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  1. Weapons: A Crimson Spear [2] 10+15 is around 60-80m the last time I saw one selling. its a go-to weapon for all 3 types of DPS builds. (suggestion get a neutral element) A Vicious Spear [1] also its a bit pricy when its around +10-15 (not to mention the echants) depeding on the sellers price. A Imperial Spear [1] is a secondary option for Canon Spear and Vanishing point builds, though I don't see anyone selling those in a while. A Thanatos Spear [1] is a farming spear that restores hp/sp plus adding additional stats. price on it is around 3-8m (with or w/ refines). Armors/Accesories: As for armors well Illusion A armor and Illusion A Leg is a good option. +7 is somewhere around 40-50m ea (depending) but getting a +9 ea just out the full bonus of its enchanments. A Temportal boots with BM's price it depends on what time of Stat it gives, knowingly I think just +4 is my be around 100+m but that's pricy so to speak. A Illusion Booster with EA5/ASD/CRIT is around 35-40m ea. It gives extra damage to range skills like Shield Chain, Vanishing Point and Canon Spear. Garments: A no refined Fallen angel is around 7-9m, since it doesn't need refining for the bonus to work. A Giant Snake Skin is also good for additional stats for DPS is cost around 15-30m (depending if that stat bonuses are good). My suggestion get dex bonus A Poison breath (lower headgear) shares partialy the same effect as the Fallen Angel if combine with the Giant snake skin of-course. The price on it is somewhere around 15-20m. There are tons of other options that you can look up at the market to suit your price.
  2. DPS builds are quite easy to build the equips and gear depends on what type of skill are you're going for (if you can afford it that is) For Vanishing Point/Spear Canon you need: +12 Aquatic Spear (enchantment depends) for full on 16% range attack and 35% Damage on Vanishing point and Spear canon and add 1 conta wonderer card and white knight card. add Khalitzburg Knight Card to Kight's Shield. For Shield Chain you need: Harve[2] +11 if have, for shield chain damage. weapon cards add 1 conta wonderer card and white knight card. and get Cross shield any + if have for 30% shield chain damage. add Khalitzburg Knight Card. For Over Brand you need: Metal stick[3] +11 if have, for overbrand damage, weapon cards add 1 conta wonderer card and white knight card. if you wish to go tank/dps. add Khalitzburg Knight Card to Kight's Shield. Stats should prioritize STR, DEX,VIT and INT. Luk depends of you're going for a critical build. For amors I suggest to go for and Illusion A armor (2 Power ,1Skill delay) and Illusion A Legs (Overpower Vital and Fixed cast). Garment there are many options but a Fallen Angel should work most since it give out more additional bonuses depending on your base stats. The card on if is up to conpinsate.
  3. Welcome to NovaRo, hope you enjoy your stay here and tons of stuff to do too.
  4. Eyyyy me again with a couple of Questions. 1. Can element enchants on armor stack? example: You're a mechanic wear a fire element armor, then you use shapeshift skill to echant the armor with water element. - which makes it 2 element enchant or You have a poinson echanted armor then you have a ghosting card on it then, you got a buff from RG's Piety (enchanting the armor with holy element) - which make it 3 element enchant. 2. Does 2 White Knigt cards combo effect stack with just 1 Khalitzburg card? 3. Does 2 Ominous Peremeter Card refine effect stack when one is placed on a mid HG [1]? 4. Does 2 Ominous Peremeter Card combo effect stack with just one Ominous Soldier Card?
  5. Well here its more on Grind to win cause most of the equips are grinded from instances to which you need to echant your own to favor your build of your class. Some like the shadow gears which can be craft* from doing MH looting the requiped drops fom mobs in other to make the gears (since its non tradable) you also need to grind them on your on patients. Pay to Win here is almost non existant since most of what you get in the cash shops are cotumes, equips (which can also be obtain from gold coins) etc. The activeness on the server depends on where you look at it. Some go grinding up on instances, Some participate at the PVP/BG/Woe and events, Some farm at dungeon maps, Some also sit around their save points interacting to one another and enjoying each others company.
