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  1. This has nothing to do with Novaext... Wrong place for that post !
  2. Miyuzukill

    Summer Festival Updates

    I have an average of 1.1k summer coin per hour with sandals maxed + wetsuit with boots. (I know you can reach more in king grotto farm but hey, i still want to enjoy a variety of mini games that aren't as efficient for farming) only managed to do 16 multi games in 1 full hour by skipping fishing/concert (and only got 700 coins by mining foraging which is fine for me). which would result in about 10-11 hours of farming to finish this weekly. With my work hours, i can only do 1 summer event per day after work. If i were not on holidays, i wouldn't be able to finish weeklies since i can't always afford to spend that 1 hour per day on Nova. (Having responsibilities sucks xD) I also think 8K would be a decent amount to farm which would result in a 5-6 hours for the slowest of us. (I understand that you want us to play summer events and i would even if it wasn't on weeklies but please. Make it affordable for us, working adults.) The timespan of availability of summer events really makes it hard for adults that have other things to do IRL to do summer events other than on weekends. I can't wait for more multiplayer queue. doing 1 multiplayer game every 5-7 mins is really a pain xD Thank you for your hard work
  3. Need patent version of mh weapons ! (Go go Patent master soul rifle ! )
  4. As a main expanded class player (playing all expanded classes except physical doram and physical SN), how excited i was when mh2 came with new shadow gear was as impressive as my disappointment when i noticed the missing parts. It made me feel like expanded classes were neglected... I can't help but agree with all points you raised in your post but i still have high hopes for future updates. The debate we're having is proof of willingness to improve and it's at least reassuring as a fervent player.
  5. It's nice to try to help Nova staff to answer for them but there are chances that you didn't get either what they want to do with roles. Any class can fill multiple role, as long as you're willing to do it. We're not on a linear game with classes stuck with the same build, same skills. We're not stuck to some "meta classes" as you'd think current roles are aiming for. (yes, it's easier with meta, but it should be doable with other funkier builds) Let Nova staff answer for themselves, they proved multiple times already their ability to communicate (which is great. I greatly appreciate the effort they're doing on Nova) on what is to come. It might be your point of view and it's okay to think as you do. But don't put your point of view in their mouth. It's great to be aware of what's coming. I'm eager to see what will be coming next. But i'd still love to do things outside of usual meta and i for sure ain't alone to do that. There is this topic in pending suggestion if you weren't aware @maxan We're not trying to get matk to boost CF to 200m, just to be included same as atk does, so that magic tankers wouldn't be too weak. It's RO, of course you're going to see funky builds !
  6. it sadden me to see matk not mentioned in this topic... great change on defiant stand ! finally a tank that can save allies other than by killing a charm
  7. And we're still waiting for extended classes shadow armor/boots... XD
  8. That one SE made it clear how good SE could be (It requires a lot, as in a lot of classes) but the nerf on SE didn't only impact him. I wish we could have skill queue for all spam classes (such as oboro) to lessen the gap (my slow spam due to ping is max 4 hits per sec in mh2 with my oboro, which is sad D:) It's nice seeing these charts that confirms what i thought about meta classes. Maybe consider adding skill queue and other skills to low dps classes
  9. Miyuzukill

    Community Gala Patch Notes

    Patch note mention : Silver Angel Idol - Enchants Cursed Knight's Shield, has a 5% chance of transforming the shield to Bloody Knight's Shield and a 0.2% chance to transform into a Purified Knight's Shield. Note that when a shield transforms into a Purified Knight's Shield it will lose 2 refine levels unless it has a Knight's Mark. Seems like you can only go for safe enchant with knight's shield. (anyway, it's better to go with a new cks if you want to try for these 0.2%)
  10. Can you add a function like smart cast, but that would do ALT + right click (so that we could use it to pick things from storage, or put things into storage) ? It would be pretty convenient for farmers ^^
  11. I partied with a RK doing 2.3M per SW on garro
  12. Oh, nice ^^ Thanks for the information ! I'll do that too then (but it still should be done in NovaExt for others that are too noob to open a ini file)
  13. Keep /fastrefresh state saved
  14. Yo should either use the pause button on your keyboard to disable/enable turbo before you write, or put a shortcut with ALT + M to type /turbo to disable/enable it whenever you need. You'll get the hang of it eventually ^^
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