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  1. Actually Crimson rock shines in Einbech, there are some WLs that farm there and with the new einb weapons, it should be even better. Rudus is a place where they shine too. One of the biggest problems of magic classes is enemy mdef, so try to get as much mdef piercing as possible, it would help a lot. And don't give up, if you like that class, keep trying things!
  2. Kinda sad to read this after I finally made my Judex AB build and refined my hat to +12... At least you could try to make it decent on MH, but that sounds like you don't even want to think about it. I agree that MH changes shouldn't be all about nerfs, if you really want to see different classes with different builds, then try to apply some buffs too, balance can be achieved making weakest classes stronger and not just making strongest classes weaker. For example: There are a lot of classes that could be decent on MH as DPS if they had custom CD on some skills... Arm Cannon is one of these. If you reduce the CD of AC, mechanic players could have a chance to play their classes as DPS on MH, and not being forced to play as tanks. On other skills you could increase its damage, maybe reduce some fixed casting or something else, I think you get my point. Maybe is a hard work what I'm asking, but at least I hope you'll consider it.
  3. Hello there, you need 0.5 s fixed time and 100% Variable, with stats (2*dex + int = 530) or with VCT reduction (%): IDK if these are the best builds, (probably they're not), but i hope it will help. For 100% vct: x2 Dex supplement with spell 2, spell 2 - - - 44% VCT Beelzebub x2 and that's it +7 (or more) Saw Axe - - - - - 10% VCT (enchantable with 20% VCT, but you'll lose damage and the RNG is painful) Temporal boots of Dex with spell enchant - - - - 10% VCT (you'd need to spend on 120 dex, wich is kinda... idk) and 0,5 s +9 Illusion engine A (double caster modules) with +7 illusion leg B (fixed module)= 32% VCT (you'll lose long range compared with the Wing B + Leg A combo) It could be +9 i. engine B with +7 i. Leg A (same modules) - - - - and it would be 27% VCT and 0.5 s and you won't lose the long range bonus, also, if you use i. armor A, that acd would help. (another option is VMA + FWM combo - - - 32% VCT if you have 120 int) And another option is FAW which is ... 30% with perfect enchants??? i'm not sure For armor you could use I. armor B for 10% VCT (which i think it is not a good idea, because i. armor A flat and % atk are really good) and for middle you can use a magical booster with 5% VCT For hat i think Bio 5 is BiS and i'd not use any other headger but, well, i'm not sure if it is worth to use %vct headgers. For cards you can think about dark illusion (10 VCT but -10% HP and SP, wich is a lot) or Katheryn bio 3 card (which depends on refine rate) For pets you have Alicel (5%) and miyabi doll (3%) and for shadow gears, you have tendrillion's dex shadow gear, if complete set, it is 5% for consumables: Dash juice -- 10% (MH only), and the one you buy with endeavor tokens (5%) For buffs -- Fairy soul (10%) Bragi (i don't remember, like 20~30%) So, you have some options and you just have to do some math, but i'd say a decent build could be: ((((Let me say that - in my opinion - this build works fine ONLY if you don't want to spend stat points on dex for any reason, if you're going to have 120 dex or something like that, i'd say it's not worth it.)))) - +12 bio 5 hat with katheryn bio 5 card (12%) - Magical booster with 5% VCT, any card you like - Any lower - +9 Illu armor A, any card, and the acd atk atk modules (consider kickstep if you use lockstep and don't want to spend on fuel) - +11 saw axe with any enchants (melee enchants) any cards (try lockstep x2 or lockstep x1 and conta. wanderer against non small monsters) 10% - +9 Illu wing B, Caster caster, any, with any card (I'd say brown rat) - - 27% - +7 illu leg A, fixed module, str proc module, any. - - 0,5 s, any card - x2 Dex Supp each with spell 2 spell 2 enchants, any cards - - 44% - Miyabi pet or Cunning shadow armor (1%) + Cunning shadow weapon (1) With that you get insta cast with 1 dex. If you want to get IC with dex, basically get all dex and int you can, but you can consider: Temporal boots of dex with high refine, eoe 3 dex where you don't have any better option, and full mechanic shadow gears. Clementia/blessing, dex foods and int foods, etc.. if you use temporal dex, you should wear strong insignia, (pref with strong, EA, and DEX) (of course, with Bear's Might on boots) I hope it helps, and sorry for the long post
  4. I bet they mean easy mode. So you can go every day.
  5. There's an option to see delay (in general) on timers. But if you mean CD, I think we don't have the option.
  6. Hey If you want full healing gears, I would recommend you something like this: Old mitra Affection lv5 (or more) with high refine + parus card (or bacsojin card ) Any mid (best b. framed or the mid that gives all stats +1 ) with rhyncho/parus/bacsojin card Rainbow scarf - rosary in mouth - awaken version of rosary in mouth high refine illusion puente robe (best with Int/ the special int enchants -i don't remember the name ) high refine light of recovery Bible vol 2 arc angel wings heal 5 +9 illusion boots healing enchant x2 and fixed cast x2 Rg rings heal 5 Arc angeling - Aliza pet Any shadow set that increases int. You could put EoE int 3 on armor, shield, boots, garment, acces if you want more healing... Just be careful with your SP because it will decrease really fast.
  7. Ohhh, thank you
  8. Omg too op. Could you tell me which weapon you are using here, please?
  9. Hi, i prefer illusion set. I. Armor a, wing b and legs a. Blasti +11 with lockstep and contaminated wanderer card with range enchant. You could use +9 with 2 contaminated if You can't afford the +11. For hat, i think you can choose what you like: rideword, or the illusion hot-b band or yellow bio 5 hat with good refine and mettle enchant.
  10. I guess you're using Rolling, so in my personal opinion AGI > VIT. The thing here is that you need something like rideword hat, Incubus/Succubus pet and probably hunter fly card(s) for HP and SP leeching. You could try to make your own Rideword hat and farm the hunter fly cards. It shouldn't be too hard. Also... You should change the pantie for a ninja suit (Combo with Shinobi Sash). You can get it easy in gramps 85+ Depending on your zeny, you could also buy a cheap Giant snake skin with agi, str enchants. I hope it helps you. Good luck
  11. I would like a card that increases healing in MH areas
  12. Hi. There's a link of the wiki. You can find there 2 options to create it (normal and safe). https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Tomb_of_the_Fallen
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