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  1. oh, i've forgot about foods, i'll test it later Okok, thank you for the patience and tips
  2. and wich cards should i use to blasti? 2x WK/CW? If i switch from gss to faw should i use EoE Dex on acc? Thank you so much
  3. First of all, sorry for my english x-x . Hello guys! Im trying to make a Knuckle Boost build. Yesterday i saw one mecha dealing 70K dmg on Luanda and i found that amazing! My Current equipment is : +7 Hear Wing Headband (no card because i want to switch it to a +7 Fancy Feather Hat New Wave Sunglasses (because i dont have anything better) Poison Breath +7 Abusive [Dex3/Dex1] with EoE DEX 3 +15 VM Mace [Boss+19%/Ranged+20%] with White Knight Card (I borrowed it from a friend, so I accept new weapon suggestions) +11 GSS [S. Luk/Dex+5/Dex+6] with Menblatt Card
  4. I'd like to suggest that Shadow Chasers can use Thanatos Bow. Currently no one has so much choice of bows to SC and Thanatos are very interesting (especially for sustain). Thank you! (and sorry for my english xd)
  5. Hiiuan

    Already Buy :D

    Hi <3 B > Ship Captain's Hat [1] 24m In-game nickname : Tempus Fugit Discord : Hiiuan#2375
  6. Hiiuan

    S> Few Things

    Hi! Im selling : +4 Ascendant Crown [1] Warrior Lola Card +6 Veteran Hammer [2] Pm-me if you want some item . In-game nick : Tempus Fugit Discord : Hiiuan#2375
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