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  1. McMartos

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    Heart Hunter Evil fixed alrdy?
  2. what do you guys think of Fay Kanavian on Boots? u can just start with the IB anyway and spam WC while on cd... i just dont want to keep switching between two weapons during mobbing as u will have IB weapon and the WC weapon, which im assuming is your lindy(CW:CW) yeah im really tempted with the SoL for so long, coupled with Fay Kanavian Card. Does the Card Effect works during Zerk?Both procs during attacking. Is the card worth it? I am actually considering this more than the GeffenBully/Ilfodes.
  3. then shouldnt we just get Bear's Might at TB for this? Also for the Edda accessory, it will combo to: compared to Lucky Day's and Speed of Light's: i know, edda will be in a faaaar away future. Situational, but i wont really be needing the LD/SL for the stuff im doing. im beginning to think that mobbing with crit IB will be moot when u have Wind Cutter with .2sec cd and Ignore Def.
  4. yeah, true.. i actually got an idea now on how i will be doing things after the rework, to suit my needs.. i just wanted u guys to continue your discussion.. xD
  5. id pay 3 gold for 15mins of a rune which is like 5 fkng sealed mvp cards..lmao this is invaluable to the instances i am running, this basically halves the time of stuff im doing daily
  6. i play solo, couldnt get my buddies to play this coz they had invested too much for that mobile game to stop now.
  7. both of u know any test server nearest to Nova's settings?
  8. so how do u put this to formula if there r multiple sources of cdmg?
  9. where did u get the formula? i cant find it anywhere, and from the looks of it, do you really use the cdmg% of OA as final dmg modifier on this part?
  10. yeah i know.. i have an idea in mind on what to use for 1hand IB mobbing to replace it..
  11. What do you guys think that needs changing after the rework? I'm planning to still play AA Crit RK and spamming in between IB or new Wind Cutter for mobbing I never had the budget to buy CritDmg oriented cards so I played safe with the Atk% boosts instead. Auto Attack Set / Mobbing Set +6 Old Rune Circlet[Engkanto] / Rideword Hat[EoE Str] Fenrir Skin / Monocle[Engkanto] Fenrir Skin / Toy Syringe +9 Illu Armor(Pow:Pow:ACD)[Nightmare Terror] +7 Illu Engine Wing A(Fast:Crit:Crit) / Illu Engine Wing(AboveAll)[Bio4 Flamel] +7 Illu Leg A(Vital:Vital:OP)[Rigid Nightmare Terror] Illu Booster Set(Fatal:ASPD:Leech)[Revolver+Shotgun Buffalo] Weapons: +14 Lindy Hop(Sharp9)[ContaWanderer:ContaWanderer] / +4 TENS Red[BIO5 Seyren:BIO5 Seyren:BIO5 Seyren] Im planning to another Lindy to +10 for IB/WC and the +14 for Autoattacking.. Im using the Nightmare combo for the AutoCurse when mobbing My questions are, which is better: 1. Full Crit Damage Set or Hybrid on Atk%/CDmg? 2. Furious Ninetails or Nightmare Terror Combo? or anyone got a better setup? 3. Brown Rat or Ancient Stone Shooter or Petal on Garment? 4.Does 2 Ominous Assaulter Card works? 5. x2 Ominous Assaulter Card vs OA/ContaWanderer vs x2 CW Card, which yields better? I have +14 Lindy with Sharp9 6. ALL IN ALL, HOW WILL U RANK THE TWO BUILDS?
  12. you get the bio headgears for the enchant
  13. Im a 18x/65 crit RK, id say geared.. looking for Bio5 party so i can start farming for my headgear or atleast just getting the headgear.. i am willing to reroll after getting my headgear so we can farm faster with a class i can use.
  14. am i capable of doing those tho with what gears i have? or can u point me to a specific set so i can start farming illusio?
  15. Hi, im a returning Ranger, level 175/60 and has "kinda decent" gears before i stopped playing.. I was doing jitterbugs and OGH before i quit and it still kinda takes time to finish it.. i am totally outdated now about the current gears and meta.. i have WW set for arrow storm farming and ThanaBow+[HunterFly]rideword for dps with Fear Breeze/Crit i have Elven Bow+Fox Ears Ribbon and a trash Luck Temporal Boots.. can someone point me in the right direction in where to go to get better gears than what i have? or a better meta to do right now? i havent backread yet coz i am getting overwhelmed with new stuff i am seeing.. i need help narrowing stuff down to what or where do i start again.. i dont mind the farming for raw zeny if thats what i need to do, but can u guys show me some build and stuff and what higher tier instances to do? i plan to only do PVE
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