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  1. Hey If you want full healing gears, I would recommend you something like this: Old mitra Affection lv5 (or more) with high refine + parus card (or bacsojin card ) Any mid (best b. framed or the mid that gives all stats +1 ) with rhyncho/parus/bacsojin card Rainbow scarf - rosary in mouth - awaken version of rosary in mouth high refine illusion puente robe (best with Int/ the special int enchants -i don't remember the name ) high refine light of recovery Bible vol 2 arc angel wings heal 5 +9 illusion boots healing enchant x2 and fixed cast x2 Rg rings heal 5 Arc angeling - Aliza pet Any shadow set that increases int. You could put EoE int 3 on armor, shield, boots, garment, acces if you want more healing... Just be careful with your SP because it will decrease really fast.
  2. Ohhh, thank you
  3. Omg too op. Could you tell me which weapon you are using here, please?
  4. Hi, i prefer illusion set. I. Armor a, wing b and legs a. Blasti +11 with lockstep and contaminated wanderer card with range enchant. You could use +9 with 2 contaminated if You can't afford the +11. For hat, i think you can choose what you like: rideword, or the illusion hot-b band or yellow bio 5 hat with good refine and mettle enchant.
  5. I guess you're using Rolling, so in my personal opinion AGI > VIT. The thing here is that you need something like rideword hat, Incubus/Succubus pet and probably hunter fly card(s) for HP and SP leeching. You could try to make your own Rideword hat and farm the hunter fly cards. It shouldn't be too hard. Also... You should change the pantie for a ninja suit (Combo with Shinobi Sash). You can get it easy in gramps 85+ Depending on your zeny, you could also buy a cheap Giant snake skin with agi, str enchants. I hope it helps you. Good luck
  6. Awesome!. Thanks for sharing
  7. I would like a card that increases healing in MH areas
  8. Hi. There's a link of the wiki. You can find there 2 options to create it (normal and safe). https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Tomb_of_the_Fallen
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