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  1. TBF yes we get you on what you feel since most of us started from where you are but the guides are really helpful. RO is a 20y/o game that there really isnt any step by step guide to help new/returning players on where to go amd what to hunt. As fo content it really boils down on what builds are good to use instead of what gear to use for specific content(atleast for dps that is, tanking though needs a dedicated section but mostly the guides tell you which mobs are inside those instances so they give a hint on what gear to use.) As for the guidance guilds are there to help. Though
  2. I have both male and female RG and i dont have that problem atleast in my tests
  3. You may have been vocal at times but im sure the ones who you left behind would appreciate the kindness you gave them in one form or another. Wishing you all the best friend, and thank you for being true to yourself till the end ^^
  4. Do remember Weeklies are made for players that are decently-highly geared as the quests are difficult to do. for MH doing High Rank 2 star with your gears is not gonna be effective since that is considered an end game dungeon let alone assuming you have not done your low rank hunts first and you need atleast 2 pieces of low rank gear to be able to participate in a High Rank 2 star hunt. I suggest look for a friend/people who has not done the low rank hunts to help you craft the low rank shadow gears first. as for Weeklies with your current setup its gonna b
  5. regardless of gender an unmounted RG has a faster animation than a mounted one. You have the clicker On on your female thats why you perceived it to be faster but generally Regardless of gender both have the same animation speed mounted. And both must have a faster animation unmounted
  6. same exact IPs halves the drop rate and and by IP not by internet IP but by hardware IP
  7. i think he meant the halter lead.
  8. saddly thats not how KRO sees it.
  9. 1. On NovaRO standards no, But definitely needs to be here to enable the other RG builds(mainly magic) 2. Yes but only if you want to hit different mob types but pvm is generally Medium/Large which you csn nullify with just using a mount. Boss Def/mdef pierce is much better. 3. IDK depends on who is using it
  10. 1. only devs can answer that 2. Meaning you dont get damage reduction for hitting different sized mobs (ex: daggers hit small and medium mobs 100% of your damage but only 75% of your damage is dealt on large mobs. Spears hit Large mobs for 100% but 75% on Medium. Mounts nullify that damage penalty on spears) 3. It takes effect yes but only works on neutral property monsters
  11. well depends on what you have already but imho IHBH with 2x Str Nives and a +11 ISM with 2x Dex nives would give you the best of both worlds. But like I said gauge first on what you have already in your kit before making the final call on what you should get
  12. 1. RG rework is separate from the 4th job patch. Both will come sooner or later but RG rework would come first. 2. They dont stack they add. ex: you have have an Armor that has Pow nive 1(6%)and another has Pow 2(8%), both will just add(14%). If your damage is 100 and you get 14% boost thats only 114 final damage but if you have Pow 1(6%) in your armor and Dex Nive(Ranged +10%) they would multiply so if your damage is 100: 100+(100*0.06)= 106 106+(106*0.10)= 116.6 or 116 final damage its better to stack different modifiers than add to existing ones.
  13. oddly enough i found your voice quite friendly but great vid!
  14. ikr? this is the best content so far in this server that feels likd old RO again. everyone has a job and anyone can do what they want build wise. You're right about the feel of this instance feeling like official content. I mean im not saying all this to kiss the devs faces or anything legitimately this is what Ive been looking for content wise. You cant one hir everything thats why yoy need friends to help you out. TBH i had fun dying a couple of times earlier haha
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