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  1. Ah if I can afford +7, the illusion wing B is good right?paired with 2acd and 1aspd enchants? And for boosters what it the best enchant for solar burst build?
  2. Thanks for the tip,current gear is: rwh lava leather suit temp str fs gws str/dex/luk 2 illusion booster with hp/sp drain enchants. Can I enchant this with 2x dex+3 and str+3? +8 Crimson book 30m left. What should I aim and farm for next?ill just farm for the cards, someone suggested the shotgun and buffalo combo is good for accessories and brown rat for garment XD
  3. So I started an SE and I'm fairly new with the server, class seems friendly with newbies and to be honest I moved to this server for this class and been reading the nova wiki and compared some stuff and wanted to hear your opinion about my thoughts, basically i have 50m on my pocket right now (I know it's not too much) and would like to buy miself some gears that will let me farm Zeny with ease and I was wondering if the 17.1 set is a great idea for me to invest into?did the math and each part cost 3.7m on average and it gives some nice bonus. I know that HBP is nice but to get full effects it should be +9. So basically I'm thinking of 17.1 set for farming>higher tier gears/upgrade current set with modules. What do you think? Is it me or I find solar burst more easier to use than the moon (fixed cast time, and temp dex cost a lot) my my knowledge with the server-class-market is very limited as of the moment so please if you have a better idea please do share it as it will really mean a lot to someone like me who just started
  4. Hello! I'm new to this server and looking for a guild that can adapt me (no worries I won't beg for items as I believe in hard work) and guide me through stuff as I'm new to some of the mechanics of the server. Looking forward to meet ya all!
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