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  1. Remember we have halloween and christmas following... It would be a nightmare to see this happen again.
  2. Well indeed this sounds as a more reasonable option... Maybe with different words... "Following the feedback from community, we decided to withdrawn summer festival quests from weekly quests." And well, regarding the update, we just got illusion of underwater during the event. It would be just another really expected content release.
  3. I have to disagree. They have all the power in their hands to finish event this week if they want and maybe release 17.2. The automatic gear is included in the database already. They just insist following some previously planed calendar...
  4. Hello! I have been playing for the last 3 months in the server, and it brings an amazing experience through a functional Ragnarok content and expanding the end game with monster hunter. MH is so unique that I thought being part of official content along the shadow equipment when I first heard of it. Official Ragnarok lacks a decent endgame PvE content. When we get close to endgame gear, the official PvE content poses no challenge. MH covers this deficiency and it is brilliant. Then, we have the another biggest custom content, the summer event. The summer event is a unique experience in terms of Ragnarok, and shows that developers are very skilled. The MH drops from summer land are also handy. Sadly, my compliments are over here. So I made a list for the criticism. 1) Different of MH, summer event doesn't cover any deficiency of Ragnarok content. Summer event is a parallel and inefficient casual farming. When I say parallel, I want to say that doesn't improve economy by generating important goods for selling (i.e.: gears and consumables). And inefficient because the zenny/hours farming event content is one of the worst in the game. Instead, we are stuck in the pointless farm for at least 4 event rounds (GL getting 11k coins in 4 runs, I used to take more than that) to fulfill the weeklies and get BSB. And I believe that 90% or more of the players are doing the event just for the BSB, not because they enjoy it. I realized that when I begin doing the Summer Event weeklies, I felt much less likely to farm elsewhere, and much less stimulated to play the game in a overall. Ragnarok essence is closed linked to farming, and the summer event seems very poor in this sense. 2) We are subject in a static and repetitive content for 3 months to fulfill the weeklies. In the first event rounds, the event is fun, but in the long run it gets very, very boring. And worst: we are subject to specific hours determined by the server. I had to adapt my schedule to play it, which gave me the impression of having a job, not playing a game. After the 6th week doing it, I just couldn't take anymore. Many mini-games farming that don't contribute for the market or stimulate exploring the huge Raganarok realms diversity. In the previous weekly system, we had to cover many Ragnarok contents (instances, bio5, MH, monster subjugation), which nourishes the market and rewarded us with BSB (great!). Now, beside that, we need to expend at least 4 more farming hours that neither improve server economy, players gears or stimulates exploration. It doesn't have the challenge of MH neither the stance and monster subjugation diversity. I have the feeling that the staff thought "Well, we had a lot of work to develop the event... Is it enjoyable, is it worth of Ragnarok experience? We are not sure. Let's attach the event quests to the weeklies, So the players will be forced to do it 4 days per week". I understand that rushing the weeklies in 1 or 2 days sounds dumb, but the staff definitively choose a bad way... 3) There wasn't any initiative to hear the community feedback about the event. This is probably my most important point. When the event released, It had a terrible reception. Half of my guild members quit NovaRO, due the reasons above and the expectation of MH3 and 17.2. Instead, they were slapped in the face seeing so much developing effort for the event in detriment of MH3/17.2. The number of players clearly declined when event released. These player numbers apparently were recomposed mostly by new players. This event has a highly experimental content, and I feel really bad that it will goes on until October. The event time is too long for what it offers. I am strongly favorable to events. But I believe a much more wise decision would incorporate the event content to the game itself (a simple example: add event drops for quests in the maps). A casual instanced event is a very bad decision in my opinion. And I fear to see something like this for Halloween and Xmas. MH is an exception for instanced content, because the reasons in the beginning of the topic. I really want to hear the community thoughts, and my only desire is to see the NovaRO game experience improve.
  5. It is nice to see some improvement for healers, but I am deeply disapointed by the lack of some gx buffs in the next patch. It has passed four months since those heavy nerfs and the community has suggested to revert a portion of edp nerf (in majority, many topics regarding that). It is much more reasonable than rebalance every meta dps and also avoid many players to just quit...
  6. What bothers me most is that gx is close to non-functional, and a balance to the class can be done in a very simple manner (nerf EDP to 200% instead 100%). Make the community wait for mh3 for such small modification (maybe a single argument change in the code?) is really frustrating.
  7. If i'm not mistaken, they gave all those nerfs and reduced CI cd (making spammable). But for some reason they reverted CI to 0.7 cd and keep all the nerfs, wich broke GX... Well, maybe edp and dark claw to 1/2 instead of 1/3 would address?
  8. Orc baby (19m) is easy, and you cant get some orc warrior (~2.5m) in the same map. They sell quite quickly.
  9. I understand and agree to certain point about what you said. Still, a well hidden spyware can do the job. I know client-wise is impossible, but Isn't there a possibility to add such layers without client interference? For example: if ip is changed, reset password and send a new one to e-mail. It is more simple than authorised computer and can impair hardly hacking attempts...
  10. Hi! I'm a old RO player that came to Nova about 2 weeks ago. It is a really nice server, a way better experience than official servers. I begin to accumulate some nice gear by a lot of honest farming (Geffenia is getting me traumatized), and then an unholy, apocalyptic though has come to my mind: What if someone hacks me and clean all my stuff?? Passwords are always prone to stealing, and I miss another layers of account security (as Authorised Computers using e-mail confirmation, cellphone tokens)... So I would like to hear what the community has to say about this. Have you ever been stolen, what the staff did about it? Sorry if this is repeated, I couldn't find other topics regarding this kind of subject.
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