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  1. Heyaa Cecilia! Glad to have you here with us! Just ask at #support for any in-game questions, we'll try help you out from there. Hope you enjoy your stay remember to always have fun!
  2. Glad to have you here with us again, dear! Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for any advice or help in-game. We'd be glad to assist any player here in anyway we can. Happy gaming!
  3. Heyaa Bocchi, Welcome to NovaRO and it's always a pleasure to have another player around especially with a cute name like yours. kageBocchi <3 Hope to catch you in-game!
  4. Welcome to the team Kefi! Iced-coffee for me too please
  5. Haii there, Glad to have you back here with us! Like what scout said, a lot of content has been added since then. And don't worry about renewal, I myself didn't know some of it at first.. but later on caught up (I think lol). Ask away if you have any question, we'll try to help you out for sure! See yah around Dizzzlectic
  6. Enjoy your life ahead dear and keep safe always! <3
  7. Haii Aden! Always happy to see new faces here in the server. Hope to catch you in-game and also in one of my hosted events. :3 And welcome to NovaRO! <3
  8. Hiyaa pppbbbolly! Welcome to NovaRO! We hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us. I really enjoy having people around such as your self in game. That what makes this game really shine yah know! This was a nice post to read btw. Well, I'll see you around in-game and hopefully in one of my events! <3
  9. Welcome fellow traveler! Let's do our best to make this game more enjoyable to others and make the community grow!
  10. Chasm here! Sorry for this late intro, didn't know how the forum work quite well here. But I'm learning and it's fun! Just joined the NovaRO team and currently a Trial GM. Hope to see you all in-game soon and have a lovely chat with everyone also to have fun at events! Yay! I'll try my best to answer and help out in any way I can for those who are in need. So don't hesitate to message me. That's about it! -See yah
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