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  1. KRO players dying in Glast heim challenge disagree with you. I personally don't like to consider MH as PvE endgame, because the mechanics are way too different. Aside from that, agree with everything. When GM Millefrey apologized, i thought we were going to see changes for good, but nothing changed at all. I Iike Summer festival, but as a casual activity i do when i want to have fun, not as something i'm forced to rush against the clock. It kills all the magic
  2. You guys are the ones sending people to geffenia over weeklies. I'd never dare to so much. Is like saying "hey this super old and boring content is bettet than our weekly system" And weeklies are not worth money-wise if you don't finish them all. So what option do people have?
  3. Hmmm... You questioned the reading of other people before, but you don't put any effort on reading. I said: "if you use all your free hours in geffenia, you'll never get PKS because is locked behind weeklies." You don't lose 10 endeavor tokens, you lose all of them. Doing weeklies is only rentable if you finish them all and get them maximum amount of BSB. If you quit weeklies and go full Geffenia with all your free time, you get more money, but 0 endeavor tokens (besides, is more boring than counting sand). And PKS is an obligatory gear for almost all jobs You want p
  4. People sending others to Geffenia are just shooting themselves in the foot. Geffenia being better than your content speaks very bad about it. Oh, and if you use all your free hours for Geffenia, you'll never get PKS because it's locked behind weeklies
  5. @Nova said their plan was to make weeklies hard but this has nothing to do with being hard. New players can do summer festival naked, while some endgame geared players cannot finish them because of their jobs and family. This is not hard, is just time consuming.
  6. Aren't they the only way to get PKS? I remember in previous years a lot of people enyojed summer festival without adding them to a periodic quest. Even the population of the server was higher during the festival, now is lower. Why was this decided? Honest question
  7. So much unnecessary drama, you're all making a storm in a teacup, at the end we all agree MH balance is bad and is giving less opportunities to some jobs and builds I don't see the point of this discussion
  8. Agree with this part, i mostly play PVE, and just how i don't like to be forced to play PVP, is easy for me to understand that full pvp players don't want to play MH2, but are forced to do so because some top gear is locked behind it And if you made the shadow sets tradeable, maybe even more people would play MH, because they will be able to sell the shadow gears and earn more zeny.
  9. Thanks you so much @Mandie but after being called "clown" for believing sura is OP and "retarded" for believing wls needed back their support powers, i don't think i'll be playing pvp in a while yes i don't know much about pvp, maybe i was just too ungeared, but it still frustrating that they took away all the utility i had About commisioners, well I don't have discord and i didn't know there was one where i could find commisioners. Wish there was more information for people to realize that all this media exist. Maybe that will help people that have doubts in the fut
  10. Hi, i just want to share my bad experience with pvp too I'm not an expert, never before tried bg, just started because of the weeklies First 2 weeks i was totally useless and people called me "noob", "useless", "stop playing bg" just as it happened to you @Conga I improved my equipment and after a few weeks started to do some useful stuff like stripping people with earth strain or freezing them with jack frost But then came the WL nerf. Jack frost and Earth strain became useless, now all that a WL can do is reading, tetra, reading, tetra, reading, tetra. If
  11. Sir and how do i contact those people? Is there a list of their character's name?
  12. How do i contact them? There is a list of them in the wiki or something? o.o
  13. So only nerfs for wls in bg?.. :c And suras remain as broken as always? That's so unfair ..
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