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  1. The doram changes looks neat, is it displayed ingame that the skills are different tho? Does this item also remove the new MH effects? Also assuming it's a craftable like the other potions it would be nice if it uses smelly fish since this is the least useful raw material right now.
  2. Buy it from the npc at izlude shop. @navi izlude_in 59 113
  3. They are the only source of getting BSBs. I don't know how it can be considered high-ask when we are talking content that's not open for everyone everytime. The "difficult" changed from "Can I complete this quest with my character?" to "Will I have free time when summer is available". The problem here is not that people don't like summer, it's that our free time usually doesn't lineup with summer open times.
  4. I actually forgot those sets existed since they are so bad, except for the tank one lol
  5. I don't think they will keep answering everything we throw at the topic, they will probably do that in future dev blogs, also Luxury said the last post was probably his/her last.
  6. The content being endgame is not the problem, the problem is balancing the content entirely around GX/RK while giving nothing to weaker contenders and around outliers on said classes, this is exacerbated even more when they nerf a whole class without tanking on account the people who are not at the final stage of their build, see the GX nerf how it affected more people that were starting to take the content. Go around the wyvern and see the amount of people selling leechs and the amount of buyers, if you really think this doesn't have a connection on how they are balancing the content then idk what to say. Oh and this message is lovely, when are we getting shadow gears outside of defeating MH bosses? Because they promissed that too.
  7. Of course they are, just because we played without them before doesn't mean they are not good. When refinement was only a way to min-max and not required to fully unlock the bonus of your itens. Also Shadow Sets comes as fix to some classes that can't really do some of the content without wasting a lot of zeny. You need to invest too much zeny to even be able to down the content, I'm not even talking about speedrunning it, the difference in gear needed to do MH1 compared to MH2 is extraordinary, there's no sense of progression also since the shadow sets in MH1 sucks compared to the ones we have in MH2. There is my personal experience also, people have refused me in partys saying that I'm too undergeared (bio acute 5, +13 wep, +9 soutane with bless) you get the idea. Oh I agree with you about people crying rivers about leechers.
  8. Yeah good luck with that, leeching is so prevalent in MH because the rewards are good and the devs made the entry cost far too high, the biggest difficult of MH2 is not the Bosses mechanics, it's getting your gear to the uknown metric of "endgame"
  9. Bruh, have you missed the part about role mini rework, new shadow set being released and custom changed being reverter at a faster pace? There are still points not covered, but you can't say there are no plans lol
  10. This 100%. The biggest use for class shadow set is having some sort of def pen and it falls short of 2 pen accesorys at +4 - when you are inside MH - where the effect is much more appealing to have, moving it fully to MH1 would make the progression as Low Rank SS > Class Set > Specialized Set at MH2. The comissioners would only comment on balance changes and not mechanical changes to the monsters, this seems like a better option instead of having to deal with a shit ton of arguments after every MH patch.
  11. Really dig this kind of post and the rework on roles looks nice! WTF you talking about, monster hunter is more WoW than anything gravity ever did.
  12. There are 1.729 more RK than GX, this is a difference of more than half of the GX, while the AVG DPS is about the same (what looks like a 250k+- difference) and the only one nerfed was GX. GX has the biggest potential DPS but don't you think it's a little bit overboard to do such a massive nerf because of less than 25% of the GX doing more than 5m damage? Those outliers are still fine because they are going to melt the boss anyway, the ones that are being gutted hard are the ones who are still farming their shadow sets and rerolling enchants in their gear. Losing half of 20m is less impactful - context being the ability to kill the boss - than losing half of 2m. Then why nerf a part of the class that will affect everyone because of such a small amount of players in said class doing astronomous DPS? Why not nerf the buffs or itens that make them do it? Everything could be reverted for MH3 to maintain the idea of less custom changes going forward.
  13. One week later and the MH staff is still radio silent, we didn't get a single dev blog post about the change neither about MH2, leechers are still doing their thing and we still don't know the reason why such a impactful change was made so abruptly. -Why did only GX got nerfed while RK is still rocking it? -Why remove one of the custom changes and not revert others? -What's the reason for not announcing such an important change a week before it went live? -What's the gear threshold you test before content is consistently done in a reasonable time? What's even considered endgame gear when we take MH2 into account? I don't know, it just feels to me that if I asked you those same questions when MH2 launched the answer would be different and that is considering a answer would be given at all.
  14. If you disagree with something tell why you disagree, point it why you disagree and argument on it. NovaRO having good reviews doesn't excuse the server of feedback and criticism, also your early suggestion is terrible because it promotes even more elitism in getting a group together and flame wars if someone do a mistake that costs them the run. Anyways, the topic is about the lack of developers discussion about MH changes and the clear goal with it in regards to player progression/time invested, try to stay on topic.
  15. Ever since the introduction of MH2* every patch about it has bring people nerves to the extreme, some of the outrage on players part is justified(yesterday patch) and some are not(the nerf to IP def pierce), while the nerfs/buffs can feel like a punch in the gut what I really think is the biggest let down is the lack of information about future changes that could entirely break a class. For the clowns out there, I'm talking about the classes exclusively on MH. I know GX is still a beast outside of it. Yesterday patch came out of nowhere and suddenly the damage of some people is cut in half or even more, there was no time to discuss the change itself with the players and for players to get prepared, you more than anyone else knows that RO is a grindy rpg and not a moba that you can just reroll freely without losing too much time, at least gives us some warning to get prepared. About the goals IMO the devs are hurting themselves trying to design the hunts to last X amount of time in a game like RO, I get that you want to make it difficult to emulate the whole MH original game feel but you are going to lose a lot of time trying to perfectly balance a mode that most people only do to get theirs Shadow Sets/BSBs. Players that have put the time and zeny to gear up to end the hunt as quickly as possible should be able to do it, of course if it's not something ridiculous like IP or what RGs are doing right now, they are the extreme minority that are old enough in the server to have almost infinite resources to back their weirds builds. Just to give you an example WoW Mythic raids are usually cleared in about a week or two at most by the top end raiders, while the average player can take months to clear it, there is no point trying to perfectly balance a content around the minmaxers. My final take is that you are going to lose a lot of your time trying to imitate the gameplay of the original MH while having to deal with the weirdeness/variety of RO and trying to balance it around extremely high end players, also just to reinforce a dev blog about the changes before they are applied would be a gods send. Edit: To better clarify what I meant about the justified/non-justified part.
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