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  1. Fujii

    Patch Notes

    seems like Eira's Eraser Cutter after cast delay didn't get removed also.
  2. Fujii

    Patch Notes

    It has been 4 patch notes since the "fixed for next maintenance" but this bug is still not fixed, and it was mentioned in every patch notes at comment section but seem like you keep ignore it ? =.="
  3. Fujii

    Patch Notes

    Eira's bug still not fixed yet ?
  4. I just backread some note on divine-pride.net and found this piece of information : https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-jobs-improvement-project/ But in NovaRO patch note doesn't mention about it : I'm so confusing and don't know which one is the official one, can anyone help me confirm this information?
  5. Fujii

    Gala Ending Patch Notes

    This one is still not applied yet?
  6. Fujii

    Gala Ending Patch Notes

    I can understand your point, however Homunculus don't have the ability to strengthen themself and make them become (nearly) dead meat again. And Homunculus is what make Genetic become special, just make a strong adjustment like this is kinda....heavy (?) So, how do you think about an idea of let demi-human reduction gears work for homuns, but at a cap of about 30% or so because element reduction already works for them.
  7. Welcome welcome, hope to see you at Pront for "shrink service" \(o3o)/
  8. Welcome to NovaRO, hope you will find yourself enjoy while playing here !
  9. Welcome to NobaRO Astolpho, hope you will find your enthusiasm back in Ragnarok Online when joining server ! Out of topic, Astolpho best gurl.
  10. I tried clearing the cookie, log out and re-log into the wiki but it still doesn't work. Does the edit option shows on your side ?
  11. I'm making a guide on wiki and i suddenly encounter this problem, where one section edit option doesn't show up : Here is the link to the guide if you want to check the resource : https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Play_Genetic_with_Alice#Farming_place
  12. I guess you copied arrow storm for gramp , i suggest copy severer rainstorm and try again.
  13. Fujii

    Hit chance

    Thanks for explanation <3 And the 95% is flee, not hit.
  14. I see that i still miss on target with flee lower than my hit. I know that not just higher make me always hit him,so i just want to ask at which number of hit above target flee that i can hit it at 100% chance ?
  15. Fujii

    16.1 Banquet for Heroes

    Same hope - same time.
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