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  1. Tudor

    Patch Notes #141

    Really good patch
  2. Tudor

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    Please consider reducing the reliance on the summer event for the weekly quest, it'll be more like a chore, and people will just not enjoy this event at their own pace
  3. 50% Vendors/50% players give or take
  4. Please consider buffing the low DPS classes in the future!
  5. Thank you for the changes! this is definitely a step in the right direction
  6. Hello! I'm hoping that the following suggestions get added: Ability to gear swap costumes and shadow gear
  7. I was wondering if its possible to make it so that shadow gear are also swapable through the "Swap Gear". Being able to also change the visible costumes can also give you an indicator to which set you're currently equipping which is very useful!
  8. Tudor

    RK sonic wave

    Black Ribbon will give you more damage than an Acute 5 Bio headgear (tested) and you can buy it for 4 weekly coins on the second floor of the office, as for the 15 crit you will be losing, it shouldn't be a problem if you have enough sharp enchants.
  9. No Nysori charm bug fix?
  10. Thank you! very nice changes, but the elemental converter change was much needed!
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