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  1. MA has a lot of cast, there's no reason for it to continue like this, theres a lot of jobs that have powerfull skills insta cast, and some time is necessary to cast MA to kill some pp. In oficial servers it has 0.7 s fixed cast, we have like 1.5 s, it's not fair for Wls to have a very useful skill with that big amount of cast. I hope you can consider my suggestion in order to have a more balanced situation.
  2. If that so, you should disable MvP cards inside PvP too, you can't argue that if you enter PvP, attack everyone and then think anyone won't kill you back, even more when a sura snaps all over the map GoH-ing every single player inside and running away.
  3. Item name: Costume Maestro Song's Hat Item ID: 19966 Divine Pride link:https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19966
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