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  1. Hope u guys find a way for this :< Same thing, only from boss, and just for a +4 weapon, ofc we dont know yet how the new refine will work, but just thinking that there could be a chance to break those weapons its painful. The illusion stones thing its true too, after Frozen, the difficulty take a big leap, i think that many ppl that used to reset the dailies, just skipping that now.
  2. I think its a really good idea, maybe some things can be modified, but the idea overall its pretty good. I know that PVP its a FFA thing and usually didnt need to have rewards to "enjoy it" and be part of that subworld in the server, but just like other "subworlds" have their own rewards (i mean, u got titles talking, tamming pets, refining, breathing, dying, breathing, doing anything instead pvp), so why they cant have something like that? Sounds unfair for all those players that their main and greatest motivation to play its PVP dont have something like atleast a title. I believe that if the GM's team gives a bit of time to this idea, can find a way to make this work and without many ways to abuse the system (i say many, bcuz ppl always find something, but be fair, they do it in almost any other content, i dont think pvp will be the first thing, assuming they find a way). If there should be something like costumes and titles as rewards, many ppl that dont join pvp because are lazy to do it without any compensation apart from having fun would join, or atleast will give it a try, here its when u say, "ppl will just join to farm the titles/costumes and will leave", maybe its true, but if u make it hard to reach, and are exclusive hats/titles like in woe/bg, many ppl will try it constantly, i mean atleast i would try it, even if i'm not an active pvp player, if there should be some kind of reward to trying it, i would take the time to try it. And not really sure why so many problems from getting costumes/titles from pvp, u arent going to break the game with those things, just try to avoid the farm ways, make them account/char bound and should be ok i guess.
  3. I know its something secondary and Nova already said no, but should be the only challenging thing at PvM at this moment, might be really fun, but looks like we just have to tax ourself and looks like dumbs trying to do this wthiout any reward and being the only ones. I mean, i already had tried something like this with some friends, and it's pretty fun trying to level in that way, but without any kind of reward and just being the small group that we agreed, isnt how u expect. I know it's a hard NO already, but just want to give my opinion
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