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  1. Hi, I'm interested in joining you guys. if the recruitment is still open :-) I added you on discord. Caizhu#0304 regards
  2. Hi all, Time flies, I remember dreaming about the day iRO would launch :-) yes i'm THAT old! I took a break from ragnarok a couple of years ago to go play other games.. like WoW and LoL but the satisfaction is just not the same as for Ragnarok. Started off playing again on that PTW server from 4gaming and soon realised this aint gonna cut it for me. Currently lvling a rune knight (ignition break) you know... budget.. i'm lvl 140+ and want to start doing some instances like Old GH for temporal boots and all those sweet gears anyway could use some friends on here. My timezone is GMT+1 so i'm in the western european timezone. Pm me here or leave your name ingame
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