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  1. If you're a newbie looking for edda runs, i can take you with my 3-min runs, i can do 38 runs daily.. You can afk with any class you want, take multiple clients(up to 3) or whatever. Daily Run Sched: 02:00~02:30 Server Time THE CATCH IS, YOU HAVE TO SELL TO ME THE BIO EXPERIMENT FRAGMENTS YOU GET FOR 10K EACH; VOLARS AND VERNANS FOR 750k EACH. leave me a mail if you are interested. ign: lDeath Guidance (small L)
  2. tf with the changes on gramps? are those even needed or asked? lol
  3. lDeath Guidance

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  4. lol the demand was always there, it never changed, having certificates made out of BSB will increase it further. what do you think will happen if the demand for BSB increases further and the market lesser supply than before? 20-22m is still the normal price, people buy it on #trade for 20m normal price and rush buyers pay more on vends. BSB wont stay around 20~22m if itll be needed there'll be certificates made out of bsb. dunno abt 16-18m bsb as i quit 4 months ago and abt 2 months after MH2 release. BSB price stayed at 20m before i quit, even at the advent of leeching and thousands of BSB on market. BSB price will drastically increase as soon as the demand spikes further and im sure "average" people wont be liking the price change to match the "average bsb use until X refine". idgaf tbh either way.
  5. you are doing a flawed way of refining "rare and new weapons" if youre doing it like this.. lol you dont refine an item worth 200-600mil just using normal/enriched without BSB.. you dont hoard 35-63pcs of a rare equip to mass refine to +9..you only do that to cheap weapons.. YOU GET 1 PIECE OF THAT EQUIP AND YOU USE BSB ALL THE WAY IF YOURE REFINING ITEMS WORTH MORE THAN THE BSB.. SIMPLE MATH.. spending 22mil for BSB+Enriched is worth it compared to losing 200-600mil worth of weapon on a 10% chance even on +4~5 using enriched.. you shouldnt be trying to save 22mil worth of BSB for an item you can lose worth more than x10 the bsb price.. certificate is a big NO. this will pretty much increase BSB price and demand. people are already bitching abt after MH2 release since most newer and average players couldnt finish their weeklies, at the same time drop the price of already overrefined equipments circulating in the market..
  6. thank god for the time i was being lazy to compare expenses of rerolling 3rd only and fully resetting enchants.. got abt ~500m worth of materials and zeny refund.. lol
  7. anyone got screenshots for damage comparison between +9 PERFECT SOUTANE VS +9 ILLU A(2PowACD) for: 1. WC 2. Storm Blast
  8. can anyone post their SW damage on mh2?
  9. can you guys post your mh2 tank/dps gears?
  10. im assuming the enchanting is random? i havent played since early december maybe, does rk still play dps on mh2?
  11. thoughts abt claw sword? non-enchanted +11 Claw Sword vs +14 Lindy Hop (Sharp X/X)
  12. i havent played for months.. is there an update on crit rk gears? still using these, the meta after rk update.. also, is there any change in aspd? im getting 192 atm with the supplies i was using
  13. Heart Hunter Evil fixed alrdy?
  14. what do you guys think of Fay Kanavian on Boots? u can just start with the IB anyway and spam WC while on cd... i just dont want to keep switching between two weapons during mobbing as u will have IB weapon and the WC weapon, which im assuming is your lindy(CW:CW) yeah im really tempted with the SoL for so long, coupled with Fay Kanavian Card. Does the Card Effect works during Zerk?Both procs during attacking. Is the card worth it? I am actually considering this more than the GeffenBully/Ilfodes.
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