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  1. To anyone interested in RPing, the Roleplay Section has moved to an unofficial Discord server for now. This is the link: https://discord.gg/5pNVAFv You can also find the members lurking on the Nova Discord, so just hit them a PM.
  2. As the title says. No wrong answers here folks.
  3. By the looks of things, the timezone problem is best addressed with a slower pace (aka posting in forum/chat). We'll probably use this site for posts and discord for faster communication. Any violent reactions?
  4. Fair enough. It's understandable 'cause WoE is generally seen as the most serious mode of PvPs. As I said, its generally hard to get one (attendance) without letting go of the other (player/WoE quality). Maybe its just bad luck that the current wave of players are leaning more into the casual side, but if the current trend of inactivity persists, this could be a factor worth taking a look at.
  5. Some casual players can't make that leap into organized PvP if you can't show them the appeal first. Unfortunately, some players don't bother with watching vids, wikis etc.; they prefer to just jump in-game headfirst, before they start taking it more seriously. I get that some level of teamwork is necessary for this, buuuut IIRC the situation at the moment is the WoE scene reaching out to players, not the other way around. I'm just saying if you want to get more people interested here, you have to make this more accessible somehow.
  6. Hi, just dropping in here after a discussion on Discord. As I mentioned there, there is a social aspect to the problem in WoE, namely, guilds themselves and how people see them. Weird it is as people who've been active in guilds may think, there are people who aren't very good socially (big whoop, I know). Like, from a casual's standpoint, seeing all these WoE guilds with requirements before joining them (imagined or otherwise) might seem too big a leap of commitment for people to test out WoE. And even worse, there are players who just don't do well in groups with a lot of people, as they feel that they're required to communicate or blend in with people. This is all the more true when you're talking about an old guild with well-established cliques. I think that a big part of low attendance on WoEs is the feeling of exclusion by new and/or casual players. That, and the portion of players who just prefer solo play. You can't really change what these guys think about WoE and guilds, at least not in the short term. You guys have to be able to package this feature by making it seem playable by all types of players, and at the same time removing what they imagine as impediments to joining. For this, we have to look at BG, and how its random selection of players appeal with people who just want in for a quick game. It may be at times problematic because of unbalanced teams and AFKers, but its concept - players getting into the action right away without fear of taking blame for losses or accountability - works. I suggested in Discord that including a mercenary-like system on top of the existing WoE could help in bringing more players in. Via an NPC, players may get to choose which faction to reinforce. Both defenders and attackers get reinforcements by way of randoms, and let herd mentality take care of the rest. They are, of course, rewarded at the end, depending on the results of the siege, albeit at a lesser degree than the main participants. P.S. I suggest whatever reward they get here, they can use as "steady" (not huge) income for either PvE, or starting up their PvP life. If people can somehow incorporate this into their "routine" gaming schedule (the same way that people do, say, MH/OGH/other instances), I think the WoE scene will get the numbers it wants. CONS: This will most likely cause problems similar to BG, with unbalanced reinforcements, AFKers, etc. Also, even if these were to be addressed, PvP in larger scales will inevitably be more chaotic than the WoEs we have now; voice chat and the like are practically requirements for guilds to WoE properly, and we can't expect each and everyone of the randoms to do the same. All in all, the WoE scene you know will degrade in quality in some way. PROS: This will give casual and solo players an outlet to try out WoE. Whether this may lead to more actual participants, I honestly don't know, but it should circumvent the problem of people not willing joining WoE guilds as an excuse to not WoE. Should also remove the excuse of being afraid to fight against ppl with FBH/Haxxor gearz, coz people will be teamed up with said OP people. P.P.S. I did not think this all the way through. If there's anyone who can streamline this, or just want to react violently, they're more than welcome to do so.
  7. So, some people are pushing to have NovaRP up and running again. It may have had its share of obstacles before, but the RP scene in Nova had some run in the past year. This thread is a sort of roll call, to see if there are still people interested in joining/starting up RPs. We're planning to do it from the ground up again, so opinions as to how you like RPing are also welcome. Type of RP, where you'd like to do it (whether in-game, forums, chat), stuff like that. You can also leave comments on the roleplay section in Discord, as some of our members are active there. Please dont be shy, and give us your honest thoughts!
  8. Makes sense. I did feel that SvF wasn't worth running when it first came out, especially with that ET-esque cooldown/limited rewards.
  9. Just riding on that recent pet update, is it possible to maybe change Alice's food? (via a "white potion" with less weight, standard Pet Food, etc.) It's kind of a hassle for it to have actual White Potions as food, not so much price-wise as weight-wise. Shouldn't be too game-breaking, imo. Please and thanks!
  10. I really should touch my guide again ._.
  11. Gonna have to agree with @Shalltear here. Its part of the game, and you people know of their effects since forever. Why complain just now? I think its petty to try to penalize someone for their good fortune. At the end of it, RNG doesnt discriminate. P.S. I'm dont pvp so my say prooobably wont mean shit
  12. Name: Akasha Al Sahira Gender: Female Race: Norman Organization: Unknown Role: Unknown Physical Description: Long and lithe, she has the build of a runner. She has strikingly red hair, but is long and disheveled. Her clothes are equally ragged, and are usually simple and earthen for prolonged travel. Personality: Arid like the desert. She avoids contact unless necessity dictates it. Even then, she's hardly amicable. Known Strengths: Highly skilled combatant Unusually sharp senses Known Weaknesses: ??? Known Property: An undisclosed number of hideaways. Known Acquaintances: An undisclosed number of informants.
  13. Kayle's Monster Companions: Name: Watson Gender: Female Race: Bacsojin Organization: Kayle's Shop, Various Businesses Role: Accountant-for-hire, Empress of Louyang (formerly), Leader of Louyang Monsters (formerly) Physical Description: A tall, beautiful woman. Has elaborate, black hair, and prefers wearing white gowns. Personality: Treated as royalty by both Normans and monsters, she can't help but act like one. She likes ordering people (Kayle) around, and tends to be dishonest with her feelings. Has a soft spot for her fellow monsters, and is easily triggered by actions that harm them. Spoils Chung-E a lot. Known Strengths: She is classified as one of the greater monsters of Midgard, so she can handle herself in a fight. She can also sense and interfere with other irregular beings. Is good with book-keeping skills. Known Weaknesses: Abhors violence as a whole. She is also overprotective of those close to her. Name: Chung-E Gender: Female Race: Green Maiden Organization: Kayle's Shop Role: Alberta Mascot, Alberta's No. 1 Shopkeeper Physical Description: A petite girl in an oriental dress. She has beady eyes, and brown hair tied up into buns. Personality: Bubbly and simple. A carefree creature, she tends to make friends easily. Occasionally says outrageous things (unintentionally). Known Strengths: Can eat a lot. She can chew through some hard stuff. Is cute by all standards. Known Weaknesses: Can eat a lot. Her eating habits are a concern in many ways.
  14. The next time you encounter a situation like this, don't hesitate to try and change your stats or use items you don't normally do. Doesn't hurt to experiment with your character.
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