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  1. Nevir

    Teaser: Monster Hunting

    Yea that would be nice. Tbh I'd rather not have this since it would make players actually gather to do something new and challenging (I don't mean random ppl recruiting in the Wyvern, but friends).
  2. How do you have all your skills maxed and still have leftover skill points? No class has enough points to max everything and have leftover skillpoints but if that's truly the case you should open a bug report ticket.
  3. Not only that but a lot of things are like this. It's frustrating cuz they didn't even bother replying to my suggestion.
  4. Nevir

    Patch Notes #180

    woe2. nice.
  5. Nevir

    Patch Notes #178

    some interesting changes
  6. Just finished getting the costume stones that matter for my gene (Got more than 90% of it yesterday which was a holiday here in my country). Its a bit frustrating that the combos are bugged but besides that the only thing I would change (if I could) is to make it tradeable (at least the basic ones used to craft the honed and polished stones) so there's an alternative farm selling them to busy people instead of just going back to regular farm since I don't have much use in farming more of them right now.
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