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  1. Divine Pride entry: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/27290/vicious-mind-haunted-obsidian-card
  2. Buying Crimson Bibles (neutral element) in bulk! No overprice, pretty please Err... nevermind. I'm not buying anymore. Something made me go REEEEEEEEEE /ene
  3. This is not yet implemented in NovaRO. https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4190 At the lower left, there are three skills separate from the rest and are unique to Super Novices. Left is Breakthrough. Passive. At level 5, ATK+100, HP+2000, SP+200, increases received heals by 10%. Middle is "Angel, help me!". Active skill. 1 level. Restores the HP and SP of the caster and all party members within a 15x15 area around the caster. Heals 1000 HP and 350 SP every second for 20 seconds, for a grand total of 20,000 HP and 7,000 SP. 300 seconds (5 minutes!) cooldown. Right is Transcendence. Passive. At level 5, MATK+100, HP+2000, SP+200, increases healing power by 15%.
  4. * * * * * * * * Name: Rakugaki Gender: Male Race: Norman Organization: None Role: Super Novice Physical Description: Slightly athletic build, slightly shorter than your average 11-year-old. Bloody red hair, bloody red eyes. Always has a unique feather on his head and a tattered scarf. Countless wounds and scars. Personality: Happy, cheerful, excitable, easily impressed and very altruistic, as if everything is fine and a-ok. He's known for showing a particular look on his face whenever he gets excited or awed by something or someone. Known Strengths: Exceptionally agile and quick on his feet. Very quick thinking and has seemingly superhuman reaction times. Can withstand great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual punishment and torture for extended periods of time despite his age. Known Weaknesses: Altruistic to a fault, really bottles up emotions, often found alone, very vulnerable. Known Property: His feather and tattered scarf Known Acquaintances: None * * * * * * * * Art made by Soehlu https://www.instagram.com/soehlu/
  5. * * * * * * * * PARENTAL GUIDANCE WARNING!!! Name: Vama U. Lako (Known as Vama the Male Stripper Serial Killer, MASSK for short) Gender: Male Race: Norman Organization: Vulak's Art and Anatomy Clinic Role: Shadow Chaser gone rogue, serial killer, "doctor" Physical Description: Somewhat muscular build. General appearance is constantly changing due to being on the run. No notable features anywhere. Personality: Straight male, deranged charismatic psychopath. Has an extreme hatred for the male sex. Known Strengths: Very cunning, excellent knowledge of the human body and every single adventurer class, mostly anonymous appearance Known Weaknesses: Art style, his voice, being on the most wanted list, former association with the Rogue guild Known Property: A hidden underground room with various art tools and objects used for torture; Vulak's Art and Anatomy Clinic Known Acquaintances: Rogue guild (formerly) * * * * * * * * There is currently no art of this deranged psycho of a Shadow Chaser... yet.
  6. Name: Wofooka I. Uekkla (Nickname: Wof) Gender: Male Race: Norman Organization: EneKids Guild Role: EneKids Guild's main support Physical Description: A deathly pale and sickly looking Super Novice. "Old people white" hair. Blue-white eyes. Has a permanent jaundice in one eye. Very lanky build may imply serious malnourishment. About 12 years old and 4'6" in height. Personality: On the quieter side, but he's cheerful and optimistic, believing that everything will become better, even in the most dire of situations. Somewhat of a mediator type as he can be seen breaking a fight between Ralingwight and Yanto. Occasionally a prankster. Known Strengths: His "instinct" as a support type. His magic is the same as the typical mage-type Super Novice except it is weaker in power. This is compensated by having various debilitating status effects. Also has various buffs but at weaker strength. His signature skill his "enhanced" quagmire, which literally stops everything that gets in it. Known Weaknesses: Recovering from a terminal illness left him physically weak and frail. He has to cast magic once in a while to release his accumulated "corruption", or else he'll succumb to it and die. Needs to be protected by his teammates during a fight. Known Property: His beanie is the last present his parents gave him. Known Acquaintances: EneKids guild members (Ralingwight, Yanto, EneKid), Rakugaki Artwork is made by Teal https://www.deviantart.com/tealcreations There is another character thread that is similar, but this is the final version. /ene
  7. Made this character sheet just for fun /ene Name: Ralingwight J. Colchis (Nickname: Ral) Gender: Male Race: Norman Organization: EneKids Guild Role: Guild's main damage dealer and "farmer" Physical Description: A young and seemingly adorable Super Novice that looks a little more buff and athletic than usual at first glance. Looks about 11 years old. 4'9" height. Personality: Hot-headed, mean-spirited and very rebellious. He'll provoke almost anyone he meets. He cusses way too much and will often get into fights, win or lose. Sore loser. Known Strengths: Very strong and agile at the same time. Can lift ridiculously heavy things with ease while still retaining excellent agility, despite his age. Known Weaknesses: Has a really, really serious phobia of anything sticky, particularly ones at the ground (e.g. goo, tar, mud, quicksand, sticky traps, etc.), heavily relies on speed for defense as he's quite squishy Known Property: Meteor Strike Hammer, hot-blooded headband, vast amounts of wealth at his disposal "courtesy" of his family Known Acquaintances: Colchis family, EneKids guild members (Wofooka, Yanto and "EneKid"), Rakugaki Artwork is made by Teal https://www.deviantart.com/tealcreations Edit: OMG I just noticed I made another similar character sheet in the past. Oh well~
  8. Only 3 blue gemstones consumed.
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