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  1. Why seems that everyone is complaining about Magic DMG?! Let me tell you some things about Magical Jobs. Those jobs are one of the hardest jobs to gear in order to have a good DMG, you just can't argue that they need to be nerfed because their DMG is too high, because behind it is a person who spent lots of time gearing, building and testing, actually the magic jobs have to sacrifice a lot of HP and reduction if they want to have a good DMG becoming them an easy-to-kill job, there are so many other skills that have to be discussed. Like mobility in PvP maps, I mean, Guyak and Speed Potions pretend to reduce the considerable amount of walk speed that 3rd Merchant classes have. But why don't we talk about other skills that are far more unfair, like Snap, Fallen Angel, FSK, Dark Illusion, even Back Slide, the mobility inside PvP maps are a subject that anyone wants to talk about because is fully crowded with jobs that uses the skills I list above and no one wants to be hated because of that. You consider fair that a Sura/Rebellion practically "teleport" next to you once KvM starts, when you have been moved to the battlefield few seconds ago? If you are looking for fairness you don't need to nerf any DMG, you need to stablish similar conditions for every job. Physical and ranged jobs are not the only ones allowed to have good DMG inside PvP maps.
  2. Is there a plan in the near future for this?
  3. These changes come with the newest skill animations?
  4. MA has a lot of cast, there's no reason for it to continue like this, theres a lot of jobs that have powerfull skills insta cast, and some time is necessary to cast MA to kill some pp. In oficial servers it has 0.7 s fixed cast, we have like 1.5 s, it's not fair for Wls to have a very useful skill with that big amount of cast. I hope you can consider my suggestion in order to have a more balanced situation.
  5. If that so, you should disable MvP cards inside PvP too, you can't argue that if you enter PvP, attack everyone and then think anyone won't kill you back, even more when a sura snaps all over the map GoH-ing every single player inside and running away.
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