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  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing the Nova Ragnarok Online server for a while and for me it is the best 3rd server today. I would like to ask remembering this is not a suggestion just a question to the developers of the server if they would not be interested in opening another server of ragnarok zero. I know it must be even more work with a server so full and with content so new needs of players and etcs .. But maybe I already answered myself, but I need to know an answer of the own to calm my heart, because ragnarok zero also in a way and the future and the reset of ragnarok. so i don't thi
  2. The pain killer will ne reworked too? The new one is a flat dmg reduction will be awesome if change the skill like kro gene will tank like a shura with the skill body dont kno the name hah but change the pain killer please we needed the flat dmg reduction
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