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  1. YouGotAFever

    Patch Notes

    If enraged breaks stun/trap. And stun trap +60% rage .. wouldn’t it be almost impossible to trap/stun for more than 2 sec lol.. what’s the point .. so if boss is 40% rage and u put down bomb/ trap. It triggers enrage and break off from status right away with enraged status. Putting down trap/bomb sounds negative becoz u just accelerate the enrage -.-
  2. RIP CF... guess it will be hard to one shot charm now. Is this live already ?
  3. Matk% in battlestats when?
  4. 40% off EVERYTHING in NovaShop? Any NP sale coming up?
  5. YouGotAFever

    Patch Notes

    What’s kro’s critical formula ?
  6. based on battle stats 1luk =0.3 2luk =0.6 3luk= 1 Stats windows +1 crit every 3 points. those are not consistent with the so called "renewal mechanism" @[email protected] so confused thats why im not too sure if battlestats/ stats windows are correct. Well battlestats doesnt include luk buffs anways..
  7. As per Renewal guide https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Introduction_to_Renewal 1 Luk = 0.3 Crit rate However on stats window/battle stats 3 Luk =1 Crit rate Which one is real? Side notes, Battlestats does not calculate buffs into crit rate such as Gloria/True Sight Any Developer/GM can confirm this?
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