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  1. i suggest finding a guide as a "template" on how you want it to look but do not copy it as is. (aka copy the code of that guide you want as a template via view source on the upper right portion of the page) You can copy the source code of specific tables you want to use and also try to study how each piece of code works. Codes require atleast a bit of basic html knowledge so you would understand how to fix or create certain texts/objects within your guide. So there are specific codes for setting up tables and such there are alot of wiki writting tutorials online just g
  2. there are some terms that need explanation or clarification(like the sacred element can be worded as Holy) to avoid confusion for other players as for the item build it needs explanation as to why is that item preferred over the other or why is it best in slot. IMO it makes things interesting than just spoon feeding data pictures to players. You can even add a skills section where you can put the skills that are commonly used by ABs for different builds and what are the skill point distribution for each build. you can also add in a stat table for each build to simulate
  3. Check out the guide on RG for shield chain on the wiki The Modern day Royal Guard: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/The_Modern_Day_Royal_Guard Basically get rid/store in the storage of the magical booster. it isnt helping you much and you need to spam the skill more so New Wave Sunglasses Helps rathee than a Magical Booster replace the boots card with an Odoric Card or a Blut Hase Card(if you got the cash) with that setup you cant do High Rank hunts so id advice you to just keep the piranha card for now till you get better equips. A
  4. Thank you for being a good player to people and goodluck with life always Friend!
  5. BP isnt as strong as some might predict it would the sheer amount of modifiers isnt enough to really push its damage near the 700-1m damage due to its still low base damage (800%) it would somewhat be a force to be reckoned with if the base is around 1000% to make a dent. But right now the investment to reach 600k isnt worth it
  6. Post that in the suggestions man! im sure they'll take it into consideration
  7. TheRealRG

    Patch Notes #157

    you need a chill pill, you can easily find that out if you check the bug reports which is visible to all. Its fine to be dissappointed but express it it a decent manner
  8. TheRealRG

    Patch Notes #157

    Finally! RG has matched KRO values now. Overbrand has well kinda slowed down but meh not much change atleast its much fair now. Thank you GM staff!
  9. No wonder, Well my point still stands atleast we dont have to use Golden X to prevent the self damage. I learned something new today thanks!
  10. That would cost zeny and the rate of zeny to the duration isnt worth using the skill still. Im talking about inspiration here. You must be mistaken with how the skill works. Inspirations self damage is not reduceable by any means so getting rid of the self damage will make the skill useable along with its increased duration.
  11. Finally RG wont be killing themselves always with the class rework. I hope alot of people play this class not only as a tank but as a respectable DPS as how they were Early Renewal. Im just happy that after years we get the fix we deserve. Official could do more with the class honestly and some are really rushed (as how i feel it) but the important thing here is that the one buff that we royal guards dream of using for years will never kill us again. Cant wait to go inside the savage coast and display our power with the class rework thank you Nova Team!
  12. TBF yes we get you on what you feel since most of us started from where you are but the guides are really helpful. RO is a 20y/o game that there really isnt any step by step guide to help new/returning players on where to go amd what to hunt. As fo content it really boils down on what builds are good to use instead of what gear to use for specific content(atleast for dps that is, tanking though needs a dedicated section but mostly the guides tell you which mobs are inside those instances so they give a hint on what gear to use.) As for the guidance guilds are there to help. Though
  13. I have both male and female RG and i dont have that problem atleast in my tests
  14. You may have been vocal at times but im sure the ones who you left behind would appreciate the kindness you gave them in one form or another. Wishing you all the best friend, and thank you for being true to yourself till the end ^^
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