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  1. Since you guys don't want to lower decarding cost, can we have a decard voucher reward for playing MH? It's a huge waste of money when you want to fight a different monster and you have to decard your entire equipment. Most of my MH buddies just have different equipment set to avoid decarding and save money in the long run but that's not sustainable when the new monsters arrive.
  2. Well I doubt they'd be like "Guys, we've fucked up, we're ending summer now. Here's the next update."
  3. I agree to almost all what you said. MH was the thing I love with this server because it's actually challenging and way more dynamic than the official ragnarok pvm where you face tank every boss and spam CI until it dies or get one shot by max pain or something. It's also the same with my group of friends, we used to look forward to the weekly reset so we could do it together. Nowadays we just afk on save point or play other games. I can imagine it's the same for most people, a lot of items have gone up in price due to less people farming it and NP voucher price is so high these da
  4. I love what you guys are doing with MH, improving the roles and stuff before the next batch of monster comes but can you guys do something about mh1? Ever since it was removed on the weekly quest, it's impossible to form parties. Like half of the high rank shadow gear is made from it, and for the other half, you need mh1 shadow gears to be able to farm. I can feel you guys have some kind of plan for it so you are just ignoring the problem, but what's the harm of adding it back to weeklies and rewarding a few evt token?
  5. Hi, where can we post suggestion for the new client? I'd like to suggest to bring back the old gates of hell animation because it's easier to know when you've already used up all your spheres.. This is especially crucial for pvp because Sura is pretty squishy so you have to go in and out after using up all your spheres.
  6. Please add an option to temporarily disable the turbo mode when ALT is pressed so that we can open our menu..
  7. The nerf is horrible and did nothing good to MH and the server in general. It's not even a nerf, GX were straight up deleted from the MH scene. From what I read in the first post, the nerf happened because: 1. GX on average dealt the most damage The data is skewed by the top 0.01% players with perfect enchant bolt and agudo swap for high dark claw uptime. I think your average GX players don't have those. 2. GX achieved the highest DPS Same reason as above. 3. GX is overrepresented This is something that could have been fixed by buffing up other class
  8. Suggestion - Disable turbo/smart key when alt is pressed. Why - turbo/smart keys is hindering opening of menus like alt+q, alt+e, even alt+f(swap skill bar).
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