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  4. I just put them all in one coz I dunno. Someday it may have a purpose . lol
  5. Goodluck !! I hope you will have a great life outside the game and get the definition of success that you wanted. Enjoy life to the fullest. !
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  9. I think I understand what you are going through or Just roughly I have experienced the same in real life. Let me share my story with you. I healed myself before it gets worst. 5 yrs ago when I was in college. I'm a solid gamer. I played almost all of the game being released. I mastered playing Dota . Although I play that game since its first release. I don't know where it started. But whenever I play the game. I'm having panic attacks. My breathing gets really hard and it feels like I'm dying. Thinking that nobody understands what I feel. I even go to a clinic for an oxygen support.doctor checked me.hasn't find out anything by observing me. As the day/month passes by( at this time I' m not really aware about this mental health issues) my condition gets worst. I'm starting to get afraid with a scenario of getting into so many people. Or a cramp area. Buses or any transportation with so many people. If I'm not mistaken it's called being agoraphobic". I'm having panic attacks suddenly. It's so hard really. I'm suffering just to get at home. I have had Insomnia for 3 weeks solid no restful sleep/ just eyes close . And I don't know if I'm having depression at that time coz i think so much . I have a feeling of lumping in my throat but I can still eat. As This conditions gets worst ( me not being aware) . I get to the hospital, I tested for ECG and every other physical and internal problems. All the results were good. I dnt have any serious condition. This time, I begun really aware that this is a mental issue. And search it in the internet(this is an unhealthy habit, I suggest not to this anymore) I found out that all of my symptoms are from me and started with me being anxious. This problems about me lasts for 6 months. And I can't remember now the arrangment of events. Dropped all my subjects. Now that I am aware. I learned how to assess any situation. I exercise.I lessen unhealthy foods . But I still eat them. U can't live too healthy coz it's too boring lel. I watch anime/movies that will inspire me to become stronger something with that theme. I stop thinking too much. I always think that life is something to be enjoyed. I control myself and accepted death is a natural course that a man should undergo into someday.I started going into tranportation again little by little. sitting in the front sit. And if you believe in a god. Always pray. Though I still sometimes get panic attacks. I control it now really fast. Not even lasts for 5 min. I wish the best for you. If it stresses you. Then you should stop right now. You can get back after u recovered like me. As far as i could remember. NOVA RO is one of my games while I go with my ordeals. You should believe on being strong for your love ones and pray if you believe in a god. Again' I really wish you the best.
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  11. Thaaaankss Gooolddy!
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