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  1. Hello there CocoaGalore! Glad to have an old adventurer returning home ^-^ Hopefully you can enjoy your stay here and have a lovely time again ~ Cheers!
  2. Hello and welcome to our lovely Community! Enjoy your stay with us! <3
  3. Also another "Welcome to the Team" via the Forum!
  4. Hello and welcome to the Team Chasm! Glad to have you around <3
  5. Hellou Zarok! Welcome to the Team!
  6. Welcome Nobu! Happy to see a new face in the team!
  7. Hello Luke! Welcome to NovaRO and hopefully you get to have a nice stay here! Make sure to build up another Rogue and make him a Shadow Chaser this time around If you see me in-game, please be sure to say hi! Cheers, Lumi
  8. Hello there! Welcome back to the Nova-Community ^-^ Hope you are going to have an awesome time and some awesome adventures here! Cheers~
  9. Hello there ~ Welcome to NovaRO! Hopefully you can enjoy your stay and be sure to say "Hi" in-game when you see me around. Anything you need help with, please let us know!
  10. Hello Lieven, welcome to NovaRO and surely you will find some friends here quite fast! Enjoy your stay with our lovely community and say "Hi" if you meet me in-game Cheers, Lumitas
  11. Hya HelloKitty ~ Welcome to NovaRO and your new journey ahead! You surely are going to find lots of friends with our huge and lovely community! Happy Gaming! Lumi
  12. Hello Alejandro! I'm glad to read that you have time to play and that you found your way to us. You will surely find a suitable guild and I hope you will enjoy your time here with us! Welcome to the NovaRO Community! <3 Cheers, Lumitas
  13. Thank you ashm - Niflheim for sure is my fav. town
  14. Hey everybody! It has been almost a week since I joined the lovely bunch of Game Masters here on NovaRO and it has for sure been an amazing week. Whith the week passing so fast, I would now also like to take the time to create a small introduction-post here on the Forums for all the people that might not have seen or met me in any of the Towns in-game yet. Let's get this started: I'm Lumitas (but feel free to call me Lumi) and I am 26 years old. Originally I'm from Germany, so the languages that I am completely fluent in are German/English. My favorite seasons of the year are autumn and winter, mainly because of Halloween and the awesome food you get in winter-time. If I'm not stuck at work I enjoy drawing and writing a lot (with a big can of tea next to me). And obviously I do love video-games, specifically Ragnarok Online. The past years I have been playing a lot of Ragnarok Online and had quite some sad happenings on different servers that made me leave them and eventually even the game itself for a while. At a later point I started missing the game and I wanted to start playing again which made me search for a server that had a nice player-base. While searching I eventually stumbled across NovaRO and decided to give it a shot. It didn't take very long to find a lot of crazy (the good kind of crazy) and lovely people that welcomed me to their group and immediately made me feel like I'm at home here. As the chance with the search for Game Masters appeared I just had to take it, because it felt like a nice way of being able to give something back to the whole community which i received since the very beginning: Support, Love, Appreciation, Awesome Moments And it was a good decision to take the chance, because once I was introduced in-game as a Trial-GM the community once again welcomed me (and the others) in such a lovely way! Since I'm still quite new to the server myself there are things that I'll still need to discover, so please be patient with me if I seem a bit clueless for some things. None the less I will always try my best to find the answers that you are looking for and if it takes me a bit I will still get back to you later on. Also please don't be shy to say "Hello" whenever you see me somewhere in-game ~ I'm always up for some chatting and some fun talk. With this I wish all of you 'Happy Gaming' on NovaRO! Cheers, Lumitas
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