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  1. This piece is an etude (study) in hand crossovers and the melody alternating between the left and right hands.
  2. Buying Crimson Bibles (neutral element) in bulk! No overprice, pretty please Err... nevermind. I'm not buying anymore. Something made me go REEEEEEEEEE /ene
  3. This is not yet implemented in NovaRO. https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4190 At the lower left, there are three skills separate from the rest and are unique to Super Novices. Left is Breakthrough. Passive. At level 5, ATK+100, HP+2000, SP+200, increases received heals by 10%. Middle is "Angel, help me!". Active skill. 1 level. Restores the HP and SP of the caster and all party members within a 15x15 area around the caster. Heals 1000 HP and 350 SP every second for 20 seconds, for a grand total of 20,000 HP and 7,000 SP. 300 seconds (5 minutes!) cooldown. Right is Transcendence. Passive. At level 5, MATK+100, HP+2000, SP+200, increases healing power by 15%.
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