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  1. There's a couple of Recruitments at the guild section of the forums who are looking for members. Once you get max level/got the right gears you can apply to any of them. Also belated welcome to NovaRo.
  2. Huh, I was gonna get hot blood w/ two pow nive 2 after farming for the banishing point, I thought with 4 pow nive 2 on the HG and shield would add more damage to it.
  3. Ok. Another question 1. Will the said Revamp 3rd job skills be release before the 4th job is available or They'll both get added at the same patch? ANSWERED 2. Does illusion enchants effect like Pow Nive from 2 different armors stack? (example: Illusion Hot blood w/ 2 pow nive and Ilusion Sacred mission w/ 2 pow) ANSWERED
  4. Not gonna happen. custom class is not something this server does.
  5. that's seems like a good call since most 3rd class skills are revamp. so I guess the skill revamps will come along with the 4th class implimentation.
  6. 1. Is there a finally a command to store/withdraw items in storage w/out the need to alt+right click on them? 2. Is there also finally a command to sell all items w/out the need to clicking them items one at a time?
  7. Astolpho

    Patch Notes

    well that explains it. I feel so old not to realize it. oh well love the sprites and thanks for adding this here so soon
  8. Astolpho

    Patch Notes

    seems legit . . .
  9. Astolpho

    Patch Notes

    Well not now I mean, the RG mount is fairly similar to the IG's so I think it might be possible in the future (unless the mount sprites are already attached to its class) is it?
  10. Astolpho

    Patch Notes

    Can we also allow for RG's to change their default griffin mounts optional at universal rental too? (if possible I mean)
  11. Well I just got a +15 Aquatic just last month and slowly changing my builds.
  12. A Blocking Spear should give more damage to vanishing point (with the right enchantment that is)
  13. That's some fancy looking designs. So any sprite editors wants to make this as an alternative sprite?
  14. Just one step closer to looking like the real deal. Nc Also hope we can customize the colors individualy instead selecting the available palletes soon.
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