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  1. Thanks, I just wanted to share and hear other people's experience, that's why it's in the "discussion" and not the "bug report", but I heard a lot of complaints about refining lv5/2 items. Yes, I was very lucky with the refinement of the manteau (item lv1), but I had already spent some HD before, this "luck" was just from the most recent attempt.
  2. It's funny to see people say how easy it is to refine when I just spent 100 BSB to hold Hero boots-LT at +8 and saw it fail more than 20x at +9 with a 20% chance, meanwhile I refined a cloak for the +12 with 5 HD. There's definitely something wrong, it's not possible for someone to be that unlucky. Edit: after removing the [Deep Sea Merman] card from the item magically it went to +10, what irony right? But it must just be in my head, no game can ever have any bugs. What is the chance of failing 30x at 20%? I don't think I've ever dropped an MVP Card
  3. I think everything really gets "easier" if you use the best ore. But I ask how many times have you done this? And in my case it's the hero-LT boots, so there's no hammer for that. I had a great experience with BSB when I spent them at +8 to +9, that is, 28 bsb that were 14 attempts + enriched, yes I failed 14 times in a row with 40% and it didn't go to +9. And I only use enriched from +7 upwards, I've lost count of how many times I've failed between +3 and +7, those 60% chance of success doesn't make any sense.
  4. Hello ! I would like to know about your experience with the new lv5 weapons and lv2 armor, how was the experience of refining them? I feel that there is something very wrong with the %, as it is VERY difficult for me to reach +7, let alone +10. Exactly because it's cheaper we have more attempts and I don't see a problem with -3 for that, but failing more than 300x just at +4~7 seems like a lot when the chance is 60% ! Yes, I'm quite frustrated with hundreds of attempts, Lv4/1 items at +10 have less chance of success and I've seen them rise more times than new ones.
  5. zDoug

    4th Job Patch Notes #188

    Maximum Mammoth when? T.T
  6. zDoug

    Illusion Patch Notes #182

    This is a great improvement, it will definitely make the mid game healthier, congratulations!
  7. This range buff in SC is a dream for the Sura, I've lost count of how many times I got bugged in the cell because the enemy was attacking me 1 cell apart and I couldn't walk.
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