  6. So I guess I'll get STR Soutane some other time knowing Shield chain needs Reduce Cast Delay from Illusion A armor. I'll just get it for the spear canon build for more STR. Well for now I'm going for AC Mech soon once I got the Edde weap +11. also I need some more fixed cast time for it as well. maybe I'll go either 2 fast & Above all or 2 Cast & Above all.
  7. you can still both claim your rewards if you two have separate accounts But on a separate PC. the rules probably meant if you dual log in 2 accounts on the same PC would get it banned.
  8. Thanks for the answers btw appriciate it
  9. Sup lads got a few questions again. 1. which of these gives more reduced fix time cast? the +9 Soutane sets (20% reduces fixed casting time) or the +9 Illusion leg with Modification Orb (Fixed Casting 0.7 seconds)? ANSWERED 2. Does the spear canon skill needed the skill after cast delay? ANSWERED 3. Which illusion engine wing A modification is most recomended for all classes? ANSWERED 4. Is the New Wave sunglasses global cast delay works the same as delay after skill? ANSWERED
  10. this is a good way to show players who are interested on playing the server. great job.
  11. If that's the case, I'll try to manage some time to rename the old page and have Nova content creators to share their vids and streams. Offcourse with your supervision the page will also be adding promotional materials and posting update of the server along the way.
  12. I didn’t put this on the suggestion because it has nothing to do with RO game content. Facebook is known for its high recognition of various types of content in their platforms from News to Sports, From Shows to Movies even games and etc. A lot of people are on Facebook getting recommend many types of games pages RO servers included. Pages like those were run by GM’s specifically to share the game and it offers, making quality content appealing those who are interested to join in. So far there isn’t a NovaRo official page on facebook to share the server and looking at NovaRo Twitter there isn’t much activeness going on since I started playing (Not that I mean its dead or anything) it’s just that facebook has a higher chance of reeling in people into trying the server since there are a lot of RO players there. A page called “Raganarok Online Memes” has a unique way to get a lot of RO players like their page because of its RO content no matter what server it is. I sometimes see in the comment section that there are people playing in NovaRo, even so far as getting a glimpse of NovaRo’s Payon featured in there page. To that I think NovaRo should have a facebook page of its own, runned by not just GM’s who are willing but also letting content creators of NovaRo sharing their live streams and videos. If you want I would like to offer my services to run the pages as well keeping it from spamming and checking the stats. I’ve run 4 facebook pages each with more than a thousand likes by myself for almost 10 years, I also have a old RO page dedicated from an old server I use to represent. It has a couple of active people following the page and it would be a waste to erase it. Renaming the page and have it represent NovaRo is a good solution to put it to good use. Why I am doing this? Other than the shire boredom I’m getting during lockdown and surfing the facebook all the time I’ve been craving to run a good page again and re-experience admin hood like I did before (when I run it by myself) If any GMs’ or content creators who are encourage with this fun idea just leave a comment here. I’ll clean up the old page while I’m at it and let you in with further details. Thanks for Reading and Hope this help NovaRO to expand more.
  13. I don't see adding a few of these gears in game would be a problem esp with the CD reduction effect it gives to some couple of skills most of which some classes has. Thanks a bunch for the answers.
  14. Yoh me again with a couple of questions. 1. Does the moonlight and the bears might effect stack when equip at the same time? ANSWERED 2. Would that cause to bug the two transformations? ANSWERED 3. I've made a topic regarding the past time skill shadow gears I was wondering why aren't these listed on the NovaRO MH Wiki? ANSWERED 4. Do they have plans on adding them before the 4h job implementation? (I like a GM's answer about this) Thanks
  15. In the mean time it best to prep up some newer builds on the skill changes esp the 4th job skills. Ro is getting hardcore every year and the old equips are get set asided. I do wish they would make a comback the the older gears like the illusion equips or such.
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