are EXPENSIVE quq I can’t afford testing Adoramus right now. Speaking of... Adoramus in kRO? Most definitely not dead.
  9. Someone ping Tokei/Nova
  10. I believe it's not costumed. Costumed items lose their refine/upgrade level, according to the warning by the costume NPC. This item can be searched in the Market page but you have to input its item ID: https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending&action=item&id=18856 As far as I know, equipment without slot(s) for cards, such as this WDE, can be "named" or "signed" if brought to the NPC Perchik inside Prontera refinery building (prt_in 25, 60). I've had a friend ask me to sign their Well-Chewed Pencil with my character's name, so that the item name becomes "Renata's Well-Chewed Pencil." Thing is, I don't know what happens if a player attempts to transform a signed equipment into a costume equipment, or vice versa. Perhaps worth looking into.
  11. Which is why I said in my previous post, instead of one individual contributor/writer working on one big guide alone, I think it's better to have multiple contributors working together on one, single, big general guide. For example, one contributor may add one or two skill and stat builds, another contributor may work on tables of equipment or lists of cards, another contributor may write down leveling tips, PVP tips, WoE tips, and so on. I'd argue writing a guide on niche/non-standard but effective class builds is still worth it. Ideally, a reader who is completely new to RO/Renewal/NovaRO would consult a general guide for a job class they want to play for the very first time. Then if they're interested, later on they seek guides on non-standard or niche builds that the general guide does not discuss in great detail. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of a new player is very important when writing guides for a game's Wiki, and I think very few people realize this.
  12. I need Phen/uninterruptible cast because I choose not to gear for instant cast, and in case things go wrong (ran out of Kyrie/SW/Pneuma, lured too many mobs, etc). In practice I usually carry Phen and only wear it when necessary; I don't wear Phen all the time. I usually carry multiple accessories, shields, armors, and swap them around according to the situation. Although I have the Ancient Armor of Rift + Ancient Decoration of Rift combo, they occupy two very important equipment slots, and I don't run Infinite Space often enough to enchant them properly. I recently got a Coyote Card but it takes the same equipment slot as Licheni Card so it's been a bit of a dilemma for me :/ Again, that's just my personal preferences in how I gear my AB.
  13. I keep my AB's list of gears here. There's a list of WoE gears, healer gears, debuff resist gears, and exorcist gears. I use the same stat build as FS and exorcist AB. AGI is beneficial to reduce chance of being inflicted by Sleep, and to increase ASPD which allows more frequent skill spamming. I also adjust VIT for Dame of Sentinel Card's bonus. For WoE I get additional STR and LUK, for resistance against Masquerade, Mandragora Howling, Vacuum Extreme, etc. STR 13 ~ 50 AGI 70 ~ 90 VIT 90 ~ 108 INT 100 ~ 120 DEX 120 LUK 1 ~ 60
  14. Hi, I was in a similar position a while back. I can't tell you what your AB should aim for but I can give you some ideas. If you wanna stick to being a Full Support AB, you can choose to min-max in one or a few aspects of the build, for example: Maximizing Heal amount. This is pretty straightforward, just wear anything that increases Heal effectiveness. Though as you said, it's not super important in a lot of scenarios, which is true. Fortunately this is not the only thing ABs can do. Minimizing cast time or reach instant cast. Relatively simple, just stack DEX, INT, and gears that reduce Variable Cast Time. You can spook some peeps with your instacast Kyrie. Minimizing After Cast Delay. Quite straightforward, wear anything that reduces delay (global skill cooldown) such as Excellion Suit and Excellion Wing set, Expert Ring, or Sarah's Earring with delay reduction enchant. No Bragi, no biggie. Maximizing survival capabilities to fulfill the role of primary or emergency tank in parties. You'll need multiple racial and elemental resist gears, debuff resist gears, reset your stats for additional debuff resistance, and be ready to swap those gears around according to whatever you're facing. If you want to do more than healing, removing debuffs, ressing, applying buffs, Aspersio, Pneuma, and Lex Aeterna, consider taking one or a few of AB's offensive skills, such as Turn Undead (if you often run instances with a lot of non-boss, Undead property enemies) or Judex. With high enough ASPD, instant cast, delay reduction (whether from gears or from Bragi) and Reckless Magic, Judex can deal considerable damage. Personally, I have been doing PVM stuff as hybrid Exorcist/Support AB since around 2015. On one hand, my AB's heal amount is a lot lower than most FS ABs. On the other hand, I can kill most things as long as they're not Holy property, and I'm also capable of doing everything an FS AB does. The reason I run hybrid AB is because I hated feeling like my AB was just some kinda walking, unlimited supply of potions, Aspersio scrolls, and buff scrolls... so I turned my AB into a versatile, walking Swiss Army Weapon and my personal Battle Bishop test subject. I've had a lot of fun tanking and spanking Grim Reaper Yanku, Awakened Ferre, Amdarias, Charleston 3, Celine Kimi, Demon God Morroc with Adoramus/Judex/Magnus Exorcismus when I'm running instances with friends. I hope you have a better idea of what you can do with your AB now. Good luck.
  15. Variable Cast Time/VCT reduction is nice if you're going for minimum cast time or instant cast but for skill spamming, I think it's better to go with After Cast Delay/ACD reduction. I've heard of people using VM Rods with 20% ACD reduction but considering the highly RNG nature of VM weapons, Speedy Recovery Wand (ACD -15%) or Glorious Cure Wand (heal effectiveness +14%, ACD -10%) are decent alternatives. A +9 Elder Staff with three EOE DEX 3 would be good for heal effectiveness and minimizing VCT too. Diabolus Robe is still a great option for ACD reduction and heal effectiveness. If you're confident with your refining and enchanting luck, a +9 Geffen Magic Robe enchanted with heal effectiveness +10% would be better than D.Robe if you're aiming to maximize heal amount while still having uninterruptible cast time. Alternatively, you can keep wearing Diabolus Robe and use Coyote Card but sacrifice some MaxHP and MaxSP. It's hard to find a better alternative than GSS INT/DEX and Temp Dex Boots combo, the MaxHP/MaxSP bonus, the VCT reduction, and the Fixed Cast Time/FCT reduction from Temp Dex Boots are just too good to pass up. Though you can probably replace GSS with Nidhoggur Shadow Garb for some elemental resistance when needed. Alternatively, a +7 or +9 Ferlock's Manteau is good for percentage based VCT reduction.
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