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  1. I don't like spammers too. Also some Alchemists/Biochemist/Geneticist like to place their homunculus in such way that it blocks NPC, and you can't click on NPC because of that.
  2. Such things better to post in suggestion forum, if you want them to be considered - https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/16-suggestions/
  3. I see. Thank you for telling.
  4. When my character deals damage, sometimes boxes instead of damage appear (see screenshot). This happens to my various characters. Is there any solution for this, so damage numbers appeared normally?
  5. Oh, I see. Thank you for sharing this +1
  6. Here is a Martin card art: Who is this person on card's art? Why he is on martin's card art?
  7. I've reported this bug, but there is no answer. Maybe if you report it too, some GMs will notice it.
  8. I always thought that Triple Attack is a melee skill and it's not supposed to work with ranged attacks.
  9. I'm following wiki guide for Terra Gloria quest https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Terra_Gloria and stuck on step 30. "Speak with Lazy inside Clana Nemieri (rebel_in 86, 61) and inform him about your success for the elders' cooperation. You will get another 10 Schwartz's Honor Token along with some experience." I've completed all 29 previous steps, but when I talk to Lazy in step 30, he says "Adventurer! How was it? You met all of them and persuaded them? Not yet? I guess not. If you go to the 2nd floor, you can meet all of them." I press "Next" button and next text is showing "I w
  10. No, she isn't Agi up. Screen shows damage numbers even after she is 1/4 HP. But I've completed this quest, actually game decided to complete it on its own. I died again in battle, while Elena was invincible. I came back and she was still in the ring running around with 1/4 HP. I double clicked on chat bubble to enter ring again, but game didn't do that. Instead game opened chat window with me and NPC inside of it. I left chat window. Clicked on chat bubble again and I was in chat window again. So I couldn't challenge Elena again due to some bug. When I left chat window again, Elena
  11. Hello. I'm trying to do "Terra Gloria" quest. I follow wiki https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Terra_Gloria But I'm stuck at step where you need to defeat Elena Bolkova. When fight starts she has full HP, I use Arrow Storm and she has 1/4 HP. Problem starts here, I use Arrow Storm again and again, but her HP doesn't change, she is invincible. Eventually she kills me. I I thought it some bug, tried 2 times, but no, it's the same: Arrow Storm -> 1/4 HP invincibility -> Arrow Storm again -> dead player. What am I doing wrong? How to defeat her?
  12. Dhal

    Patch Notes #153

    Oh, found it. Thank you for the directions. +1
  13. Dhal

    Patch Notes #153

    A link to it would be nice and convenient in future. Edit: I'm downloading now client via torrent and it says NovaROFull_19112020.exe Is it the last client? It doesn't match 2020-07 in your description.
  14. Thank you for bringing Christmas event to Novaro. I immensely enjoyed snowy Prontera, it's beautiful ^^ Thank you for "Goblin Gift Grab - Stolen Supplies" chain of quests. It was pretty short and I was overjoyed to receive "Christmas Musicbox" at the end of the quest. It was indeed playing "Christmas Carol" music (though needed to turn off BGM to hear it), it's nice ^^ Also I got free Santa Hats from Christmas Goblins and free Cookie Bags with lots of deliciousness ^^ "Retrieving Gifts" quest was grindy >_< To gather 100 red, blue, green stolen gifts was a to
  15. Dhal

    Cart's skin

    Oh, I see. Thank you, Raziya. +1
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