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  1. Hey all, Idk how to impart a farewell message. But NovaRO was a good and a ptsd experience to me and thank you for that. I just want to leave a message to whoever reading this. We dont know players here at a personal level, try to be nice to them and greet them how are you. We dont know if they are struggling physically financially mentally spiritually etc irl or not. Being sensitive and nice is free. At the same time, try to understand people who says 'no' since they are also tending themselves and that doesnt make them a bad person. For introverts, who doesnt like saying 'how are you', my experience is that when someone simply sitting beside me at city makes me feel at ease for some reason. So maybe sit with someone who afks at city maybe they arent really afk at all and just staring the screen. What i said above it sounds easy but hard to apply irl and it is okay. I was on the same situation not applying (since it is a constant life lesson) above correctly so you are not alone. I constanly remind myself to be nice to people but end up being betrayed by bad friends and i become toxic to my good close friends. I constantly remind myself to be nice to myself and stand up for myself but became toxic to other people too (see how i rage angry at main few days ago). I end up hurting people either way by being nice to them or being nice to myself. I am still finding the right balance for both on my journey on life. Hopefully i find a good balance and be nicer to myself and to other people. NovaRO has teach me good life lesson especially the community. Once again, thanks for being a good friend to me novaRO community and friends i made and lost. Sorry for hurting and being toxic novaRO community and friends i made and lost. 'Fun times are bound to end' -korosensei, assasination classroom P.S. dont mind me if still reply on main or sit at city, i have withdrawal problems so i need to withdraw slowly. To repeat: please take care of your mental health. Acknowledge yourself and you are not alone. Regards, Gegekid88
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