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  1. I have tried to click / hold item and drag to the ground and release, as I did in old RO games before. But item does not drop on the ground. Is this had a way to drop item in NovaRo server?
  2. Thank you Wiki means Change from (4 hits x 125% = 500%) to (6 hits x 167% = 1000%) Muda, Muda, Muda, Muda, Muda, Muda. Raging Quadruple Blow only gets double damage by knuckle. Barehanded can’t be double damage for Raging Quadruple Blow.
  3. NovaRO wiki and Munbalance said Raging Thrust 1200% Glacier Fist 1250% Chain Crush Combo 2000% https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Sura [Removed Link] Is this future update that has not coming yet? Raging Quadruple Blow probably is 1000% or 1200% with knuckles Why would further combo as cost spirit sphere be weaker than previous combo? Although Combo Finish has less delay and 5 x 5 splash damage.
  4. I notice that Monk’s Chain Combo has become double if use knuckle. But Combo Finish is still old damage, actually weaker than Chain Combo. Rework said it would be 1200% damages. Investigate, Finger Offensive and Asura Strike had fixed too. Has NovaRO forgotten this skill is or has not been fixed yet? Example Auto attack is 290 damages. Chain Combo is 3400 damages. Combo Finish is 1877 damages.
  5. Yes devotion Ok next time I will call Gospel (And other skills this version) I just wonder why NovaRO game calls Triple Attack and NovaRO wiki still calls Raging and Trifecta Blow. And I haven’t created Crusader yet.
  6. Thanks for your answer. Two more question. Paladin being dispelled does that means support status skill will be cancel like Sacrifice, reflect, defending and banding? Recast cancels BC, can paladin move again?
  7. I’m wondering if this skill is very useful and have many questions. My question 1. Does this skill stack with Bard, Dancer, Minstrel and Wanderer’s support skills? 2. Can I cast magic skills in Battle Chant area? 3. Can Paladin use HP and SP healing item? 4. Will Paladin be immobilize or slow movement? 5. Boost double damages, HP, SP, stats, flee and hit how long duration for every buff begins? 6. Debuff attack, flee, defense, aspd how long duration for every buff begins? 7. Approximately buff and debuff random chance? 8. Can Paladin attacking and use other skills? 9. Can Paladin buff self?
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