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  1. Astolpho

    Patch Notes #154

    mind if i have a copy of your NovaRo file? i tried the new one on my windows 7 ultimate i doesn't work.
  2. Astolpho

    Patch Notes #154

    is there a way to acces the 2020 client on windows 7 ultimate? its my spare laptop I used whenever my current one is in use for work.
  3. Me again with a few questions 1. Does the +11 effect of powerful nive 1/2 still works on PVP/BG or WOE? ANSWERED 2. Does the ignore DEF/MDEF defense of nomal monster from class shadow gears still works on PVP/BG or WOE? ANSWERED 3. Which PKS ignore DEF/MDEF enchant is better? demihuman or normal monster? ANSWERED 4. How about the other 2 PKS enchants what's your suggestive enchants? ANSWERED
  4. much appriciated. I guess its safe buy the equips and refine them.
  5. I got some questions agains. 1. does BG weapons/Armors like the glorious also work on WOE and PVP arena or is it just on BG? ANSWERED 2. does items with skill incease like bio5/edda weaps works on pvp/woe/BG? ANSWERED 3. does the effects from temp boots like BM works on pvp/woe/BG? ANSWERED
  6. 1. True but I can imagine it going like bio 5 HG's (untradable). 2. Noted 3. So its good for RG using Banishing Point/Shield Chain?
  7. 1. in your opinion is it OP? ANSWERED 2. So its the same effect from drake card too? its it good to get if you got the pierce def already? ANSWERED 3. it is recommendable on CS for pvp since demi-human is neutral mobs? ANSWERED
  8. 3. Does the Jitterbug card combo effect stacks with the temporal's BM & KSS Strong combo? ANSWERED Also I'll ask again:
  9. Hello, I got some questions. 1. Are class HG's like the Trial Diadem [1] Item#400079 be added or is it a bit too OP? ANSWERED https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400079/trial-diadem-1 2. what does "No Weapon Size Penalty" on PKS do? ANSWERED
  10. you can also obtain them from fruit baskets (by chance that is)
  11. There's a couple of Recruitments at the guild section of the forums who are looking for members. Once you get max level/got the right gears you can apply to any of them. Also belated welcome to NovaRo.
  12. Huh, I was gonna get hot blood w/ two pow nive 2 after farming for the banishing point, I thought with 4 pow nive 2 on the HG and shield would add more damage to it.
  13. Ok. Another question 1. Will the said Revamp 3rd job skills be release before the 4th job is available or They'll both get added at the same patch? ANSWERED 2. Does illusion enchants effect like Pow Nive from 2 different armors stack? (example: Illusion Hot blood w/ 2 pow nive and Ilusion Sacred mission w/ 2 pow) ANSWERED
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